Thursday, December 4, 2014

ASK's The Daily Splurge #166 pays Tribute to: World of Chocolate's AIDS Benefit: T-O-N-I-T-E! Put your Money where your Mouth is.

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #166 for Thursday, December 4, 2014 is ‘The Basis’ of what is in the Heart and at the Core of all of us at #Splurge_Central.  The World of Chocolate is holding their Annual Event in which Chocolate Samples are concocted by some of the top Chocolatiers across Chicago.  Too many to list by Name, once you get a Choco-Morsel in your Mouth, you will never be the same aGAIN, nor will your Weight & Waist Line. But it’s worth ‘The Wait’ as you can always exercise like a Triathlete months before this popular Event.  After all, 5 Months ago, Today was the 4TH of July, Independence Day #238, a good a Point as any in which to try to keep as healthy as you can for as long as you can.  Chocolate contains that ‘Special Something’ that makes any Event a Festival and is now considered Healthy-For-You with Antioxidants being in the Food and Nutrition Spotlight. So sweet. 

Held Today on Thursday, December 4 at Union Station Hall, 210 South Canal in Chicago at 6 PM the Entry Fee is $125. is the Beneficiary. When you can take what you would splurge on and delegate/designate it to a good Cause as Disease Prevention, that’s the true Essence of what Humanity is all about and one of the Tenets of YoTS: Years of The Splurges, part and parcel of NSD.

After all,

“Splurge on to Others as you’d want others to splurge on to you.”

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ESPECIALLY NOW:    Events as these are an excellent means in which to say good-bye to the brutal Hostilities and Hatreds We are experiencing, reading about which smother the USA in Social Unrest and Injustice during this extraordinary Holiday Season.  And, I’m sure if you cannot make it, you can donate at throughout the Year or any Charity of your Choice as you see fit.

NOTE:  ASK is available by the Hour to promote your Product/Brand/Event.  With 40 years in the PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Business she has her Eye on what puts ‘The Pop’ into Pop Culture. 

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Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith and Robert E. Hofstadter are Co-Authors of the Article printed in ‘Kennedy Confections’ in November, 2004, London’s Oldest Sweets Magazine entitled: 'Hello ‘Chocolate, My New Best Friend.’  Archival Reprints on the Phenomena of Chocolate available: $10 per 3 Copies (USA); $25 for Foreign Mailings.   

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