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Chairs: Talks & Exhibitions (Chicago-Style) on April 30 & June 7. Mark your Literary Calendar.

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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what Adrienne writes about…”
Chicago, Illinois USA

DateLine: Friday, April 18, 2008

“See, it does pay to reply to Newspaper Articles,” I always say as a Means to reach-out and network with People. It’s a Public Relations Ploy as well as a Method of Learning something new. I did this myself a few Weeks ago after reading an interesting Column that caught my Attention & Interest (both) in a local ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ Neighborhood Newspaper called Inside Editions.

Evidently, Kathy Gemperle of the North Lakeside Cultural Center and Edgewater Historical Society would be curating Two Exhibitions on The Chair. As a Creative Writer and addictively ardent Sitter since Birth, I immediately sent a complimentary Email to her about this ingenious Endeavor (that is clearly near and dear to me for an endless Variety of Reasons) about The Shows which are prudently entitled: ONCE UPON A CHAIR.

We all have our Chair Stories to share. Kathy’s Theme is to collect as many Chairs show-side as possible with an accompanying Explanatory Story, Poem or Commentary as to its Uniqueness. What defines ‘Uniqueness’ is totally left-up to the individual Artist’s and Writer’s Imagination.

“How cool is that,” I enthusiastically mentioned to Kathy when We initially met on Saturday, March 15TH – the Ides of March – a Date that lives in Infamy. After all, if JC: Julius Caesar had only been seated on a Chair instead of being a Trouble-Maker that Day, he may have lived through that perilous Moment.

TO CONTINUE: Way back in 1999 when The Mindset was ‘The Turn of The Millennium’ (and Century, too, for that matter) and the Critical Concern was if the Y2K Bug would infect and set us back 1000 years, I was diligently concentrating on and examining Inventions that were produced (and taken to market) from 999-1999 that We, as a People and Advancing Global Economy, could not easily do or live without.

My Realization or Decision (unanimously and without a doubt) selected:


To me, all Great Ideas are born on, in or near a Chair. If you think of a Master Plan, you may (very well) be seated. In order for you to advance that Impression moreso, you need to be seated comfortably in order to further contemplate its Steps or Procedures; write it up; draw it out, set it up, discuss it at length and then to disperse or dispense it via eMail or in Snail-Mail Fashion (tucked into an Envelope), all of which are Tasks that We do best while seated…in The Comfort of a Chair.

“Historically, The Chair can be seen and traced back as ‘The Catalyst or The Grandfather’ that began The Process which We now commonly know, acknowledge and recognize as ‘Multi-Tasking.’”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Monday, April 7, 2008 – 9:50 AM

As a Prime Example, I myself am curled up on a Chair as I compose these Thoughts for you to read and consider.

“After all, if you’re going to ‘walk The Walk and talk The Talk’ you might as well ‘DO IT’ while being seated in or on a Chair.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Saturday, April 5, 2008 – 9:48 AM


I was seated on my Bike Seat (a mobile Chair, in my mind) during The Afternoon of Sunday, November 7, 1999 when I peddled past an Antique Shop on North Ashland Avenue in Chicago (not far from Wrigley Field), Home of The Cubs where Fans gather and robotically sit for Hours on Bleachers, a modified Chair (if We want to get technical about it).

In front of this Antique Parlor, (to get the Passersbys’ Attention) stood Six (6) Chairs – all from different Periods of Time, Styles and Material Compositions. I stopped my Bike. I was mesmerized. They inspired me so much, I was forced to go directly Home (without stopping at The Grocery Store for Chocolate, Candy and Salty Snacks or to ‘collect $200’) and for three constant Weeks (Day-in and Day-out; from Dawn-to-Dusk) wrote about Chairs.

Oh, these Writings were not resource-laden and filled with Names of renown Designers, etc. These Chapters were lighter Literary Lots that gave The Chair more of an animated Personal Feel packed with culled Insights, collective Truths and consistent Observations – as if you were reading about a Dear Friend who, after 1,000 Years was finally getting their Honorary Due for withstanding the The Tests of Time, Trials, Space and Hardships. After writing 35 Chapters and carefully illustrating The Pages with Assortments of squawking Comics and appealing Black & White Drawings and Clipart, I named The Book: ©1999.


Whereby the next 38 .com Prefix Words (and their relevant Meanings) symbolize the Action Verbs and/or Nouns that are normally achieved mentally, physically and/or spiritually found in The Usefulness of THE CHAIR. With The Aid of a Chair, these Actions are highly obtainable and many times, without much Exertion or tremendous Physical Effort.

Combine * Comeback * Comfort * Comfortable * Command Commemorate * Commence * Comment * Commentary
Committee * Communal * Communicate * Communique
Community * Compadre * Companionship * Company
Compare * Compassion * Compatible * Compatriot
Compeer * Compel * Compendium * Compete
Compilation * Complement * Complete * Compliance
Compliment * Comply * Component * Compose
Composition * Comprehend * Comprehensive * Comprise

And yes, I performed and engineered all that ‘COM-motion’ while sitting in The Confines of Chairs I have known and loved throughout my Lifetime. You have, too, if you stop and think about your Past. That immense .com-List allows me to gratefully reflect on all The Things I have successfully ac-COM-plished while ‘Sitting in a Chair.”

“Challenge yourself every Day from now on to tackle
(derived from those .com Prefix Words or others
that may apply to your particular LifeStyle Endeavors)
thereby expanding your Horizons.”

Sunday, April 13, 2008 – 7:38 AM

Having earned the Literary Designations as:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine (Washington, DC) in August of 1997


‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) in January, 2001,

in accordance with The Times, I took The Liberty to significantly declare The New Millennium Year of 2000 as THE YEAR OF THE CHAIR.

WAS IT MERE COINCIDENCE? Then, in August, 2000, I noticed in a local Newspaper (again) that The City of Chicago was sponsoring an Urban Furniture Public Art Event called SUITE HOME CHICAGO that would be comprised of life-size Fiberglass Forms (namely a Sofa, Chair, Ottoman & TV).

I then said to my Self: “Why not follow-up with a Book on THE TABLE this Time around?” I again got started on that Inspiration. After plugging and penning away (Day-in and Day-out; from Dawn to Dusk), like clockwork, 3 Weeks later: ©2000

appeared. ©2000 follows the same explicit Format as ©1999 and is the most appropriate Sequel any Book could or should ever have. The Finishing Touch was adding The Third and Final Section of The Text recognizing The Union between The Chair and The Table.2 This Trilogy can be published, viewed and read as One, Two or Three Books.

In precise Eventological Manner, I proclaimed 2001 as:


“Events turn Our Days into Memories that express Our Wills and Temperaments.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Tuesday, April 8, 2008 – 3:02 PM

Eleven Years previously with this Mindset firmly sewn into place, I solely embarked on The Great Creative Journey and Launch of:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

by designing and promoting that nouveau Literary Style that Today contains 1,700+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE ®. Falling into 39 fastidious Categories, EVENTOLOGY ® is a sure-fire Way to address Issues in order to spotlight their Significance. Now, 11 Years later, Two of EVENTOLOGY’s Primary Tools, THE CHAIR & THE TABLE were receiving their ‘Just Desserts.’ There’s nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than to be seated in a Chair holding an open Book in your Lap with a Table at Arm’s Length away. After that Point, any Thing gains The Potential to happen and has The Ability and The Agility to take on a Life of its very own. Few would disagree with me on those solicited, coveted Statements.

EVENTOLOGY ® is and remains as The Modus Operandi of my PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Business ® and ultimately, my Legacy that’s been artistically unfolding and cultivated since 1979 that positively aims to place ‘The Pop’ into Pop Culture.


Then, I decided to fuse ‘The Two’ together because People2 share a Common Tendency and Thread. My Reasoning was:

“If there’s a Chair in a Room, Chances are, a Table is near. This handsome Duo is found on every Continent from Cabins to Condos. The Chair and The Table go together like Baseball & Cracker Jacks.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Sunday, April 6, 2008 – 8:57 AM

Voila, the complete Book called:

“The Chair & The Table…Salutatory Expressions”
An Insider’s Study When ‘Considering Beginnings’ ©1999-2000

is labeled as an IHP: Informational Humor Primer by Genre.

FLASHBACKING TO MARCH 15, 2008: While Kathy and I were discussing The Merits of ‘The Exhibitions and my Book’ (that currently needs to be re-published), she asked if I’d speak about Chairs and design (some) Posters for the Shows. How could I resist?

THE SHOWS will be held at:

The North Lakeside Cultural Center
6219 North Sheridan Road in Chicago
Wednesday, April 30, 2008 – 6-9 PM


The Edgewater Historical Society
5358 North Ashland Avenue in Chicago
Saturday, June 7, 2008 – 12-4 PM

HOTA: HOT ON THE AGENDA: I will be speaking about The ARTists’ Submissions and their accompanying Stories about (The) Chairs and reading Passages from ©1999 (at both Occasions).

SCHEDULED TIMES FOR The North Lakeside Cultural Center Event will be on Wednesday, April 30 at:

6:15 PM – Opening Welcome
7:15 PM
8:15 PM
8:45 PM – Closing Statement

SCHEDULED TIMES FOR The Edgewater Historical Society Event will be on Saturday, June 7 at:

12:15 PM – Opening Welcome
1:15 PM
2:15 PM
3:15 PM
3:45 PM – Closing Statement

Thirty (30) custom designed ‘Wall Hangings’ consisting of Quotes & Passages derived from THE MANUSCRIPT will be available for viewing at each Location.

ADDITIONALLY: Segments focusing on the 5W’s of this Exhibition and my CHAIR-ished Writings will and have been appearing on My Blog, KOOPERSMITHin’ ® that is found at:

An open and lively Discussion about GRAMMAR & THE CHAIR as to whether Mankind sits ON or IN a Chair will also be debated.


“Chairs. There’s nothing like them. ‘What’s COM-parable?’ is a difficult Question to intelligently answer as there really isn’t an Object that comes close.”

As I ponder that Puzzle, I find my Self using The Convenience of a Chair for a Make-Shift Closet. Sometimes, I place my Treats on it and temporarily store Items on them. I have even been known to hide Things under them! Like every Dog, every Chair gets its Day(s). The Chairs’ Days have arrived. That Period is noted as: April 30 through June 7.

“This Celebration of The Chair COM-mands a Standing Ovation.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Sunday, April 6, 2008 – 9:02 AM

On behalf of all Chair Lovers since ‘way-back-when,’ I sincerely hope you can stop-in for these Events and to share and increase your CHAIR-ished Experiences.


For any and all Comments & Queries or Questions you may have, send them over to me at:

If you’d like to interview Kathy Gemperle about these Exhibitions, she may be contacted at:


AS MORALS GO:If a Moral to this Media Release exists, it would be:

“See, it is beneficial to read Newspapers...while seated in a Chair.”

And about those Scientists who thought DNA was ‘The Link’ that joined all People together. Evidently, they were sorely mistaken.

“It’s The Chair and nothing but The Chair.”
(Go ahead and quote me on that one).




(1) COM (Prefix Words) derived from: The American Heritage ® Dictionary of The English Language. 4TH Edition. ©2006. Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston/New York. Pages 367-380.

(2) Then, I decided to fuse ‘THE TWO’ together because People share a Common Tendency and Thread.

ASK’s NOTE: Pets also gravitate to Chairs, Tables and other Furniture(s) to sit and lay (up)on.

The CHAIR’s & The TABLE’s Flexibility to ‘crossover’ cannot be denied or undermined. Check out My Book for a more detailed and sophisticated Accounting of ‘Who sits on Chairs and Why their Popularity continues to grow.’

For those of you wondering, my Third Choice of Top Inventions for the Last Millennium were Johann Gutenberg’s Printing Press that later led to The Proliferation of Typewriterization & The LapTop. Those Fetes consequently ignited to The Upsurge in Reading, Language and Communication. My Fourth Selection was The Invention of The Toilet (that really is a Chair, in disguise) which catapulted The Convenience of Indoor Plumbing. Fortunately for Mankind, The Cycle of Life continues with beneficial Results that never cease to amaze, amuse and pamper me. Appreciating and Praising them is what We often neglect to do.

As History repeatedly proves:

Creature COM-forts elevate Life to its Fullest.

For those of you concerned about my Future Literary Topics, if the Proper Funding is advanced I may explore The Wonders of THE STEP which has proven to be as valuable as The Contributions consecutively bestowed upon us by THE CHAIR & The TABLE per my unabashed Standards. Following suit, I will devote Three Weeks Day-in and Day-Out; from Dawn to Dusk scoring that Document, step-by-step.


After perusing ‘Sweet Home Chicago’s’ Cultural Calendar for April, 2008, it is discovered that Dates for:

‘Chicago’s Celebration of Art, Antiques & Culture’
(featured throughout The Merchandise Mart)
April 24 – April 28
(Thursday – Monday)

Rest up and ‘swing on over’ to this Show opening on Wednesday, April 30 (from 6-9 PM).

“Sitting in a CHAIR will feel mighty good by then!”

Quote of: ASK
Friday, April 11, 2008 – 5:45 PM

‘Once Upon A Chair’ officially closes on Saturday, June 7 (from Noon to 4 PM).

However, its Memory will linger with each Chair you subsequently meet.


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