Thursday, July 10, 2008

Way before Santa's Arrival, Peter Max is coming to town! Mark your Calendar for July 12TH, Chicago!

DateLine: Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 10:15 AM

Title: Another Star Visits The Heartland. A Kodak Moment Captured

It's another Red Letter Date for Chicagoans who follow the Career of our Top Artists, as Peter Max, the Pop Artist (residing in NYC) visits

Wentworth Gallery
Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois
Saturday, July 12th 2-5 pm

Peter's long and luxurious history travels the spectrum of time, place and space and has touched upon all the Lively Arts including Music, Ecology, Aeronautics, and Humanitarian Efforts. For a nearly complete rundown of his History that should be taught in all college art curriculums, visit Peter's website at:

Art Openings with Peter are especially exciting as the old fans and buyers mingle with the new fans and buyers, many of which are themselves 'Baby Boomers' who are introducing their Children to the colorful passions that only Peter can place on to a canvas.

The last time Peter checked into town was in May of 2004, therefore, his Latest Works will reflect the latest Concepts that he feels will benefit Mankind for the better in such a rough and tumultuous climate.

It's an Afternoon that will not only be educational, but inspiring and fun as well for all ages, even if you've never lifted a paint-brush in your entire life!

For further details call: 847-995-1190


Clarence said...

WOW! I remember getting turned on by Peter Max's posters back on the late 60s and early 70s. Most things that seemed so cool back then have since lost their luster after the passing of 3+ decades. Not his art ,though. I went to the show, met Peter, saw his new work and still had my socks knocked off! GREAT WORK, Peter.GREAT tout, Adrienne.


Mickey said...

Hey Koopersmith. - You scored again.

I really thought his art would lose its appeal but went to the gallery July 12 anyway. He's got new stuff! It's still obviously Peter max but it's new, different and great. Took my new girlfriend, had a good time, met the iconic artist, got some free eats and plan to buy from the gallery (the 2 pieces I wanted were over my $5,000 VISA line but that will be taken care of next paycheck) Who could ask for anything more? Oh, I could. What's new on your radar? I'm making plans now for every weekend the rest of the summer and would be interested in your recommendations.