Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have Tweets will Travel: Sociali-ZING ZING via ASK's Promos: June-September, 2014.

Tweeting  each Day
keeps your Name in The Fray,
every Day.

But adding MORE to that lucrative Deal is what I aim and plan to do:

From June 1 – September 5, 2014, you will get 2 Tweets a Day (minus 3 VID: Very Important Dates that fall within that Timeframe) and those deal with:

1)     The Industry(ies) you want to reach

2)     Who your Target Audience is (which may be outside your Industry – ie:  The Media)

$400 per month (merely $10o a Week for USA Citizens); 
$550 (for those Outside the Continental USA),
prepaid by May 30, 2014 gets you a well-scripted Twitter that is sent out via MY ILLUSTRIOUS  NETWORK of conscientious Twitterers and then  #1 and 2 are custom-contacted.

That means the URL to your Website/Blog/Whatever is cited and 3-5 (dependent on the length of their Handle) SO: Signficant Others are contacted.
My Tweets have THE TENDENCY to be read; discussed, designed to IMPRESS (the Press & like minded Individuals as well as Decision-Makers) by making their Mark – ie:  #Mark.
Since every one needs another Set of Eyes & Ears when it comes to PROMOTING PRODUCT, consider ME (ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith) as your Chance + Opportunity to reach and research others who can aid you in becoming the Household Name your Mother always thought you could be(come). 
For Questions and  Queries, don’t be afraid to ASK me more about this OFFER that begins on June 1, 2014. The Summer of 2014 is nearly upon us. What's stopping you from making YOURS the Chosen Product and/or Media Event it was meant to be.  
After an intensive Evaluation, this Project will run in 3 month Increments after September 5, 2014.
INSIGHT:  And, yes, this is creatively tied to 1 of my most popular HOLIDATES known as:
National Splurge Day ©1994 

Furthermore, if you are a toddling IDI:
in which your Product or Brand needs to be splurged upon (ie: you want people to buy millions of them, consistently & over and over again), I am also the:

CFO:  Creator – Founder – Owner of National Splurge Days ©1994 - NSD

that is 20 years old this year – in June. 
Therefore, you may want to do additional Promotions in that vein since NSD went viral in 2010 via an Article that appeared on the HOLIDATE in the renowned magazine, FAST COMPANY (based in New York City) – in their most popular: 100 of the Most Creative People in Business Issue. 

Merely email me directly at:

to set up a time to talk or contact me at:
and we’ll see how to SIZZLE away the next few Months.

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