Saturday, October 25, 2008

An AFSEE Moment: Ageless-In-Chicago. Turning 80. The Ultimate Present

Chicago, IL. My Dear Mother turned 80 years old yesterday. I asked her what she got herself as a Present, reminiscent of a truly vulgar Quote my Father made to her when she turned 40 on October 24, 1968.

He had said: "I'm going to trade you in for two 20's."

Crude Comments like that are something that are never forgotten, but they can be modified or ADRIENNE-ized as I like to call it to ease the pain and find some semblance of Humor. Comedy is all within the Flip of a Coin.

Therefore, when I emailed Mother earlier this morning, I asked (which are my G-d Given Initials anyway and the ones she gave me 56 years ago):

"Mom, did you get 2 40's or 4 20 year olds?"

She would know exactly what I meant!

Now, I sent her that note about 20 minutes ago. For her age, she is extremely cool. She has been online for 10 years now, always keeping up with modern technology, fashion and health.

The Reason I've not heard from her is that she is probably sitting there "busting a gut" as that comment was so funny. may very well be 'the OR...' Let's hope so!

REVERSING THE TABLE: Oh, how do I plan on celebrating my 80TH Birthday which will be happening in 24 more years -- circa August 9, 2032...

By 4 20's, of course. And they'll be born (of course - if I am doing the MATH WRITE) in 2012.

Now, that's an AFSEE Moment for you! After all, how do YOU spell:


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