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Needless to say, PAIN is the most debilitating problem or issue that can happen to any of us. It keeps us from getting up in the morning and ultimately to achieving our dreams.  Even the most elementary of tasks cannot be done when UTI: Under the Influence of Pain. It’s not only debilitating for those of us who suffer FROM it, but for that person’s loved ones who see them go through this non-stop Conflict.  Therefore, I was incredibly amazed and startled both that just last week I learned of a term that I had never heard before that deals with Pain and all it entails.  That term is:  Pain Management Doctor.  Then, today, as I was perusing the new June Magazines at Barnes and Noble, I quite unexpectedly discovered:



Richard L. Rauck, MD - Editor in Chief



PAIN PATHWAYS MAGAZINE is  on Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest.

Additionally, PAIN PATHWAYS MAGAZINE  has Pain Resources & Book Reviews.

My gut intuition tells me that since so many people (across the planet) suffer from Chronic PAIN (and many diseases that are painful), a Magazine is now needed that will help the layman connect ‘the dots.’ By learning more about this topic since Medical Science is making so many astounding break-throughs, then we are able to share and know how the Pain can be alleviated.

This is the first Magazine of its kind that I ever (personally saw) and as a Publicist, I’m continually scouting out for the latest Media, Outlets and Trends.  I carefully went thru each page, culling it for the key terms that I could tell you about.  I have some very close friends who are not pain-free and have bought copies of the magazine for them.  However, I was able to skim for some interesting Websites that can lead you (and/or others you may know) so that their life is less pain-filled.

Those notes follow for your perusal.  I highly suggest you check-out the given websites and invest in a subscription of PAIN PATHWAYS MAGAZINE.  The resources (at its rear) is incredible. After all, it only takes one person to open that door to lessen the hurt.  



Dr. Joseph Meyer:  Columbia Interventional Pain Practice in Columbia, Missouri

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American Chronic Pain Association:  http://www.theacpa.org/

Type in your state to see what CITY is closest to where you live.   Illinois is the example cited below:

Matching Cities
Danville (VA only)
Wonder Lake (phone support)

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ACPA Resource Guide to Chronic Pain Medication & Treatment


Dr.  Joseph Meyer – Columbia Interventional Pain Practice, Columbia Missouri

www.studychronicpain.com – 573-303-6886

World Institute of Pain – www.wipfoundation.org

FDA approved:  MILD:  Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression.  Article by Betty Bowen.  Finding Pain Relief from a new Source.  Page 28

Process is performed by Interventional Pain Management Physicians (Page 28)

The Journal of Pain

Contact Dr. Marshall Bedder – Director of Interventional Pain:  Pacific Medical Centers, Seattle, Washington

www.PainTracking.com – Deborah Barrett, Ph.D., NSW, LLSW / Author

www.powerofpain.org – a 50l(C)(3):  Goal:  Remove Barriers that separate patients from access to world-class research, breath-through treatments and proper quality care.  804-657-7246 (PAIN).

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation:  TENS.  See Page 66

TERM:  Interactive Therapies

Survey at:  http://PainSupport.speedsurvey.com

Home Setting:  www.DolphinNeurostim.com  (has amazing Pain Outcomes that come quickly).  This is the future of Pain Management.

JUNE:  National Men’s Health Week – www.menshealthweek.org

www.CFFA.org (Crohn’s and Colitis)


IN CLOSING:  Feel free to add comments and/or other topics, websites, hospitals, doctors that you have found effective for this Discussion Page.  After all, if you have your Health, you have it all.  People should not have to suffer.  Increasing Knowledge in a World where that Knowledge makes all the difference (especially so when it comes to HOW YOU FEEL) confirms that you know about a Topic very well. This helps to assure that the best can be achieved for the Continuation of a long and healthy Life.  By all means, email:

Richard L. Rauck, MD - Editor in Chief



to discuss any of the Topics he and his Staff & Contributors presents in this incredibly helpful publication.


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