Saturday, April 26, 2008

ARTropolis: The Real HOOK of The Art Industry exposed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008 - 3:34 PM Posting

Somebody left 3 of Ty Wadley's business cards laying on a table top near the Press Room. Tired, I grabbed a seat and picked one up. Ty, the Principal of FINE ART PEDESTALS in Cherry Valley, IL has the right idea. His Business is in Display as in Fine Art Pedestals. This set me to thinking of all (and I do mean ALL) the off-springs and off-shots People have created since Art became such a hot commodity. This had to have been some time after Neanderthal 'got Art' and artistic.

Honestly, if you think about it: What doesn't have to deal with Art? Life imitates Art. Art is lively. It's all relative. It's all the same, but then, it's not. Giving myself a 10 minute break, I decided to compose a Top 10 List of Accessories, Supplements, Adaptations and/or Auxiliary Items that enhance ART and make it what it is today.

Write-off the top of my head, beginning with Ty's Pedestals, those are:

1. Pedestals
2. Frames
3. Cameras (loaded with Film or Digitalized)
4. Adjectives (that include Paper, Pen, PCs and a few stray Ideas)
5. Galleries
6. Space (Floor - Wall - Ceiling)
7. Lighting
8. Crating
9. Hooks
10. Glass

OK: The 11th would have to be Canvas - but I thought of that while composing this ePage, not while relaxing...

After all, what else is there?

If you have more Suggestions, send them this way via:

There's bound to be more. But breaks are limited, you know.


Because Somebody dis-CARD-ed 3 of Ty Wadley's business cards laying on a table top near the Press Room, TW (as in Ty Wadley, Principal of FINE ART PEDESTALS @ received a Feature in my Blog here, forever immortalized. I took only one of those orphaned business cards; and left the 2 others behind. Maybe somebody else will pickup the Idea...and a few of Ty's Pedestals.

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