Friday, October 31, 2008

ASK's BIKE-O-WEEN ®: There's no other 'Weigh' to say it...

and to collect Candy than to BIKE around The Hood.

Today is Halloween, a Time when Sweets get in the 'weigh' of our better Health Habits. But there is a healthier 'Weigh' to combat 'the Battle of the Bulges' and that is to BIKE. By making Biking a Regular Part of your Day -- it's not only a wise way to save Money on escalating gas bills (for home and vehicles both), but it can help you shed unwanted pounds -- like Water Droplets rolling off a Duck's Snout. Simultaneously, it eliminates The GUILT that develops when overeating and snacking too heavily become The Norm.

CASE IN POINT: A FEMME FACT that can't be denied:

As a vital Counterpoint of the Bike Brigade, I've been peddling day-in and day-out throughout the metropolitan Chicago Area since Tuesday, February 25, 1997 and have taken over 4 inches of Baby Fat (ie: FLAB) has dissolved.

As of yesterday -- around 7:15 PM in Front of Calvary Cemetery's Gate, I attained 1200 Miles -- all on my newest Bike that was purchased on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2008. That's approximately 8-10 miles daily. Do you want to make yourself feel and look good? Decide if you want your Day to be a Trick or a Treat. By choosing to exercise Today (as well as every Day),


begins to help you 'take shape.'

Feel free to share your Bike Adventures here on KOOPERSMITHin and/or write to me...for more Details on 'weighing' in on The Art & Act of Eating successfully for Biking and vica versa. Biking successfully through the Foods you consume is one healthy Habit that you'll enjoy and will work throughout your Life.

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