Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'I'm ASK & I approve this Blog." How Intl Skeptics' Days ©1995 fuel the Electoral Fires.

Chicago, IL USA:

International Skeptics Days ©1995 is an Eventological Event I created long ago that has pulled its own Weight throughout the Years since its definitive Formation 14 years ago. By just googling The Name, you can clearly see it has made an indelible Mark and Impression on those who are Skeptics, those who aren't and those really can't decide (yet). As Science progresses, the Levels and Degrees of Skepticism grows or shrinks. Like Politics, Change(s) take its own Course.

The Primary Reason International Skeptics Days ©1995 was designated as a Floating Holiday is because of its sheer nature alone. Its Standards pertain to every Day Occurrences.

Today (of all Days in the History of the USA), the Republic of America is voting for a New President and Executive Office like it has never voted before.

Logically, many People are skeptical of the Candidates and what the Future holds (or may not hold). Worse yet, as the Months ahead proceed and roll along, We have no clear-cut Idea what to expect from local, regional and foreign fronts, therefore, Degrees of Skepticism will mushroom as much as the Stress and Distress Levels Americans have escalate.

In anticipation of all this, it's therapeutic to have a Day - to recognize that We are all in this Situation knee-deep or deeper -- when you can take it all in stride. The Trouble with Change is that the Change may not do us any good.

Even before the Disasters America faces were not that bad 14 years ago when I pondered the Formation of International Skeptics Days ©1995, I realized that Politics do not make for great bedfellows:

"Why not make it Election Day," I said to myself when I created this Holidate. "It works. It fits. It's for, of and by The People. Prepositions say it so well. Abe Lincoln would have smiled."

After all, "I'm ASK and I approve this Blog."

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