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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith: Online Resume

Chicago, Illinois USA

KOOPERSMITHin’ ®, my Blog (as picked up by Forbes in April, 2008) is found at:

OBJECTIVE: To aid, guide and consult in the creation, writing, education and promotions/marketing of people, places, companies, products, concepts and objects. This position of responsibility, challenge and versatility would utilize my experience in a multitude of professional areas. My Background includes: Advertising, Banking/Finance, Catering/Food Service, Creative Writing/Editing, Law, Public Relations & Entertainment, Radio, Sales & Television.


The formation of Koopersmith’s Global Communications began in 1979. The Motto is: “People read what Adrienne writes about…”

As a full-service, multi-level PRAM: Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Service, customers and clients have included:

American Medical Association
Ark Group, Inc.
Artropolis, 2007
Chicago Intl Toy & Game Fair
Chicago Music Coalition
Draper Daniels Advertising
GORF Werks Central
Great Expectations
Herbert vanStephens Haute Couture
Hofstadter & Associates
Hotels by
Lazaro Fashions/NYC
Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
Live Earth (via former vice President Al Gore)
Maloney Appraisal Co.
Material Service Co.
MOCCA/New York City
Myers and Associates
Northwestern University
Porteus Group (The)
Sears Bank
The Baby Cindy Foundation
The Oak Trust & Savings Bank
The Paul Michaels Group
Upshot Marketing
Via Max (NYC)
WFYR Radio
Yellow Pages of Rock (Los Angeles, CA)
Zeba Cosmetics

“We do promotions ‘write’.” Effective utilization includes the Internet (known as: Word of Mouse), colorful Guerrilla Marketing Strategies, writing and distribution of pertinent Media Releases, customization, launching of original Events and Slogan Creations to communicate the client’s goals and administration of writing, editing and ghost-writing books for authors and placing material for (both) uninformed and in-the-know clients.


Establishing a recognizable Name, Reputation and prolific Writing Style, KOOPERSMITH has spoken on (at least) 3,000 Radio Programs across the World and on local ABC, CBS & NBC TV and on Olga-TV in London, England. Articles about her Writings grace the Pages of the following Publications:

USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN: The Magazine, Redbook, More Magazine, Woman’s World, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Village Voice, Nickelodeon, The Time Picayune, The Gainesville Sun, The Springfield News-Leader, Dave Egger’s Might Magazine, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Daily Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Advocate/Greenwich Times, The San Antonio Express, The Dallas Morning News, Skyline, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Daily Northwestern, Popular Photography & Imaging, Shutterbug, Kennedy’s Confection (London, England), Eric Cohen Books (Israel) and an Estonia Newspaper as well as an endless Assortment of Websites and Blogs.


- Types 92 WPM.

- Author of 50 Books/Manuscripts/Articles.

- Guest on over 3,000 Radio Talk Shows, globally, as well as ABC, NBC, CBS and other Stations for her Contribution to the Promotions and Visibility of Contemporary Literature and Popular Culture. With this plethora of Media Attention, your Industry can also benefit by utilizing her services.

- Performs Community Service and Volunteer/Charity Work weekly; gives back to The Community.

- Creator of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991; Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001; Cartoonists Against Obesity ©2003 and AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & enrichment ©2002.

- ABC: Adrienne’s Book Critiques & Adrienne’s ©2001, a division of Koopersmith’s Global Communications designed to assist the upcoming and established Author/Writer. The BUZZ-O-GRAM ® is a publication that focuses on the latest BUZZ for clients wanting to make an additional impact on the Media and set his Name in motion.


Graduate of Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
(Magna Cum Laude. Sociology & Fine Arts. B.A.)

Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby, Illinois
(Liberal Arts)


“Adrienne, you are sitting on a goldmine,” Miles Okamura (attorney/friend) said reviewing my Material in 1993.

“Adrienne, you are too creative,” Alan Maites of Robinson-Mates, a marketing company, headquartered in Chicago (circa: August, 1994).

In January, 1998, a staff producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show phoned me after I appeared as a ‘Feature’ in Woman’s World, a national magazine that also spotlighted Ms. Winfrey. Later that week, a courier picked up my Press Kit to deliver to Harpo Studios.

Ketchum Public Relations/Chicago lists me as: “One of the Top Think Tank Leaders in the Chicago Community.”

In the early 1990s, Pop Artist and an internationally recognized Design Icon, Peter Max of New York City had publicly cited me as the most ‘Creative Person in Chicago’ that he knows.

‘Wow, you’re a Magician in writing. It sounds sooo good now. I don’t think I need to do anything else.” Quote of: Val: Lan Hoang Vu, Viet Nam’s Leading Illustrator. Thursday, July 18, 2002.

In early 2005, Christopher Forbes (Vice Chairman of Forbes, Inc. in Manhattan) wrote to me, stating: “Adrienne, not only are you a Koopersmith, but a brilliant Wordsmith.”

In April of 2005, Stephen Riggio, Vice Chairman & CEO of Barnes & Noble, Inc., (New York City) emailed me, paraphrasing: “…I recognize that you are trying to crate something very unique…”


The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England has selected ASK many times for the Salutations of:

One of the Top 2000 Designers and Artists of the 20TH Century
One of the Top International Women of 2000-2001
One of the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20TH Century
One of the Top 1000 Great Americans
Dictionary of International Biography – 30TH Annual Edition
One of the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21ST Century


Strathmore’s Who’s Who of 2002-2003
Seak National Directory of Experts: Non-Medical Edition ™

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

PART 2: The Creative Sector of ASK

A Complete Literary Library of:
50 Masterpieces & Literary Accomplishments1990-2007

1. AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment ©2002The Print Media proclaims ASK as ‘The New 34 @ 54’(Maturity Today – Las Vegas – November, 2006)

2. ASK’s Top ‘Sweet 16’ Sweets List ©2004-2007

3. Bearly Pink ©2002-2003

4. BUZZ-O-GRAM ©2003 (Daily + Weekly Editions). Blog-Oriented

5. Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001Cartoonists Against Obesity ©2003

6. Cave Man Never…©1991A Cartoon Character & his Cave Man Never-isms (One Line Zingers telling the Differences between living Life in Prehistoria compared to Living in Modern Times). The Spin-Off being the Humanitarian Crusade: Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991. Ideal for Calendars

7. Chairs + ©1999-2000“The Chair + The Table – Salutatory Expressions”An Insider’s Study When ‘Considering Beginnings’

8. Chicagology 101:® ASK’s Travel Blog (published on the Hotels by Website) highlights every Aspect about Chicago and its People from a Pop Culture Angle (appearing online Tuesdays and Friday). Featuring: Compatistrology ®. Located at:

9. Cookin’ With The CharactersTooning Into A Downhome, Tasty Recipe Cookbook ©2003Based on Cartoonists Against Obesity ©2003

10. CURLZ: ©2006Koopersmith’s Kommentary on The Art + Act of having, owning and honing up to Curly Hair, month in and month-outInspired by ASK’s HOLIDATE: International HAIR-itage ® Week ©1994

11. Desperate Girlfriends ©2005Featuring SWAM: Single Women Against Marriage

12. Devon and The Dog Days of Summer ©1998

13. DI-gital DI-nosaur: The First COM.ic Art Contest ‘To DI For!”©2000

14. DIM$: Does It Make $ense? ASK’s Commentary focused upon: Waste in America while (some) poverty-stricken Americans go hungry, homeless and jobless.

15. EAT-Vent-O-Pedia: 1998. ©1998Featuring 333 EAT-Vents defined as Food (r)elated Events

16. EVENT-O-PEDIA: 1997. ©1997Featuring 1,500 HOLIDATES (that fall into 34 precise Categories) originated, created and promoted by ASK

17. EVENTOLOGY ®: The First Seventeen Years. A Scope and Birds-Eye View of HOLIDATE-Making in the 21ST Century ©1990-2007

18. Fall, Raindrops Fall ©2003

19. For Every…©1994 + ©1999

20. Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bicyclist ©2002/2003

21. GORF: The Making & Marketing of a Pop Icon
Featuring: GORF (The 24.5” Plush Stuffed Toy FROG with the 11” Grin) and these pertinent Writings:

a) BOB-bing For Love ©2005

b) GORF’s Poetry Book ©2005

c) GORF’s Recipe Cookbook featuring FROG Legs ©2005

d) The GORFictionary ® ©2005-2006

e) GORF-isms: Book of Ribbiting Quotes ©2005

f) The GORF Code: A 950 Page Manuscript of Strategies focused on the International Marketing Promotional Aspects of Pop Culture through The Eyes of GORF ©2005

g) GIA: GORF-In-Action Photographs (ie: photoGORFs). 2005 – Present

h) Mytho-GORF-y ®: Classical Fairy Tales about GORF and his Animal Friends penned by ASK & ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER, KEEPERS OF THE FROG, GORF from 2006-2016 eventologically slated as: The Decade of the FROG with GORF officiating

i) GORF-O-Metrics ® ©2005. GORF + Isometrics. How to bike your Way into Optimal Health with GORF, ADRIENNE & ROBERT

j) GORF’s CAR-MA ® ©2006

k) Celebrating GORF-O-Ween ® ©2005 with Count GORF-ula on GORF-O-Ween (formerly known as Halloween). Second Booklet produced in 2006.

l) Introduction of 10 new GORF-inspired HOLIDATES for 2007

m) GORF’s Black & White Coloring Book ©2006

n) ECO-GORF: Writings about the Crisis of Global Warming as seen through The Ruby Red Orbs of GORF, a Species that has inhabited Earth for 217,000,000 years. GORF is poised and promoted as 'Chicago’s First Green Mascot' and 'The Icon of The Green Movement'

o) Signs of Our Times: GORFian Posters & Handbills as seen on ABC, NBC & CBS.

p) GORF’s Reasons For The Seasons: Countdown Till Spring, 2007

q) The Art Mediums of CollaGORF, ® GORF-iti ® & photoGORFy ®

r) GORF’s Paper Doll Costumes. Thirty (30) Haute Couture Outfits that could turn any FROG into a Prince or vica versa.

22. He Said. She Said. A Guide To Writing Better Conversation & Dialogue ©2005
Featuring: Ban Said Days ©2005
(Endorsed by Stephen Riggio, CEO/Vice Chairman of Barnes & Noble in New York City and Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing in Manhattan)

23. He Who Eats CandyHighlighting 192 of the Top Candy + Sweets’ Producers of the 21ST Century: The CANDY-O-PEDIA ©2004-2005

24. Homeless TV

25. The 50’s Annual Series (an AFSEE ® Spin-Off) including:
“I’m 50 & I Gotta Boyfriend” ©2002
“I’m 51 & I Gotta Boyfriend” ©2003
“I’m 52 & I Gotta Boyfriend” ©2004
“I’m 53 & I Gotta Boyfriend” ©2005

“I’m 54 & I Gotta Boyfriend” ©2006

26. I’m Telling You:10 Additions The Ten Commandments Didn’t Tell You About Life ©2005

27. Leonnoel ©2004

28. Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Ice CreamInterpretations About Our Favorite Timeless Dessert ©2002With 2003-2013 eventologically celebrated as:THE DECADE OF EVERYTHING ICE CREAM ©2002

29. A Salute to President Abraham Lincoln’s 200TH Birthday on Thursday, February 12, 2009. Begun in 2004.Based on ASK’s Popular HOLIDATE: Lost Penny Day ©1994

30. Mommy Tells Me So…©2005

31. NoFo: NOrth of FOster ©2002

32. QA: Quoting Adrienne ©1979-2007. Weekly Updates

33. Recollections of A First Love ©1984-2003Koopersmith’s Holocaust Portrayal

34. Sony and Her Magical Towel ©2003

35. Talkin’ Tuna…Tuna Talk ©2003

36. The Ark ©2003(The Canterbury Tales Rewritten in ©2003)

37. The Book of Nevers ©1999

38. The Book of Smiths ©1995Based on ASK’s Popular HOLIDATE: National Smith Day ©1995

39. The Bird Who Didn’t Learn How To Fly ©1998

40. The Damned Spookiest Story of Them All ©2003

41. The Gingerbread House That The Tooth Fairy Built ©2004

42. The Official Cows on Parade ™COW-venir Marketing & Me-MOO-rial Book ©1999

43. The Paperless Society ©2000

44. The Peace Speech ©2002Based on Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001

45. The Squirrel Stories’ Series ©2002-2003

46. The Quad-Pak Series of ‘CAUGHT ON’ ©2001-2002-2003-2005
Four Children’s Stories about Animal Rescue (A Bird, Mouse, Worm & Opossum) performed by (the) Human Hands of ASK

47. Weekly Companion (The) ©2001

48. Who’ll Be The Next Victim? ©1993

49. Why Writers Write ©2000

50. Project: XYZ ©1999


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