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ECO-Christmas ©1994 redefined. 15 Years in The Making: The latest Edition.

SUBTITLE: We’ve come unwound…

Chicago, IL USA: It always surprised me as ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ and ‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’* that as greater numbers of people were being laid off, the pieces and quantities of items – referred to as MATERIAL POSSESSIONS continued to climb.

As a leading Humanitarian whose create 1,700 HOLIDATES to actively DO to make our Life better, it seemed highly appropriate that ‘Charity begins at home.’ At this time, also, THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS – no matter what your Faith may be (if any), begins at home. Since I was born (in August of 1952), the Spirit of Christmas was shrouded in giving FROM the Wallet and not from the Heart. This Act(ion), of course, is wrong. As the World Situation is rapidly deteriorating, Retailers would cut a deal for select items, but The Standard of Living was not as complex as it is now. Today, 15 years after my Creation of ECO-Christmas ©1994 all Holiday Shopping begins in mid-September and Black Friday discounts start right after Halloween.

EXPLANATION: Now, my self-created HOLIDATE known as: ECO-Christmas ©1994 is not what it appears to be like (in name only). The Day itself was slated for December 26 and was a Date when Prices were permanently slashed 50-75%. This appeared to be The Best Time to Shop. It definitely was for me. Going shopping after the Traditional Holiday brought in more and greater Deals for the conscientious Consumer as well as taking ‘The Stress’ off from vying and competing Retailers – where Throngs of hurried Shoppers were positively MAD in their relentless pursuit of buying some item that they really may not need (now – in the future OR ever).

Endless Variations of ECO-Christmas ©1994 can occur year round, especially so when a major Holiday that relies on Commercialism presents itself. I, as a bona fide THRIFTenarian (one who is as thrifty as can be in all my purchases from A-Z), came from a Family of Scrap Dealers. And, wealthy Scrap Dealers at that. Each slice of metal found on the ground equated to a few cents. And, mark my words, these mounted up. Besides that, picking up scrap/scrap metal secured a cleaner and less polluted Environment. It was certainly a Win-Win Situation, the best kind to have and the leading way to raise Children.

“Today, the Money you save is the Money you may not have tomorrow.”

That twisted Statement proved too correct the last several months when millions of People lost Fortunes that they will never totally regain. This was earmarked as:

Money for college educations;
Money for old age;
Money for unexpected sicknesses;
Money for a new home
and the list is endless.

That Thought is what got credit card holders to live beyond their Wildest Dreams and accounts for the dire economical state the Industrialized World is in today. Although DOING WITHOUT is fundamentally better, stimulating and consumption makes the Economy hum by putting people to work so they can produce those goods and evidently, afford to live a worthwhile life. Moderation must be found between The Two.

However, don’t be shy. Take the lead and take a look around your Block. Read Newspapers and Magazines that are leading Indicators. Venture around the Globe and spot a Crusade that tears your Heart out – one that you can identify with for any reason. Chances are, your Contribution will immediately make a Positive Effect in those Person’s Lives. Yes, Today, the Money you save is the Stimulus to secure another Person’s Tomorrow.

Needless to say, Retailers (those who remain steadfast throughout this economical downslide) will continuously have Sales in order to lure and draw-in Customers to their store(s). That's the Nature of The Beast.

“Perhaps this Christmas (for once) will be about the Real Meaning of The Season…that’s One Thing money can’t buy.”

Sunday, November 30, 2008 – 9:11 AM CST

Why not thoroughly discuss with your Loved Ones that the true Spirit of Giving does not lie under a well-lit, highly ornamented and colorful fir tree or glowing Hanukah Menorah. Estimate the Amount of Money you would spend as a Collective Whole and donate this entire Mass to a Good Cause – perhaps AIDS – as Madonna is doing with her Awareness & School Building Program. DOING is The Message. After all, if you’re healthy, you are rich in ways that Money cannot buy. As most of my Koopersmithian HOLIDATES proclaim and strictly refraim:

"Celebrate all year long with your Heart and not your Purse."

And to paraphrase the Big Guy at the North Pole: “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Eco-Christmas ©1994 to One & All…”


*ASK’s EDITORIAL NOTE: Titles derived from:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ – Insight Magazine – Washington, DC – August, 1997


‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’- The Chicago Tribune – Chicago, IL – January, 2001

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2008 - 2:02 PM CST

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