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In desperate Need of Successful Sales? Hire America’s most Successful Sales Man: Robert E. Hofstadter.

IF you must hire somebody, hire ‘The Best.’

The Resumé of ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER (from the American Family who won 3 Pulitzers & 1 Nobel Prize) is contained at the close of this Entry. As of September, 2013 MR. HOFSTADTER has over 8 years of recent successful B2B Telephone Sales Experience. He possesses zero ‘phone fear’ and usually gets past ‘The Gatekeepers’ – THE TROLLS –  to speak to those IN-THE-KNOW – known as the Senior Level Decision Makers. All within a Day’s Work.

Furthermore, THE HOF-INATOR (as he is popularly known by his Business Associates & Friends) is incredibly passionate about Architecture.  The first Home he bought was a George Fred Keck house in Glencoe, Illinois USA.  Although Robert was wild about THE ARTS and wanted to pursue a Degree in Architecture, he honestly admits he was not ‘that good’ on the boards. Instead, he changed gears and pursued another one of his likes and obtained a Degree in Civil Engineering at one of the top Schools in the Nation, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology  where his Focus centered around Structures. His re-invented Outlook was that if he would not be designing the Outside of a Structure, he could most certainly design its Infrastructure. And, as we all know: Today, EVERYTHING is infra-structurally based. However, to keep his LOVE OF THE ARTS in the forefront of his Regiment, ROBERT was Co-Owner of the ground-breaking Ancient Echoes Gallery in trendy Lincoln Park that helped launch the Creative and  ART Careers of such Internationally acclaimed Artistry as the incomparable, Riva Lehrer and Bev Ovington.
Soon after College Graduation, ROBERT moved to Chicago and arrived on the doorsteps of Oppenheimer.  He tells us that he began his Career in the General Sales Area and within only a year’s time, he had reached the Advanced Level of Sales to warrant a semi-private Vice President’s Office. He didn’t mention if the room had a window.

At Marcus Evans (based at NBC Tower on the One Mag Mile in Chicago), after a short two months’ run, THE HOF-INATOR quickly rose to being the 2ND highest Producer in a pool of 60 Sales People.  He attributes this phenom to the fact that he worked hard and smart and had no reluctance (whatsoever) in making a significant Number of targeted Cold Calls where he pitched only to Decision Makers.  Thinking ‘outside of the Box,’ ROBERT thinks of how a company should be run and addresses the issues that will make it be(come) a toddling Success. 

Moving on, at Midwest Health and Wellness Magazine, a Quarterly Start-up from publisher, Boston Hannah (based in Chicago’s Loop), its Premier Issue saw a 60+% over-projected Revenue largely due to his unstoppable Efforts and that of one other experienced Sales Person on that Staff. ROBERT and his co-worker produced nearly equal revenues while the other two team members slouched and negligibly contributed little to the company’s growth potential. Sales is no an easy job, especially as the US Urban Economy was not booming at this time of his Employment.  ROBERT can hold his own each and every time as his History as proven; or as seen, is the ‘bread and butter’ for keeping a Company afloat.   

THE HOF-INATOR’s SALARY HISTORY:  The two key words he chooses to use are:  ‘varied widely.’

At Oppenheimer (based on commission only), his Annual Income fluctuated from $45,000 to $100,000 annually.

At Marcus Evans, base ($1,750) + Commission yielded ~ $50,000 per year.

At Midwest Health and Wellness Magazine, his $2,500 base + Commission produced an Annual Income of approximately:  $55,000-$60,000.

IN CLOSING:  To reiterate:  ROBERT holds his own each and every time as his History as proven and creates an enticing and highly enjoyable Work Environment where the Best for the Employer & Fellow Employees is his top priority.  Being ‘The Bread ‘n Butter’ for keeping a Company in the Fortune 500 League, ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER is undoubtedly one of America’s finest Sales Man, bar none.   

CALLING ALL POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS:  ROBERT looks forward to scheduling an Interview with you to explore further Opportunities that will undoubtedly benefit both Parties in the long term for the future of an Operation.

Contact him directly at:

Robert E. Hofstadter


Chicago, Illinois USA







Chicago, Illinois USA





CAREER OBJECTIVE:  Position in Sales or New Business Development

SUMMARY: Twenty (20) years of Sales and New Business Development Experience with both tangible (but primarily) intangible Products and Services. Assisted in the Formation and Operation two (2) Chicago Small Businesses: Ancient Echoes Gallery & The Firm (the Midwest’s Premiere Workout Gym/Spa).  Experienced in closing both large and mid-sized Transactions encompassing both Businesses and Individuals.


CHICAGO LIFE MAGAZINE                                                                  
(Chicago, Illinois)
Magazine advertising sales, researching topics, industries and prospects. 

(Midwest Health & Wellness Magazine)                                           
(Chicago, Illinois)

Magazine advertising sales, researching topics, industries and prospects. Always in top 10% of Producers.

MARCUS EVANS, INC./Active Communications Inc.                               
(Chicago, Illinois)

Event phone sales, research and registrations (both to delegates and sponsors) to Senior Level Corporate Executives. Always in the top 10% of Producers.

HOFSTADTER & ASSOCIATES                                                                        
1997 - 2004
(Glencoe, Illinois)

Provided Marketing, Sales and Strategic Planning Services for numerous managed Care Organizations and Hospitals in the Midwest.

HEALTHSTAR, INC.                                                                                
1987 – 1997
(Chicago, Illinois)

Sales, sales management and new business development services for a full-service multi-state PPO. Researched prospects and conducted/managed entire sales process to closing for both providers and payers. Prospects included insurance companies, TPAs, self-funded employers, union health and welfare plans, hospitals, large group practices, PHOs and IPAs. Dubbed “Resident Wordsmith” by company CEO he was responsible for editorial content and/or review of most written output from company.

MILLER-MULL & COMPANY                                                                             
1985 – 1987
(Rolling Meadows, Illinois)

Provided the sales effort for this three-person investment banking ‘boutique.’  Originated and placed leasing, financing and refinancing transactions.

OPPENHEIMER & COMPANY                                                                         
1982 - 1984
(Chicago, Illinois)

Sales focus on large ticket private placement transactions to high net worth individuals.  Achieved VP sales volume and moved to VP office before joining Miller-Mull & Company.
MERRILL LYNCH and COMPANY                
1977 – 1981
(Evanston, Illinois)

Registered representative with sales focus on stocks and bonds.  Evanston office liaison with NY for both OTC and government securities.

UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES                                                                 
1972 – 1977
(Northbrook, Illinois)

Project Engineer, Fire Protection Department.  Designed and conducted testing programs in accordance with nationally recognized standards.  Responsible for analyzing test results and writing formal reports of those results.

EDUCATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS AND MISC.:                                         

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana

B.S.C.E. Degree, May, 1972.  Passed Indiana EIT 1972.  Civil Engineering  program structures oriented. Co-editor college newspaper: THE ROSE THORN.

Earned CFP Designation while at Merrill Lynch (1980)

Owner, ANCIENT ECHOES GALLERY, Lincoln Park West (1987-1999)

Owner, The Firm, North Shore & Oak Street / Chicago (1983-1990)

Served for 6 years as a Director on the Board of the Midwest Regional Association of PPOs (1990-1996)


Voracious Reader finishing one 250 paged book within 2 days;

Cook / Chef / Gardener / Traveler / Exerciser / Extreme Bicyclist

Editorial Assistant as his Moonlighting Gig;

Tutor to underprivileged Children;

Volunteering to help end Homelessness in America;

Avid Research Assistant to a variety of Artists/Writers/Authors;

Father of 2 successful Sons;

Advocate for several Wildlife Nature Organizations; and

Penning a Book on the Obesity Epidemic plaguing The Vulnerable in the 21ST Century. To be released:  March, 2014.                               



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