Friday, April 25, 2008

ARTropolis: Best of Show 2008 goes to PAUL VILLINSKI - Metamorphosis

Art is definitely judged by one's valued opinion, as it's been doing that since Cave Man painted the first bison on a limestone wall so many eons ago. Art in itself is universal. Acceptance is not. That's why it's always interesting to check out new Art when it's produced as it is an Indicator of the Time, for the Times and stands the Test of Time.

After attending ARTropolis' Premier Opening on April 24, 2008, I can say that Art has reached a new Level of Beauty and Concern with the Arrival of New York based Artist:


whose Piece: Metamorphosis

is as complex as it is far reaching. Paul creates Butterflies out of Tin. Tin Cans. 1000s of Butterflies are mounted (pin-pointed, we could say) on a white wall, fluttering about and stopping people as they pass through the aisles. There's nothing like them anywhere, although TCA: Tin Can Art has been 'around' and is now becoming Haute Art because of its Pliability.

Paul then paints the Tin on some of his Butterflies. He crafts the Butterflies in all their rich intricate detail meticulously out of Tin, which is rather pliable, but it can prove to be a Challenge as his hands bore.

While I chatted with Paul, he proudly showed me the Earth Day Issue of the New York Times Magazine (from Mid-April) in which his Butterflies had their Spread. The NYT Editors could not have picked a better Artist to represent, especially since the USA is covered in a thin film of tin filth. If more people (altho most do not have The Vision and Talent that PV possesses) recycled the way he does, Earth Day would be all the more successful.

"Astounding. Seeing is believing!" Because the Product is the Tin Can, Paul is not only creating Art, he is recycling. With all the Soda and Beer Drinkers in New York, Paul definitely has his work cut out for him. After all, to reparaphrase Bob Dylan's Hit:

'Everybody must get canned.'

Find out more about Paul Villinski's METAMORPHOSIS by visiting:

ARTropolis at the Merchandise Mart
April 24-28, 2008

or inquiring at:

(Art Gallery)
317 10TH Avenue
(Between 28 & 29)
New York City 10001


Visit Paul's Web Pages at:

As I emailed my friend, Audrey this Morning, I stated: “Some of the Work there is Art, truly Art…if you only see one Artist this year, PV’s the One.

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