Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dancing The Distance with Matt Rodewald - LIVE on July 11, 2008 - Coming to a Plaza near you!

TITLE: Getting your Groove on with Matt in The Plaza…

SubTitle: BOTS: Battle Of The Stations…

Dateline: Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chicago isn’t just the City of Sports Teams, DDP: Deep Dish Pizza, The Blues, Tall Buildings jutting out into the Atmosphere and The Edens Expressway.

It’s a cultured Place filled with its own brand of Uniqueness that includes (of course): Music, Ethnicity, Color, Flair and Fashion. And bright and (very) early on:

Friday, July 11TH, Chicago will be a Contender for a Pre-Olympian Event – the DANCE-OFF between

Matt Rodewald & Bob Herzog

The pride of NBC-TV, Channel 5 in Chicago and Dance Aficionados everywhere, Matt will be competing (although Fans, Co-Workers, Viewers and Simon Cowell all know he has NO Competition with another Traffic Guy) from Cincinnati, Ohio (due east). That Fellow is Bob Herzog. The City doesn’t matter. He’ll be leaving his ZCR: Zip Code Region to dance his way into ‘Windy City Country’ and if the Wind goes whipping throughout The Plaza doesn’t GET ‘HIM, then some fast-shoeing definitely and evidently will since We hear that Matt will be displaying some of the swiftest Moves he’s ever done – ever. All for this meritorious Competition.

These Moves have been orchestrated by years of practice that will be a First the likes EVER seen on NBC!

Surprisingly, no big Sponsors are cited.

Surprisingly, the 2 Guys are not doing this for Child Cancer Research or another notable Charity.

Spectators wonder why…

Not only that Rumor has it that Matt may be appearing on the TV Talk Program of the Dance Queen herself (of NBC Stardom) - Miss Ellen (not Helen) DeGeneres to show-off how easy it is to MOVE and dance your Troubles and Weight away…even if you’re not reporting Traffic and Road Conditions in the 3RD largest metropolis and cosmopolitan area in the Northern Hemisphere. You have arrived when you get to this Pivotal Point. It’s definitely time to SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHER – whatever species you are.

Start your 4TH Weekend of The Summer of 2008 on the ‘right’ Dance Foot with MATT and the early morning perky and informative NBC News Crew of: Zoraida, Rob, Andy & Mike

in the NBC PLAZA

Between the Chicago Tribune & the Equitable Building on the East Side of Michigan Av. That’s between 435 and 401 North Michigan Avenue if you’re a number person.

DANCE-OFF Time: 5:45 AM
Set your Alarms or make hotel reservations today. Rooms are going fast!

Date: Friday, July 11, 2008. That’s less than 72 hours away!

Chances are this Competition between Matt & Bob will become a really popular YOU-TUBE Video that will be seen around The World. Betters and gamblers are predicting that the 2 Guys will become Fast Friends and then enter the Competition of DANCING WITH THE STARS, leaving 2 open spots at their respective stations!

As Matt so poignantly sums up The Event that some think is NOT a Competition at all:

“It’s all about The Art & Beauty of Dance.”

Quote of Matt:
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 – 6:19 AM CST

Don’t Run Off Now:

The NBC Today Team is televised LIVE from 4:30 – 7 AM Monday – Friday. At 6:58 AM, DANCE CHICAGO will be on – when troupes of people (locals, suburbanites, city-dwellers and visitors or tourismos) parade into The Mall to dance themselves into The Weekend – a nice way to get into the Summertime Festivities and in the City Mood…an NBC special, of course!

LET’s GET DANCIN! It's a Dance Fever Eruption!

If you wish to cast your Vote for Matt (or the other Guy), merely click and scroll your way over to:


See you in The Plaza for THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER!

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