Sunday, April 27, 2008

More than a Pretty Picture. Marcus-McKennART moves The (Human) Spirit.

VIA: Very Important Artist
(...of the Day...)

Scene & Setting:
ARTropolis: 2008
Chicago, IL USA

Sunday, April 27, 2008 - 4:43 PM CST

Reading Barbara Marcus-McKenna's Press Literature will notify the reader that Words can capture what the Artist is visually messaging and creating. For those who can't meet an Artistic Great (which is most unlikely in this fast day and age when travel ‘moves’ the masses at incredible speeds in little time), the 'Art Encounter' lets them know more detail about the PIQ: Person(ality) in Question, known as the PIQ Factor.

One part of Barbara's highly detailed and info-packed Press Kit relayed a Story that (when paraphrased), all boils down to:

A rich couple bought an Artwork from her. Barbara and Husband, Daniel helped load it into the rich folks' Bentley. After the show (which are always tiring), while loading up their own vehicle (a moderately priced and sized van), a vagabond (evidently homeless gent with a true entrepreneurial flair) approached them, wanting to help them pack the truck, thus earning a few bucks for his days' needs. They took him up on his offer.

Emanating from the McKenna's Experiences here, two important Inter-Connections were made. Although different in outward appearance and means, all were intricately involved with and in each other in the Appreciation, Promotion and Furtherance of Art in their own way.

That's pretty cool.

That's the Way Art symbolically works....moving and transcending with each square inch and person it touches.


As Daniel & Barbara teamed up as Life Partners, so this Story follows the same energetic and spirited Path through their Days.


Barbara Marcus-McKenna
PO Box 1158
Lyons - Colorado 80540 USA

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