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August 9, 2008 marks The UnVeiling of GORF's Peace Sign for The Green Movement @ kasia kay art projects.

for THE PEACE SYMBOL’s Ongoing Contribution to

Exploring The Correlation between Nature, The Environment & Peace in our Current Climate & Era

How Graphic Symbols affect The Human Psyche
while Group PARTicipation activates a Social System

The Shortest PEACE EVENT & ART Reception in Recorded History
Scheduled for Saturday, August 9, 2008 @ 12 Noon – 12:15 PM

DATELINE: Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicago, Illinois USA: Is it mere Coincidence or does it really prove that Ancient Astronauts once inhabited The Earth when We discover (via a Google Search, of course) that THE PEACE SIGN originally appeared in 1958. By doing ‘THE MATH,’ it’s calculated that that Event was 50 Years ago, now that We are well into 2008. This is, indeed, a Milestone Anniversary to celebrate, far-and-wide.

THE PEACE SIGN was designed to represent The Shape of a World War II Bomber, stylized and simple enough for anyone to draw and easily recognizable by The Masses as a non-Violence Logo. That Impression called THE PEACE SIGN has been used extensively by Social Groups, Nuclear Disarmament Factions, Civil Rights’ Activists, Apartheid/War Protesters and Marketing Centers for Decades now. With Respect to its Designer, THE PEACE SIGN is attributed to:

(born between 1914-18 and dying in September, 1985) who was a Professional Designer and Graduate of the London Royal College of Arts. Later, as a Member of the CND Movement, he designed the Badge of The Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War that was originally utilized for the First Demonstration against a British Research Center for The Development of Nuclear Weapons, called Aldermaston. THE PEACE SIGN’s Debut occurred during the Weekend of Easter in 1958.

As highly recognizable as THE PEACE SIGN is, its Message is still not utilized enough as seen and exemplified by The Wars Man wages, The Lives We lose and The Spirits shattered. Yet, when We see THE PEACE SIGN, We instantly know a Message of Acceptance and Tranquility are there to be reckoned with – even if it means for only a few Minutes – or only in thinking, pondering and contemplating what Life would be like if Total PEACE covered, blanketed and consumed The Planet.


In January, 2006 when One-Ounce Postage Stamps were 39 Cents each, a Stamp was issued with a Yellow Ribbon wrapped around THE PEACE SIGN. Taking that Symbolism One Step further, I now ask:

Are there enough People ‘out there’ willing to write or email a Letter or Note to the USPS (United States Post Office) asking them to re-create a new PEACE SIGN Stamp utilized as their popular Forever Stamp?

“Because these Stamps are ‘good forever’ the Symbolism for PEACE could be expressed and embedded much more emphatically,” I believe.

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Tuesday, July 22, 2008 – 10:23 AM CST

This Gesture would continually and subliminally improve Human & Race Relations across The Globe as The USPS is the World's Leading Provider of Mailing and Delivery Services and delivers more than half of the World's Mail Volume.1

is what I especially like to call this Concept.

An Idea of this Nature would instantly prove its Point upon each Single Delivery made. Immortality & Saturation to all 4 Corners of The Planet to reflect the General Sentiment of ‘The People’ are yet 2 more of the ‘Forever Peace Stamps‘ ® Principals.

Implanting that Seed of Human Compassion is always important when it comes to spreading an urgent and pressing Message.

PEACE SIGNS are customarily flashed with the Index & Middle Finger on one or both Hands held near the Face or extended above One’s Head. For a Moment or longer, if PEACE is given a universal Chance (which is its Internal Aim) to shine, be seen and be heard or voiced, bearing these Statements in mind, another Pop Cultural Symbol is being unveiled Today here and live at:

kasia kay art projects, 1044 West Fulton Market Street in Chicago

that attempts to communicate, link and instill another DELS: Dimension, Extension, Leg or Sense of THE PEACE PROCESS, joining several important Issues and thus bringing them to light. In a World that is constantly in ‘The Process of Change’ taking a Moment off to breathe in, honor and savor ‘THE PEACE’ is a grateful, yet all too often, rare Welcome.

And that Beauty, Strength and Beatitude of PEACE are what Nature generously offers (to) us while We stay bound to our Material Ways and Day-by-Day Necessities. Today, that semi-Permanence is now being refocused in different Avenues that appear healthier along all relevant Lines.

“Wouldn’t our Creature Comforts feel better if lined in PEACE?”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Thursday, July 24, 2008 – 6:49 AM

Coincidentally, this urgent Beckoning for a RETURN TO NATURE is comprised of:

Atmosphere or Air;
Turf identified as Land or Earth;
Sea that exemplifies Water;
Space for Movement & Growth; and
Fire for Warmth

All of these Components are necessary and must be shared for The Survival of The Species. That omnipresent Result equates to Harmony that is all too infrequent in our Lives.

“The Air We breathe; The Land We inhabit; The Water We drink; The Space We occupy and the Fire We use are our Life-Lines, Life-Providers and Sustainers. Without them, Humanity & all Creatures would be non-existent. Through them, We will and can find and achieve Harmony & Tranquility and ultimately, PEACE.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Tuesday, July 22, 2008 – 6:24 AM


Adding to The Appeal and Color of THE PEACE SIGN is THE GREEN MOVEMENT. Added to THE GREEN MOVEMENT is GORF, a friendly Amphibian Face symbolized by a Plush TOY FROG (that by all Prehistoric Time-Tables has inhabited Earth for 217,000,000 years now). Yet, it is Our Generation that is seeing his Demise, Death and absolute Extinction. The Planet’s Life is now ‘at stake’ as The News sadly broadcasts. Peace in Nature and a thorough Equilibrium of all Parts of The Earth may be our Savings Grace. For those Reasons and utilizing The Focus of Collective Intellectual Wisdom that is WHY THE PEACE SIGN OF THE GREEN MOVEMENT is being unveiled Today on Saturday, August 9TH, 2008, a Date in History marked by many cruel and diabolical Actions -- as in 1945 when the U.S. dropped the Second Atomic Bomb on Japan destroying Part of Nagasaki.


What was really cool was that on Monday, July 7TH @ High Noon on his 68TH Birthday, Ringo Starr, the former Beatles’ Drummer, was in Chicago to stage a PEACE-IN. He flashed THE PEACE SIGN to a Crowd that had gathered at The Hard Rock Hotel. Yelling out "Peace & Love" to The Mob of 300 Greeters, Loyal Fans, Family and Supporters, they joined Ringo in spreading the Lyrical Message of:

“All We are saying is give Peace a Chance.”

This notable Combination ties-in and displays The Vitality PEACE plays in all our Lives, even if it is only to ‘Flash PEACE for a Moment.’ The Lesson is simply to keep ‘drumming it in’ to all of us. Coincidentally, this is no intentional Pun aimed towards Ringo’s Rock Role. It’s The Message, not The Messenger.


The World Population stood at 6,711,726,266 Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 15:55 GMT (EST+5). Would it not be a beneficial Plan that the Livelier Individuals of this Gene Pool (who gleefully celebrate their Birthday from this estimated 6.7 Billion) to give THE PEACE SIGN on their designated Birth Date at High Noon? This Action could be coordinated ‘later,’ if you are a Night Owl, rather than a Lark and rise after Noon). This Daily Occurrence would effectively transpire every Day for a Year beginning on THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 2009. Just think how this MASS-ive Sweep would positively affect The Psyches of all People. All Celebrities (as America runs on Celebrity-promoted Gimmicks) would initiate this Action (as Ringo did) to grant it higher Visibility and engrain ‘THE ACT.’ Participants ranging from Grade School Children in Classrooms to Seniors in Nursing Homes would compose The Demographics. Over The Passage of Time, ‘The Stigma attached to The Aging Process’ may even be dispelled and erased. True to Nature, as The Years accrue, THE PEACE grows stronger and longer. No one is exempt. Religious Practices should not interefere with this ‘Signing’ on Saturdays as We know ‘God’ is a Peace-Loving Entity. Leaving no one out or behind, those Individuals born on February 29TH – Leap Day – would have The Choice to celebrate on either February 28 or March 1. You know who you are. Therefore, consider this minute and easy-to-do Gesture as a Birthday Enhancement. What could be better than that? Having your PEACE of Cake and celebrating another Year in which to instill more PEACE-FULNESS indeed makes this Occasion much sweeter.”

“Nothing, by far, is better than Peace.”
Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 7:11-7:15 AM CST &
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 – 6:40 AM

Every Day, more than 18,000,000 Individuals (or nearly the entire Population of Cameroon in West Africa) share the same Birth Date. That means every Day, 18 Million PEACE SIGNS could flash their Way across The Planet, 24 Times an Hour from all Points & Places (in every Latitude and Longitude) from The North to The South Pole. Possessing and spreading The Essence of this Mindset is invaluable as Groups or Societies become closer through The Advent of High Technology.


My GREEN Collar Job is The Promotion of GORF, the colorful 24.5” Plush TOY FROG with the infectious 11” Grin. GORF is ‘FROG’ spelled back-words, you know. His Nickname is ‘THE GRIN REAPER ®’ for obvious Reasons. His descriptive Titles are:

‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’‘Illinois’ Foremost Goodwill Toy Ambassador’‘America’s Greenest Mascot’‘Mankind’s Most Beloved Toy’‘Nature’s Greenest Creature’ &‘The Icon of The Green Movement’

Why is this so?

Quite simply, GORF’s winning Theorum is:

GORF’s got Soul.
GORF’s got Legs.
GORF’s Appeal stops People in their Tracks.

FROGS symbolize Nature
The Best of what Nature has to offer.

THE PEACE SIGN symbolizes a harmonious Time
(which some People, unfortunately, have yet to experience).
Much of this Harmony is found IN Nature or a By-Product OF Nature.
‘TAKE THE TIME’ to reconnect with your Surroundings.

THE GREEN MOVEMENT is now in Full Swing and alludes to that Connection.
THE QUESTION REMAINS: What better Sign is there to display than One that combines all Three of these Powerful Elements at this most Pivotal Point in Our Civilization and Memory to sustain & further The Life of Planet Earth?

Therefore, The UnVeiling of GORF’s PEACE SIGN for THE ACCEPTANCE & CONTINUATION OF THE GREEN MOVEMENT is important as a CAPS: Cultural, Artistic & Political Statement.

ABOUT THE GALLERY: Why kasia kay art projects gallery was selected for this Reception
kasia kay art projects gallery represents contemporary art in a wide cultural context. The gallery shows works from both national and international artists and highlights new tendencies in the visual arts. One of kkap’s intentions is to incorporate pivotal artwork into diverse public arenas while simultaneously supporting the vision of contemporary artists.

The gallery’s program is comprised of established and upcoming artists working in a variety of media, gallery exhibitions and curatorial projects, as well as one-time, site-specific installations, which often take place in public space environments. By promoting a diverse group of artists, the gallery wishes to create a continuous dialogue with both a local and global community.

Phone: 312-492-8828



Gallery Hours at kasia kay art projects:

Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM-5 PM
Closed on Sunday & Monday

There is no better Place – this Artistic Haven – in which to unveil this Poster than by ‘painting the Town Green’ because GREEN is the ‘New Black.’ Chicago is The 3RD largest Metropolitan City in America. Chicago is ranked as The 4TH GREENEST City in The Continental USA.

“Chicago knows GREEN.’

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Thursday, July 24, 2008 – 9:23 AM

This Gathering also provides a Great GREEN Forum in which to spread The Goals, Ideas & Plans that are crucial for all of us to live, love, breathe and create comfortably and PEACE-fully.

YOUR INVITATION: Keeping those Designations & Principles in mind and building on that Foundation, you are cordially invited to attend:


kasia kay art projects
1044 West Fulton Market Street in Chicago

on Saturday, August 9, 2008 from High Noon (12 O’Clock) to 12:15 PM

This Event is slated as:

‘The World’s Shortest Peace Event & Art Reception in Recorded History’
as there’s just so much ART to see and so little Time in which to see it all.


10:00 AM: Meet with The Press & Media
11:55 AM: Arrival of GORF & ASK
12:11-12:15 PM: UnVeiling of GORF’s PEACE SIGN.
12:16 PM: Finale of GORF’s First ART Reception

This Episode also marks The Closing Event of the currently running Exhibition of Sugarcraft, a glowing International Exhibition that symphonizes the Worlds of Fine ART, Contemporary Fine Craft and the Culinary ARTS. Sugarcraft has evolved, from an Invitation to guest curate into a Travelling Exhibit featuring over Fifty (50) ARTists. For this Portion of their Tour, Sugarcraft is hosted by kasia kay art projects in Chicago, Illinois through August, 9TH. One of their Pieces features GREEN-enhanced ART-Works (TOYish in nature) which possesses the same ‘Feel’ that GORF exudes.

IN CONCLUSION: On August Ninth, listen to ASK’s INTRODUCTORY PEACE SPEECH, see GORF, experience The Unveiling of The Peace Sign for the Green Movement; meet Kasia Kay & Jill along with The Gallery’s Artists and join in a Discussion of The Merits of GREEN, now viewed as a Primary Color on The Color Wheel by many. Only then, will you see WHY.


This Event spotlighting THE GREEN TIE-IN should be very inspirational, educational and entertaining for all Attendees as well as a Cultural and Social Turning Point in The Realization that ‘GREEN’ is not a Fad or Trend, but a Peace-filled Routine to constantly care for The Earth, our only Home.

Today represents a Multi-Level Event in History & The ARTS. It marks a CELEBRATION of THE PEACE SIGN (encompassing what this Symbol has meant to us for The Duration of the last 50 Years and how it consciously has embedded THE PEACE to The Scores it touched). Simultaneously and importantly, We are enhancing THE PEACE SIGN to extend ‘its dynamic Stretch’ and to promote more Goodwill in its majestic and universal Design, created during a simpler, but still troubled Period and Place. And isn’t that what The State of The ARTS is all about? Thank you for joining me Today on my 56TH Birthday, also and sharing this multi-faceted Moment with me. This is, indeed a Milestone Anniversary to celebrate, far and wide.

To interview ASK about GORF, THE ICON OF THE GREEN MOVEMENT and ‘Chicago’ First Green Mascot’ (amongst others), email &/or phone:

To interview Kasia Kay, email &/or phone:


Clarence said...


You keep this up and you'll get a whole new contingent of folks collecting frog stuff, not just stuffed plush animals like GORF, but also all the other stuff out there - plastic frogs, ceramic frogs, wooden frogs, frog pins and earrings, frog navel studs, frog legs (hope they keep 'em refrigerated). Me, I'm thinkin' about getting a frog tattoo. My next stop is e-bay to see what collectible stuff like this sells for. GORF may be the world's first frog capitalist.

Mickey said...

Man, I've seen what all the early peace movement collectibles sell for now. Combine that with a "green" spin and you could have your finger on the pulse of the next new beanie babie or action figure collector mania. Not to mention, GORF the frog is a lot cuter than all that Star Trek crap out there.