Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't Pick on Fat Folks. How to deal with Weight Loss in a Healthier Mindset.

DateLine: Monday, July 7, 2008

The News is always changing.

Some Tidbit from somewhere strikes us in a certain way (sometimes 'weigh') that changes our outlook on an impending social and cultural issue.

Such is the Topic of Weight Management that caught my eye this morning, while rifling through a stash of newspapers that I was sorting through.

"Water makes up 60% of your body weight" claimed the Report issued by the Albany Times Union.

Who is to argue with the dynamic WRITTEN WORD?


If 60% is 60 Pounds of Water (Liquid) in a 100 pound Person...then what is defined as FAT must be changed. Logic told me a 'weigh..."


Mathematically, that is:

IF a Person weighs in at 300 pounds, 180 pounds of that (or over 50% of his/her body weight) is Water; meaning 120 pounds is 'Ugly Fat and Flesh.' Obesity in other words. Obesity is not healthy. After all, the Heart is only a Muscle the size of one's fist. Being svelte is much healthier for a person and the Family that worries about him/her. Longevity and living a l-o-n-g healthy life is what's at hand here.

Do doctors and nutritionists really know what they are talking about IF they take into consideration the unrifled 60% Water Weight Factor? Or is this overlooked by masses of Skin?

IF I were on a Diet to improve my Look and shed a few pounds, I definitely would exam the "120" pounds of Ugly Fat & Flesh Factor before I'd stress myself out on what The Masses truly think of those excess Pounds. This Knowledge & PO: Psychological Outlook can serve as a Catalyst knowing the Dieter doesn't have to 'lose that much weight' and, undoubtedly, would be much happier and more consistent in his/her attempt to get in better shape. Maintenance after weight loss is where many dieters fall off the wagon. That Topic is yet another blog's worth...

After all, isn't it all about: MIND OVER MATTER?

Yes, that Tidbit from somewhere did strike me in a certain way and 'weigh' this morning that hopefully will change The Outlook for many who are attempting to tip the Scales on Obesity. It certainly did for me.

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