Friday, November 21, 2008

KOOPERSMITHin celebrates its First Year Anniversary Today on 11-21-2008!

DATELINE: Friday, November 21, 2008

Chicago, IL USA: It's hard to believe it's already been a full year since I began writing this Blog. As most People say: "It just seems like yesterday!" 366 Yesterdays ago (at that) since 2008 was greeted by a Leap Day in late February. In Celebration of this Monumental Date that produced 114 Blogs covering a vast plethora of Pop Culture Concepts, the following Media Release is launched to address a Critical Issue that I've been developing for the last Three (3) Years. The Time is now ripe for its Kickoff.

For those who have followed KOOPERSMITHin, thank you very much for your Interest, Time and Support. We wish you well on your Journey and Reading Experiences.

What follows is that News Brief for you to ponder, act and react:





DATELINE: November 21, 2008

Chicago, IL USA: The Concept for FAUX FUR FRIDAYS ©2008 originally stemmed from an Outside Agent, GORF, hailed as ‘The Icon of the Green Movement’ and ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot.’ As a robust 24.5” TOY FROG (after all, GORF is FROG back-words) with an infectious 11” Smile that stops People immediately in their Paths, THE FROG is currently not the only Species on the Endangered Species List that is becoming rarer as The Days transcend into History. As a Species that has outlived the Almighty Dinosaur, the Fragile FROG is 217,000,000 years old, yet it is Our Generation that is seeing their Demise - Extinction, the imminent Factor of erasing a Civilization.

‘THE GRIN REAPER ®’ (as I affectionately nicknamed GORF) stands as the Symbol for informing all Peoples that the Earth itself is a Living Species that is experiencing difficult Times presently with a Cloudy Forecast for the Times ahead. The Tables have now drastically turned, leaving The World suffering a great (never before encountered) Recession that hovers close to a Global Depression. LESS is becoming ‘The New MORE.’

No Front is being spared. Sadly, these Findings include LESS Species to study, learn and admire. Although it may sound sappy, as Partners on our Planet, The Animals, too, are suffering great, irreparable Losses. Extinction is F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Looking around us across the Earth, We find that:

Homes are in Foreclosure. Pets are turned away. Some Animals go to Shelters.

Many Shelters euthanize.

People are not eating. Pets are neglected. Populations are starving.

Zoos are downsizing. Animals are being neglected.

People are in heightened States of Stress and Anxiety.

This State is also being seen in the Animal Kingdom.

Landmasses are shrinking. Habitats are lost forever.

As Man himself struggles to survive under strange(r) and unexplainable Conditions, the extra Monetary Means (that is no longer available) to care for other Species (Household or Domesticated as well as Zoological & Natural Species) is abruptly cut-off or just no longer exists. This Action hastens their Breeds into Extinction (especially on this polluted Planet), combined with Global Warming and the ominous Effects it is having on their Habitat. The Glaciers & Icebergs are melting. The Rain Forests are being chopped down. Wild Forest Creatures (as Deer, Bears, Opossum & Raccoons) are seeking Refuge in Inner Cities where once they never roamed, looking for a Scrap to eat.

This Common Sense Knowledge has not been thoroughly explored or fully addressed yet by The Media, although Scientists know what is lurking ‘Outside’ our Comfort Zone. Being in a State of Denial never helps. Thinking this Complex Situation will disappear on its own is absurd.

GORF acts as a Wake-Up Call to immediately LEAP into Action in order to prevent more Desolation, Turmoil and Havoc.

As The Ball of Life unravels every Day in a Domino’s Effect, We are seeing The Aftermath of what Greed, Avarice & Waste have caused - not only for Man, but for The Animals and The Planet itself. We are all linked together. Moats & Castle Walls cannot keep Reality out or at bay. In Months from now, when Survival (for many) will equate to Food and a Roof over One's Head, then perhaps We will see The Evil of Our Ways. But that again, is yet another Topic to unearth.

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: In the meantime, to pass The Time and feel that We are being Good Samaritans, Servants or Stewarts of The Earth, taking the Time to help The Creatures is a fulfilling Way to ‘Give Back.’ Returning to an earlier and easier Era (before this unwieldy Worldly Crisis overtook us) is a creative, decisive and beneficial Course to put Life into Perspective. Life is for living healthily and wisely for all Earth’s Creatures, not just a Chosen Few.

THE KOOPERSMITHIAN PLAN: On Friday, January 28, 2005, I purchased GORF & launched a 10-Year Humanitarian Campaign called:

THE DECADE OF THE FROG with GORF officiating.

This Period began in Sunday, January 1, 2006 and terminates in Saturday December 31, 2016. There are Thirteen (13) Crusades encompassed in GORF’s Sphere of which ECOLOGY & NATURE are the Key Players. Educational & Altruistic in Format and Structure, in mid-February 2006, I coined the Title:


when he appeared at Public Receptions clad in FAUX FUR TRIMMINGS all purchased in the Child’s Department of Chicago’s Leading Re$ale Boutiques. Re$ale Shopping is the Best Method I have discovered to SAVE THE GREEN & ‘GO GREEN’ all in One Convenient Stop, exercising One Fell Swoop. A Series of colorful PHOTOGORFS (GORF Images, that is) show ‘THE GRIN REAPER’ dressed in Leopard-Wear (lovely Leopard Regalia – however you prefer terming it), which is One of my most Favorite Pattern. A FROG Toy flamboyantly dressed in Leopard Spots? An Understanding between Felines and Amphibians. How adorable and delightful is that? This is The Message of Unity that needs to be spread.

Therefore, it only seems ‘natural’ that FAUX FUR FRIDAYS ©2005/2008 be extended as a Weekly Event since The Topic is ‘crucial and critical to The Survival of Our Planet’ – 'Home Sweet Home.'

In 2008, as 'The Records’ broadcasted that more Devastation (involving Nature & Economical) was occurring on The Planet, I shortened the HOLIDATE to FAUX FUR FRIDAYS’ FOLLIES ©2008. With the Influx of Interest rising, THE EVENT is taking on a Life of its very own! Mass Appeal fuelled by Action yields Beneficial Results that need to be cemented into Place.

To keep the Momentum ribbiting, GORF is scheduled to make Personal Appearances during the 52 EVENTS that are slated during 2009.

CONTACT INFO: To inquire about Sponsorship, Bookings, Personal Appearances, Art Receptions & +Book Signings, etc., email me directly at:


Stay tuned for more Revelry & Updates by viewing my Blog, KOOPERSMITHin’ ® (that was been picked up by in May, 2008) at:

STAY TUNED: Watch how ‘TEAM GORF’ & I will transform a select Number of Traditional Holidays-Seasons, namely:

Ground Hogs' Day on February 2
Valentine's Day on February 14
The First Day of Spring on March 21
The First Day of Summer on June 21
Independence Day on July 4
The First Day of Autumn on September 21
Sweetest Day on October 17
Halloween on October 31
Thanksgiving on November 26
The First Day of Winter on December 21

and twist them into the Haute Couture FAUX FUR FOLLIES' Theme throughout 2009.

After all, if:
you live on Earth,
are an Animal Lover,
are a TOY Aficionado and/or Collector,
like Leopard Spots,
have a Heart,
are concerned about our Future,

then, my FUR-REAL HOLIDATE is earmarked (in Leopard Print, of course) for you!


GORF Werks Central
Chicago, Illinois USA


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