Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ilovecollectables.com simply because I Love Collectables.

Quite to my amazement, the Inspiration for this Blog, #1029 arrived after Reading this joyful and joy-filled Twitter that I opened on Tuesday, September 3RD:



The summer holidays may be nearly over, but Monday's wouldn't be the same without a #Follow shout to... @hellochicstreet @ask_koopersmith



I didn’t expect to be included in a Follow, but it triggered-up my Creative Juices and voila, this Writing is the Result:







It’s officially September & that means the Holidays R soon 2 B stARTing up. There’s Birthdays for our Friends & Family;  HALLOWEEN/HOWL-O-Ween when the eeriest and spookiest appear;  Thanksgiving  when We revere  and pay homage to the almighty Turkey Leg, ATP: All Things Pilgrim and appreciate the Things We should B thankful for;  CHANUKAH: The Feast of Lights; followed by Christmas when Santa (i.e.: Jolly Old Saint Nick), Snow & Sleds take over our Minds  &  Hearts whether We are 6 or 106.  


Then, of course, there R just THE DAYS when there’s nothing nicer to do than to give a Gift, which means Someone is getting a Gift. A Gift that is as different as U R. 


Scouting out who has these unique Presents, I have found that the hand picked, rare & vintage Collectables – www.ilovecollectables.com   – will do that TRiCK as a TREAT very nicely each &  every Time.  And, if U like 2 TWEET TREATS, I LOVE COLLECTABLES R here & ready 2 share more of their History and discuss The ARTof The Collectable.  


125 Characters later, @LuvCollectables will respond 2 UR Questions/Queries & how they can help fill UR Day with the Collectables U enjoy (the) most.
Found @ https://www.facebook.com/I.Love.Collectables, you will just delight in the Interaction People from all over the World share when it comes to discussing ‘their’ Collectibles. 
Ater all, each Generation has their Special Ones (countless Numbers of their Faves) to love, share and pass along. Results matter. 

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