Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kimberly's Cakes: Pride in a Single Recipe.

Chicago, IL USA: As I stood in the utter cold temperatures at the Howard El-Train Stop waiting for the Purple Line Linden Train to pull up on the last day of 2008 (yes, that would be Wednesday, December 31ST), two young Women were busy chatting away. One held a huge Tupperware Cake Box and you instantly knew that at her office, a Party would begin as soon as she entered the grounds.

Inquisitive and being a Cake Enthusiast for over 56 years now...I had to comment. I would soon learn that Kimberly had been baking cakes for more than half of her life. She began baking at the age of 12 and now at a ripe 29, she instantly could tell (by taste) alone what cakes were made by scratch and which were of a quick cake mix variety.

The more Kim commented on her LOVE of Baking Cakes, notable Cakes rapidly came to mind, as:

My Mother's Tollhouse Cookie Cake that was of the Recipe that the actual Chocolate Chip Cookies were composed, but only in grand Cake-Style;

Mrs. Brown's angelic Angel Food Cakes (circa the 1960s in Mendota, IL) where she put half-a-dozen kids through school on her home-made delicious Angel Food Cakes. Made of egg whites, that totalled alot of eggs (to say the least). This was when Kitchen Crafts as these were beginning to take off on their own ambition and wizardry.

While working at WFYR Radio, Roz Varon (a co-worker) melted the hearts and increased the waist-lines of all employees with her home-made, made-by-scratch Birthday Cakes. No one could bake a cake like Roz...

Wilton Cake Pans were one of my Hits or Favorites when I first moved to Chicago in mid-1974. Their Dolly Cake Pan fascinated me and I baked one cake that could have been award winning. It was of my 'then' Boyfriend, Julian Puretz...coated in frosting, dressed in his tell-tale blue jeans, gray t-shirt and for his eyes 2 topaz caramel colored bulls-eye candies. It surely looked like him, although the taste was much sweeter.

Kimberly and her Cake brought back a plethora of Memories...about Cakes, the years that pass between them and the fact that by taking out some Precious Time to feed Others, you two are indeed 'having your Cake and eating it, too.'

Happy New Year's to one and all...Fans and Friends both who have read and enjoyed the Pages of


here this year. Party like it's 1999 + 9 and for real...may all your Future Days and Dates be as sweet as Kimberly's Cake.

DecemBURR 31, 2008 - 1:25 PM CST

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