Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O'FOOD ®: Obama's First Order of Duty. Insights by the Daughter of a former IL Politician

Chicago, IL USA: With all eyes focused on Chicago as the Homebase of President Elect, Barack Obama for the next four (4) years, the City Folks have something important to impart that will, of course, bear or act bullishly upon the State of the Nation and World Politics from this Era on.

Since 3rd Grade, my Father Louis N. Koopersmith was Mayor of Mendota, IL. Consequently, for nearly 16 years, I've had my full of Politics, but, nevertheless, I do have significant Comments to make. These will occasionally be found here on this Blog in a Special Section in order to help our Native Son as he focuses on the most important Job of his Lifetime and our Lifetime or what's left of it, besides Parenthood (for those who choose it).

These will be appropriately called: O'FOODs that acronymically stand for:

Obama's First Order(s) Of Duty

and start off with:

1) Adopt more Little Kids that can grow up in The White House. Carefully devise. A Brad-Angelina Bill to complement the Act and Art of Adopting. This Gesture will universally show The Masses that there is more Hope in this Sector that is often overlooked and neglected. In 20 years, the Crime Rate should lessen with more Children being taken off the Streets.

2) Lease Lowell Thompson's Dream Portrait called: DREAMS CAN COME TRUE that was painted by Chicago's Leading Artist, former Ad Man and Creatif for the/your Oval Office. This Painting of Barack is, indeed, the Top Piece ever painted and done of the former Senator - a true Collector's Item - of ObamArt (as it is now classified). It can be viewed at:
The African America Creative Source

You may write to Lowell personally at: lowellt(at)hotmail(dot)com

about securing your own Lithograph of this Monumental Masterpiece that is truly of Museum Quality.

3) Light a Candle of Hope & Salvation in Lincoln's Bedroom in the White House. 2009 marks our 16TH President's 200TH Birthday as well as the Commemoration of The Holidate I created in 1994 entitled: LOST PENNY DAY ©94.

4) Mike Huggins, a financial entrepreneur should be consulted with regarding the Mortgage Crisis and how we can salvage America from the Mess we're now waist-high in. His in-depth Newsletter is obtainable at:

5) Hire Daniel Pinchbeck (bestselling author + writer) as a Cabinet Official as he has an uncanny way of figuring out what dire Situations need.

Certain Ideals have to be maintained while in The Capacity of serving such a prestigious Post and Position. The Burden of Success lies in delegating The Work to the most competent and capable, but never losing Sight on living in The Present Tense. These Top 4 represent a Kickoff that not only the Obama Family can actively participate in, but that every American can do to get the United States united again.

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