Friday, October 24, 2008

Koopersmith's Great American Warm-Up #14: 2 Weeks and counting.

Chicago, IL USA:

As of today, there are only 2 weeks until my GREAT AMERICAN WARM-UP ©1995, one of more popular HOLIDATES takes place, clear across America for those who truly CARE. For those who are unaware of its purpose, it's very simple because Simplicity is Best and easier to carry out.

PURPOSE: Before the Winter officially sets in on December 21, take the time to clean-out your Closets, Drawers, Attics, Basements, Bureaus and under-the-bed (too) for (m)any Items you are no longer wearing. Folks, that means lifting items-off-Floors and reaching high-up on dusty Shelves. This Gear can range from coats to jackets to sweaters to socks to leg warmers to boots to scarves to hats to caps to insulated vests to long underwear.


This Weekend (known as a Floating Holidate in (the Art & Act of) Eventology) is marked as the Hottest Month (in the Northern Hemisphere) - particularly the USA, even though Temperatures many times do not rise above 40 degrees. In accordance with my Meteorologic Logic, although Global Warming is at the other End of the Spectrum, November (also spelled as: NovemBURR) signals the beginning of shorter Days, a looming and long Cold Winter Season, Isolation and dismal days, where Life is rough & brutal. Many People become depressed because of the lack of sun and the aforementioned symptoms of what Winter symbolizes. Not everyone is a Snow-Bunny, Skier or Winter Advocate. But all this can be changed and The Change will have outstanding Benefits for all those who participate.


However, it is much sadder IF you're cold during the Winter.

IF you are Homeless and do not have the proper clothing.

IF you are Poor and cannot afford a Winter Wear & Garb (ie: the proper Attire). Albeit, this does not evaluate the Consequences of GW: Global Warming although it does make a signficant change in our Climate. We are merely planning on keeping Others warm throughout The Winter Months in your Region.

By the same token, IF you are privileged to GIVE, I highly urge you to take the time to participate in:

THE GREAT AMERICAN WARM-Up ©1995 - #14 as of November, 2008.

Therefore, it's a given We Fortunate Ones have The Opportunity to give and give BIG, not alot, necessarily but out of the Goodness and Kindness of our Hearts.

Slated for November 8-9-10 (Friday - Saturday - Sunday)

The GREAT AMERICAN WARM-UP ©1995 (known as: GAWU) is the ideal Period to clean out those ABC: Attics, Bins & Closets and deliver (an Assortment of) Warm Clothes to homeless shelters, salvation army posts, shelters, etc. so that those needier-than-you can have something substantial and warm to wear when the Weather becomes severe.

Adrienne begins: "I launched this HOLIDATE in 1995 as an Act of Pure Kindness Americans of every Creed & Color can all participate in. Whether We give by donating a Pair of Mittens, a Wool Coat or a Plaid Scarf, it is an Article of Clothing that was delivered to Someone who just was not able to obtain it on his/her own. With an ailing Economy that is spinning out of control, even the most common of items are sometimes unattainable. This is (y)our Way of 'Giving Back.'"

The GAWU is a Cleansing - it's a Blessing. Who could "ASK" for more, especially when you never know what's in store...and behind that closet door!

Eventology is a Literary Style + System in hosts 1,700 all-original Holidates have been formulated since Wedneday, July 25, 1990 @ 9:45 PM in order to make Life more livable, pleasing, satisfying, happy and beneficial to others and therefore, Our Selves. Falling into 39 distinct Categories, there is something for Everyone to probe and to participate in - with as many as 7-8 Holidates falling each Day. Because of its Immenseness, Scope and Popularity, ASK (Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith) has been labeled as:

'America's Premier Eventologist'
By Gene Koprowski - Insight Magazine - Washington, DC - August, 1997


'The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World'
By Eric Zorn - The Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL - January, 2001

"Exploring Eventology is a Sensation for all The Senses to have, behold, share and ultimately pass along."

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Friday, October 24, 2008 - Upon my Mother's 80TH Birthday)

Eventology & Holidates.
All Rights Reserved

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