Saturday, November 1, 2008

ASK's Launch of Intl Complaint Month ©2008. lets you 'let lose.'

DateLine: Saturday, November 1, 2008

TITLE: The Launch of International Complaint Month ©2008. lets you ‘let lose.’

Chicago, IL USA: The Art of Complaining has never been simpler. Thanks, in (whole) part to Richard who (through a Series of Incidents & Observations) figured and found that Complaining was as simple as crying, nagging and throwing Things (as well as Tantrums). The Platform is now officially launched (after a year’s work) that allows Individuals (common, ordinarily People like me and you) to lodge a Complaint, get it off our chests, dissolve it and then continue with our Day without any further Interruptions.

Once an Individual 'gets into the Principles' of International Complaint Month ©2008, they will automatically wonder about:

What President has the biggest Complaints?

What did Jesus complain about?

Did Napoleon complain?

Do men or do women complain more?

Did CaveMan have Complaints?

What Complaints are legitimate and authentic?

Universally speaking, what registers as a Complaint?

LETTING OFF STEAM - electronically:

In earlier times (before Richard was born), Complaints were not often aired. They were the Action to the ReAction of what would happen once a Rage started. Before the Psychiatry of Modern Understanding began, there really wasn’t a Word that defined (and defended) the State People fall (or fell) into when they got to this ‘Edge of The Ledge.’

THE CAUSE? This was because the Selection of Belongings and Possessions the average American now has has never been larger. Living Large is nice, but it does have its Consequences.

REALISTICALLY, if there is a logical Complaint, there usually has to be a Comparison between ‘It’ and another Object in order to see that there is something missing or wrong. Therefore, Complaints are a great Part of the Retail as well as Emotional Well-Being of a Society that is composed of Individual Complainers. It cushions us from possible Accidents, Falls, Pit-Falls or Problems that could happen if an Item was not complained about.

Clinical Psychiatrists may know more about the Act of Complaining and why it’s done. Pioneers as Richard only know that there is a swelling Number of People – not only Americans – who find that Life today is far from the Peaches and Cream – the Fairy Tale Encounters - that We often think We will fall into, if We win the Lottery, if We are left an Inheritance or if the Cards are stacked in our Favor. Richard has found that Complaining needs a Pace (to call home) – online – which is huge when it comes to Square Footage – in which to air and release those Complaints and to raise them to an Art.

After all, not too long ago We found that DNA keeps us connected as People and that Race doesn't really matter. After all, if we all looked the Same, the Environment would appear rather boring. DNA is established as the Life-Thread that ties and binds us all. If one Person has a Complaint on the West Coast, chances are, another Person may feel the same Complaint Miles away, perhaps on the East Coast – or perhaps 1000s of Miles further away across a great Land mass or Ocean. Knowing that Venting and Writing (as a Creative Tool) are cathartic in nature, in 2007 Richard decided to pursue this Topic with a novel Website that he has cleverly named:

However, Today, in America (as well as across The Planet) times have never been tougher. Homes are being foreclosed upon. Food and Gasoline Prices are riding a roller-coaster of epic portions. You needn’t go far to find that a Complaint is not as far-fetched as it used to be. You needn’t even leave your Home (Apartment or Property) to find something to complain about. Complaints are more common and rampant than Compliments. A random Poll concluded and shwoed that 90% of People wake-up witha specific Complaint which certainly doesn't start them off on the right foot. In the Industrialized World, most of these are either Health or Wealth related.

ENTER: that is immensely well thought out. Its Channels (or Categories) give everyone ‘something to say’ or in this case: Something to COMPLAIN about. If Chicken Soup is good for The Soul and Chocolate is good for The Psyche, then, Complaining is good for The Heart, as it helps release vast Amounts of Anger, Dissatisfaction, Confusion and Madness. If this is released (in a Creative Channel, as Writing), then terrible things (in Latin, it’s called: horriblis tantrums) will not occur or will be dimisned significantly. It only makes great Common Logic and Sense to explore your:

Inner Complainant

in order to fully grasp why you find ‘something’ (Person, Place, thing, Experience or Situation ) to complain over, about, around and through.

At this Pivotal Point in this Blog-alogue, it’s necessary to alpha-list the Categories Richard has carefully devised for us. Those include:


Big Business


Boy Friends


Business Opportunities














Girl Friends


Go Green

Health & Fitness

High Schools





Joe The Plumber


Local Issues


Media File Test











Rants & Raves

Real Estate









Seven Deadly Sins

Social Issues

Social Networking




Stock Market





The Best

The Internet

The Worst

Trash Talk


Universities & Colleges


What Say You?


Due to the fact that this Listing is so all conclusive (as a Concept Catalyst), when you (as Joe Plumber or Josephina Public) compose a Complaint, you can cross-register your Concern so that it gets more ‘web-play’ and more BANG for your Frustration. Therefore, it’s important to carefully choose and peruse this List to see HOW and WHERE ELSE your Complaint falls before submitting.

The exciting Thing about Richard’s Website is that it makes for GREAT NEWS. (not only as a neat New Word for Merriam-Webster to pick-up in 2009) can also have a PHE: Positive Healing Effect on its Readers. For Doctors and News-Reporters, acts as WHAT the latest Topic is that needs Attention -- immediate Attention -- as it’s THE PEOPLE who sway and comprise the biggest Percentage of Participants in any given Area. After all, if not for PEOPLE, there would be no Complaints. We have not detected if the Animal Kingdom complains or not. Judging by Pets in the local Park in my Hood, they do have their Ways to 'sway' their Owners, much like a spoiled Child wraps a Parent around his/her finger(s).


Adoption could be added as a Category since Kids and Pets both need good Homes and the Topic needs a larger Platform.

Employment could be added as a Category since so many People are being laid off, fired or just cannot find appropriate (if any) Work.

Landlords could be added as a Category since so many are too lazy to keep a Property neat and respectable.

People who…(want something for nothing).

People who possess (a) Personality Quirk(s) or Trait(s) that overly and overtly exasperates, perturbs and irritates you could be added as a Category because they are at the Root of having a DD: Decent Day.

Respect could be added as a Category because Respect is much more than a Hit Tune that Aretha (Franklin) has popularized.

Travel could be added as a Category. … The Lack of Travel is yet another Category only because prices of hotels, planes, gas are so high, a large fragment of the Population can no longer leave Home.


Will be translated into Chinese & Spanish? We surely hope so. After all, Complaints are an international Enigma, much like Chocolate, Candidates and Cars.

THERFORE, it only seems fair that as:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’


‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’

I share in Richard’s Great Endeavor to help heal The World so that The Complaints We feel today are released, dislodged and unburdened. Maybe your Tomorrow will be brighter, better and subsequently healthier if you openly ‘complain’ today. By announcing and launching a HOLIDATE by The Name of:

International Complaint Month ©2008

that can be done quite easily and hopefully with eye-opening, positive Results.

WHO COMPLAINS THE BEST? This Question is perhaps the most playful one found anywhere on the Web. As a CC: Constant Complainer who relishes in the Act, the following are my Top 100 Complaints accrued the last 56 years of Life. Some you may be familiar with; some may be hidden Personality Irks that are singular to only me; however, one thing is for sure: They are instrumental in how We make or break our Day.

ASK's 1-10 will be posted here by Nov. 15, 2008 lets you ‘let lose.’ It’s probably the Best Rx (Remedy) that’s happened since Sliced Bread and TV Talk Shows became popular. Exploring all The Opportunities that awaits you, join in on The Art & Act of Complaining at:

This Website will absolutely:

1) enthrall you and

2) prove (beyond the Shadow of a Doubt) that Complaining is not only a Method to ultimately ‘make things’ better but it shows that your Parameters are challenged each Day and that Watch Dogs (as We Complainers are) are Part of the Daily Cycle of Human Nature.

Therefore, do not delay, start your Reign to Complain at:


Please join in on The Bandwagon of Complaining during November, 2008, the First Annual Launch of International Complaint Month featuring the Valiant Efforts of One Man who has created a Forum that’s designed for the Inner Complainer - Complainarian in all of us.

Needless to say: Only Time will tell how The Power of a specialized Holidate glorifies The Art of Complaining at this Point in Man's Collective History, through this Economic Upheaval, Richard's Website may be the most inventive and ingenius Way to release Feelings that need to be quelled before the Explosion erupts.

Now all We need is a Website called for all those Folks who have a hankering to ‘blame.’ Or, We could add Blame as a Category…

Posted by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Saturday, November 1, 2008



‘America’s Premier Eventologist’

A Title I received from Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine – Washington, DC – August, 1997


‘The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World’

A Title I received from Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune – Chicago, IL – January, 2001

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