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ASK/Chicago: She’s Got The Look – Season #2. My Highest Compliment yet received. HMO: Holding My Own.

ASK/Chicago: She’s Got The Look – Season #2. Explanation follows:

DATELINE: Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chicago, IL USA: A funny Thing (certainly unexpected, but pleasantly so) happened to me while biking to the October 5TH Audition of ‘She’s Got The Look’ Model Call that was held at Resolution Digital Studios on the West Side of Chicago – on a lovely Sunday Morning in early October. The Online Ad for this ‘Cattle Call’ stated ‘Women 35 + over.’ That Stat (alone) piqued my Interest. Since I had just turned:

‘Sweet 16 + 40’ ® or 56 on Saturday, August 9TH, I decided to give it a Shot. And, my Try did net incredible and unbelievable Results – even at this Age and Stage of ‘The Beauty & Fashion Industries’ Game’ that are unfolding as you read this News.

A LIFETIME IN THE ‘WORKS’: Surprisingly, it all occurred with barely a Stitch of Make-up on (only Lipstick and Mascara). Oh, by the way, did I mention to you I was, undoubtedly, the only 56 year old who biked the entire Distance of 8.63 Miles (one way non-stop) to the Studio for this Model Call? Yes, I was. Perhaps the Natural Glow did help, too, in the(ir) Final Selection.

Therefore, for any of you Gals ‘out there’ who have the least Bit of Reluctance of not ‘tossing yourself into the Ring’ – think again. If I had not decided to participate, my Autumn of 2008 Big Break could have turned out much differently and not as the High Impact and Turning Point of My Life as it has become.

In other Words, this Page (in My Life) and as a Newsy Human Interest Media Release would not be penned or panned out. Nor would it serve as Inspiration and Motivation to others (of all Ages across The World), which is the One Relevant Point that initially did capture these Judges’ Attention.

THE COMPETITION: Nearly 400 Girls participated of every possible Body/Hair Type & Style possible. Contestants flew in thousands of Miles to ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ -- all vying and hoping to get their ‘Big Break’ and land a Part in this National Reality TV Program that is to air nationally in 2009 on TV Land.

Since I’m more of a Natural Gal in Look, Style and Demeanor, I didn’t wear a Gown (Evening Night or Hospital) or Disco-burning Bright Baubles; High Heeled Stilettos (pinching my Toes) or Silk Pantyhose. Instead, I chose to wore tailored Black Pants, Black Cowboy Boots, a Black Wool Turtleneck Sweater and a fabulous belted Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat that I had purchased (for less than $7 at a local Re$ale Shop) just the Day before.

My ‘Detail To Re$sale’ Blog dated Monday, January 7, 2008 (that will fill you in on the Art + Act of Re$aling a Bundle of Buck$) can be read in its entirety at:

Out of this exquisite Mob of Beauties, possibly 20 Women were selected from The Chicago Delegation that initially waited for hours in order to ‘Strut Their Stuff.’ And: I was one amongst them! Imagine that!

HOW’D I DO THAT? Ten (10) of us (at a time) paraded before the Three (3) Preliminary Judges. I explained in crisp short effective Sentences about my ‘Rare Ability’ to create, promote and launch Holidates (some 1,700 of them spanning 39 diverse Categories since Wednesday, July 25, 1990) that would make:

1) People feel good,
2) build Self-Confidence,
3) appreciate the Present and build towards The Future,
4) exercise their Imagination and
5) allow them to create-on-their-own.

The Concept here was to quickly differentiate yourself from The Pack – to single yourself out. Considering, I undertook this Endeavor on a Wild Fluke, I was totally surprised when they called my Name. That Announcement designated I was to proceed to the Next Level! The other Contestants were asked to leave The Tent. Here I remained (at Age 56) with hardly any Makeup on as a Selectee. How cool is that?

After all, in my immediate Mists were Women 20 years younger than I am/was but I was HOLDING MY OWN.

If ‘Yes We Can’ is the Slogan of the newly-elected Obama Administration, then:


certainly is the Rallying Cry of We Brunette Baby Boomers.

56 (that’s Fifty-Six) and I still got it! I was beaming bright(ly). Actually, I still am beaming today. That ‘Singling Out’ proved that all my years of making ‘The Right Decisions’ proved I had made the Correct Ones.

The Second Part was meeting 3 more Judges (all renown Personalities in their own Right) who would narrow The List more(so) and decide what Selectees would go on to be a Contender in New York City. They were:
Robert Verdi, the Fashion Consultant & Celebrity Stylist of NYC

Sean Patterson, President of Wilhelmina Models, Inc. in NYC &

Beverly Johnson, the Model whose Career spans 40 years

Approximately an Hour later, I was introduced to the 3 Judges. They were first flabbergasted at My Hair – exclaiming it’s the most Hair they have ever seen on one Person. My Auburn Mane is all-natural that was dyed only once (while in High School) and reaches to my Waist. My Leopard Coat (that overtly spells out FUN) also hit a Receptive Chord with The Judges. Within Moments of my Entry into the Room and after a Brief Chat so they could ‘discern my (bubbly) Personality,’ Robert jumped

from The Stage
to The Center
of The Room

where I was standing and addressing The Judges. Had he performed this Acrobatic Feat to any of the other Contestants? I think not. Evidently, I registered as an Approachable Contestant.


I then took my Coat off; let him try it on and he said: “Give me some Hair.” At that Point, being positioned back-to-back, I tossed my glorious Mane over his Bald Head and the Camera Men went nuts. Gushing with Excitement (with what is known as: CAMERA – LIGHTS – ACTION) is the only Way that Moment could have been described.

Could this have been more monumental?

I think NOT.

“After all, these are the priceless Film Clips that $ELL a TV Program, Pilot, Series and Product. It proves Beauty is Ageless. Beauty is Fun. Beauty is not intimidating.”
Quote of: ASK
Thursday, November 6, 2008 – 10:52 AM
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 – 2:06 PM CST

Although I was not chosen for The Show itself, this was the Experience of a Lifetime.

An Interesting Angle on The Beauty Biz:

On Tuesday, October 17, 1989 I flew to Los Angeles from Chicago where the infamous Jon Abeyta refashioned my Make-up and took a Series of Photos that would later be used in my Promotional Pieces. A few weeks later, upon sending those Pictures to every Major American Modeling Agency from Coast-to-Coast, the President of Elite Agency in San Francisco phoned me to inquire. At the time, my Prerogative was to be a Petite Model since I tower at only 5’3” in Stature and weigh 110 Pounds.

When I quite graciously and proudly stated I was: 38 since I figured in 1989 THE WORLD would be ‘ready’ for an Aging Beauty, he huffed, puffed and murmured:

‘Try Commercials.’

Then, he abruptly hung up the Phone. That was the last I heard from him.


Then, upon leaving The Premise one of The Camera Men who was filming my Pre-Speech (before meeting with Robert, Sean & Beverly) handed me his Card and asked me to call him ‘the next day.’

TAKING DIRECTIONS: Being able to take Directions in a single day, I called:

Kevin L. Worthy,
the Executive Producer of HitSquad Productions
in Chicago Ridge

as he had asked me and We met to discuss my Life Story.


‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
(a Title I received from Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine in August, 1997)


‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’
(a Title I received from Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune in January, 2001),

Kevin was evidently interested in the 1,700 HOLIDATES I have created since Wednesday, July 25, 1990. He later stated that I am much, much more than they what they symbolize; the 50 Manuscripts I have penned and the Random Acts of Kindness I have continuously done – often times without any Payback whatsoever. He said MY STORY about how I arrived at my Great Humanitarian Acts via the Creation, Employment & Launch 1,700 HOLIDATES is what ‘The People’ would be most interested in. What shaped me? What made me feel The Way I do and create The Literary Empire that I have built? This is what the Masses would be interested in. It would help them ‘get hold’ of their Lives and give them Structure and Motivation.

Kevin then signed me on to become one of his Humanitarian Documentaries that can be best described as:

A Cross between Ty Pennington’s Extreme Homemaker
Oprah Winfrey’s Big Give.

After all these years of being ‘The Premier Eventologist’ and advancing so many beneficial Causes and Crusades, my Work is now taking a galvanizing New Direction.

Currently, We are ‘hard at work’ on my DVD which will be shopped to various TV Stations and major Institutions to keep ‘The Dream’ alive and to spread my Altruistic Messages further.

Now, moreso than ever with DREAMS of every Variety happening, you, too can get discovered…even in the most unlikely of Places and Times, Leopard Coat or no Leopard Coat – Hair or no Hair!


The enticing Carrot waved in front of these Contestants was a Little Girl’s Dream of:

The Winner receiving $100,000; a Modeling Contract with Wilhelmina Models, Inc. and a Spread in a popular Woman’s Magazine besides being on the TV Program: ‘She’s Got The Look’ for its Second Season.
But in my particular Case, I received so much more. An Ego Boost and Interest from an Industry Professional are worth far more than 6 Figures in my Book(s). My Literary Legacy will last longer than The Year’s long and short Hemlines or flamboyant Fads that lose their Appeal in a New York Heart-Beat.


Being an active A-Type Personality, I am currently also promoting other Beauty & Fashion Industry Projects that I developed and am highly concerned with, namely:

1) National HAIR-itage ® Month ©1994 – highlighting my Hair Secrets, Tips & Advice.

2) ‘Combing Through The Curlz’ ©2006 – my Commentary on having, owning and honing up to Curly Hair.

3) Faux Fur Fridays ©2008 - ignites on Friday, January 2, 2009 and occurs every Friday thereafter.


4) February’s Faux Fur Finish ©2008 – an on-going Eventological Drive & Folly to stop the Perpetuation of Endangered Species, emphasizing the Importance of ‘Going Green.’

5) Biking is my chosen Form of Transportation and plays a vitally FUN-damental Role in keeping me as healthy as ever. The Topic of Bicycling is enormous - one that your Readership and/or Viewers could all relate to. As a constant Biker since Age 6, I began Biking full-time and full-speed ahead as of Tuesday, February 25, 1997. Due to my Steadfastness in this Pursuit, I have successfully taken and kept 4 inches of Fat & Flab from my Hips. Since large Numbers of Folks are obesely overweight with deathly Diseases taking their Toll every year due to conditions associated and exacerbated by too much Weight, I cannot tell you how important this Exercise is to ‘exorcise’ Bad Health Issues and replace them with a Habit that is looked forward to instead.


IF you are interested in spotlighting me as a Feature Story for your Publication and/or Radio/TV/Web Program;

IF you wish to hire me to write about my all-original 36 Beauty & Haute Couture/Fashion HOLIDATES throughout 2009;

IF you are a Sponsor desiring more Details on my 5 other Significant Projects stated above; and/or

IF you need for more Information and Updates about the exciting Hitsquad Production encircling my Life Story (to date),

email me directly at:


I’ll be more-than-happy to keep you apprised of all NEWS as it breaks.

Penned & Released by:

Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what Adrienne writes about…”
AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment ©2002
Chicago, Illinois USA


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