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ASK on: What Lowell has to say...Round 3 when it means more than BUYING THE COVER.

Chicago, IL USA:

I'm very happy to know one of the brainiest and brawniest of America's Greatest Advertising Personalities - the legendary Mr. Lowell D. Thompson...of Chicago.

ITH: In The Hierarchy: There's Obama - Oprah and Lowell...or should we 'irish-icize' his name and place an O in front of it? You decide!

Ethnicities aside - since that will drum up some sentiments and sediments -- from other factions, Mr. T. has a blog - altho it is more appealing than all others called:


where he rates books and magazines' covers. Why? Because he has a VO: Valued Opinion. And like Lowell's VO: Valued Opinions or not, they are always right...however, thinking my Ope is just as well-revered, I sometimes get on a band-wagon stunt and decide to set him straight...after all, he really does seem to push the Card...Cover or whatever he thinks has not been created with the Best Artistry in Mind - for the fundamental BAiM effect that we all need to serious consider before posting anything on the Internet. After all, what will future generations think of us. Really now.

Therefore, the following is MY COMMENT to Mr. Lowell Thompson's recent post found at:

if you care to read it. Check out the Blog first so you fully realize the Visual first.

Lowell, Lowell, Lowell, will you ever learn?

There's a Difference between BEING HUNGRY for food and for fashion and fame. That's exactly what the Magazine is trying to do. Glorify FAT. Listen, I've been there. I was chubby when I was little becuz I was very fortunate and had a stay-at-home MOM who made meals -- real meals with real food -- all by scratch and not only did I eat what was in my PLATE, but a few helpings.

OK, granted the GAL is sticking up for our Fatter American Babes who have some 'sexy' flesh on their bones, but for the most part, the cover model is air-brushed and any BMI: Body Mass Index amount over 20 lbs. is just plain BAD - as in unhealthy for your bones; heart and what is known as longevity.

I rather have the Premise of that magazine be a helpful guide to OVER-coming your hunger for eating too much -- than a glorification of Flubber and Flab.

Another Pertinent Point (taking into account the APP Factor) that needs to be made at this crucial time since HUNGER got your attention, therefore it's of national concern now is that I actually watched 80% of NBC's Biggest Loser last nite on prime time and those 'young adults' have major problems. Their coaches even made mention of how these young adults - the 'contestants' if you want to call them by that label - were using FOOD to stuff their emotions. Granted, by being worked to the bone, some lost as much as 19 lbs. in a week, there's deep underlying problems to any addiction - whether it is food, drugs, liquor, sex, shopping, etc.
The most current statistics in America (as well as other industrialized countries) state that Morbid Obesity has never seen higher levels.

It's far better to BE AT THE GYM exercising and NOT exorcising your body every day...than to be behind a PC publishing and creating a Magazine that condones this kind of behavior.

Did the Editor of his mag ever think to put a 'HUNGRY' Black Kid starving in an African nation who is surrounded by Flies and Diseases on the Cover with the Nomenclature 'Hungry' atop his/her head? Now, this is may really help a 'bad situation.' And, wouldn't that be a much better depiction of what we should be doing for EACH other instead of condoning Addictions and glorifying them? Getting in touch with SPIRIT is what it is all about...

OK, so you're rating a Cover - but it's far deeper a problem than most men realize...and the capitalists of Western Worlds know.

Enough said. Your turn.

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