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10-9-8: The Official Countdown to ASK's Pet Peeves Month: October 10 - November 10, 2008

Chicago, IL USA: Eventologically, it's the Month for Pet Peeves - not that anyone is really FOR Pet Peeves, but it's always healthy to get them 'out there in the open' so that the Frustration that they bring and wrought to each of us can be ironed out. Here in the Northern Hemisphere of North America - Chicago, precisely where my Eventological Headquarters is based, this is the best Possible Period:

From October 10 - November 10

because the Weather is changing. Many people in these Parts become complainers as the Weather - besides the Defects of Global Warming - for those who DO believe in its dire Consequences take AIM at how much snow will fall; how far the temperatures will drop and how many snow days will school officials call so that parents have to entertain their Kids while being at home. Bring on the Pet Peeves. The Time is ripe. We all have them.

Therefore, to jumpstart the PET PEEVE ROLL, I've decided to air mine. None (I should warn you) are political in nature since this is the Wind-Down of the Political Campaign in the USA and the start-up of a new Democracy, but Three (3) Pointers are peeving the Day Light and Moonlight out of me, 24/7. Those are:

NBC TV Reporters have a terrible habit to break. When introduced by an in-station anchor, they begin their report by saying: "Well, Good Morning." Mr. Kerry Sanders who was stationed in Orlando, Florida said this just this morning. Kim Vadis (who is otherwise a sensational and thorough Reporter based in Chicago) has this Tendency upon each and every story that she opens with. Since Kim is a night owl - she gets most of the 'dreaded' stories to cover. A simple 'Good Morning' would suffice from both. There may be others that I haven't seen yet. Why they have to interject: WELL into a 'well' -- quite unclear to me.

AFTER-THOUGHT: There are NO wells about it. Morning is morning...only Artesians are concerned with well, not your viewers who want a concise story with no added 'throw-off' words'.

Whether you're a Celebrant of Christmas or not; whether you plan on spending a large or decent amount of money on your 2008 Christmas Gifts or not (due to hard eco-times), there is no good reason except GREED why Retailers (at all levels) have their Christmas Items in the Stores in Mid-September. No real Christmas Spirit exists it was in the 1800s when there was really nothing more to fear than Fear itself. It's been gone for some time. So, to squeeze out another nickel from a suffering Family is the most horrific Sale Tactic I have seen yet. With so many families losing their homes to foreclosures, where is the sympathy that should be extended to them? This VO: Valued Opinion is not to take into consideration all the Gifts that are returned after the Holiday beginning on December 26 known as Box Day (which is, by the way, not one of my Eventological Holidates). That, again is yet another 'facet' of PET PEEVE 2.

Nebraska has a Safe Haven Law for Children who are in Crisis. Just this Week, entire Families are being dumped in The State with no Prosecution being extended towards their Parents. Although the reports say this is primarily enacted for Infants by teen mothers who cannot care for them. My Opinion (from a non-parent angle) is that this Law is absolutely terrific. Every State should have and uphold this Sanction. For stressed-out parents who have 'no other way out,' it is the best for the Abandoned Child. The Bottom Line has always been:

Some People should be parents.
Some people should not be parents.

Difficult situations happen that cannot be ironed out. For those who should not be Parents, they may find this out too late. Think of this Situation this way:

If the Opening News Story for the day opened with a title as:

"Distrought Father went BULLET-istic and wiped out his entire Family and took the Life of his Sleeping Wife (as well),

would We (as a community, block or neighborhood) not feel alot worse? Would We have felt as neighbors that We should have seen what was happening behind closed doors in their household? Most neighbors do feel this way.

Where there is Life, there is always a safe, peaceful and warm place for these Children to go. Let's not forget: The only reason a Child was born (in many sad instances) was that it was a Night of Drunken Sex. Nine Months later, there is an added Burden born into the World that sometimes, just cannot be handled by an infantile 'Parent' who is nearly as young as that newborn Babe. That's what the Media has called:


That Entity is called a CHILD. Child Abuse is something else. I prefer this new kind of anti-DUMPSTER Love to be enacted in each State of the Union. Instead of finding the Body of a Child (or Teen) even in a Dumpster, take him/her/them to a Safe Haven. It's probably the most sane act Family Welfare can do for those so afflicted.


And, there you have it: My Top 3 PET PEEVES for 10-9-8:
The 10TH Month
The 9TH Day
The 2008 Year.

It's a matter of Opinion if we've become less civilized in our Ways the last Fifty (50) Years, but we certainly do have enough PET PEEVES derived from all the Choices We have (and We have to make, take or leave behind) to address before they develop into Real Problems as these.

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