Sunday, June 16, 2013

Michael Johnson, Popular Evanston, IL Artist: An Exploration into & Portfolio of Americana & Folk Art.

Sunday, June 16, 2013: Father's Day

Michael Johnson (a life-long Evanston, Illinois Resident) is an award-winning, full time, gifted and talented Artist who has Downs Syndrome. He paints Animals and Children (two of everyone’s favorite topics) in a unique style and manner that has been sought by Collectors and Galleries for over 2 decades now.

I personally have known Michael & his Mother, Robin since the 1980s when Robin operated the ever-popular Retail Space on Custer & Reba Streets that housed an Assortment Antique Dealers, called THE ANTIQUE MALL. Here she gave so many merchants a break that allowed them to sell their goods. This may have been the initial Impetus that help to nurture Michael’s Passion for Art & Painting. His brilliant and cheery colors will brighten any and every room.

Now, you can view Michael’s latest Video @:

Within a few seconds of its airing, you will instantly see that Michael proves there is no such ‘thing’ as a Handicap or Disability. We all possess Talents that need to be harvested and explored.

Michael’s Web page is online @:

His Online Portrait of the Cardinal should be purchased by each State Government that has this lovely bird as their State’s Bird. I know there are several, including Illinois.

FURTHERMORE: If you are or known an Art Dealer, Gallery Owner and/or Arts/Pets’ Reporter and would like to learn more about his colossal Artistry and Life’s Journey, please email him at:


With The City of Evanston now celebrating its 150TH Birthday – Sesquicentennial during 2013, Michael indeed shines as a new Generation of Artists that will keep that Spirit and Love of The Arts alive for this Community and those from both near & afar that truly appreciate the Efforts of those Creatifs amongst us.

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