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January 1, 2009 - Playing it SAFE in 2009

Chicago, IL USA

Nearly 30 years after his death, I found that my Grandfather had kept bags of money in the bsement of his home...never daring to go too far; traveling or vacationing anywhere. This may be the new scenario and Americans can no longer trust anyone-- not even their shadow. I found this quite inquisitive as my Grandfather had a very lucrative business. We were considered rich - within the top3 families while growing up in a small farming community 100 miles SW of Chicago.

Being from the old world, he was skeptical...

After his and his wife's death, 2 big bags of money were retrieved from the basement. Dirty money as it sat in the mustiness of that sodden old home, some 80 years old; and this was 40 years ago.

Sort of makes you wonder. Will home safe's be the latest trend? Am I on to something? If Americans had money to store in them, that would be an entirely different blog...

of course, you could stow away your CREDIT CARDS - that will keep you from spending MORE than you have...

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