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BRIT WEEK ARRIVES IN LA: Friday, April 23, 2010...

Chicago, IL USA:

If a Genie granted me 3 Wishes the First is to win the latest 2010 Scriptapalooza Contest and the 2ND one would be to attend:

BRIT WEEK – Film & TV Summit on Friday, April 23, 2010 at the Beverly Hilton.
That’s tomoro for those reading this.

BRIT WEEK is in association with the British Academy of Film & Television Arts in Los Angeles. As their Ad in Daily Variety (for Wednesday, March 24, 2010) states: It is the place where industry leaders in film, TV & digital media meet – with opportunities in the UK for Film & TV content creators.

Isn’t that every one who pens a script? And those serious about their career - especially when crossing 'The Great @lantic Pond?'

Resources. Networking. Programming trends and the Big Question of: Why do British Projects succeed or fail in the US and vica versa. I’m sure Paul and Mick have known that answer for decades now.

For those parties & individuals interested in this Event, there is a website: or you may contact LINDA BUCKLEY directly at: lbuckley(at)reedbusiness(dot)com for additional info.

The Highlight - one of the many -- will be their Gala Dinner that honors Sir Richard Branson (who puts the 'Pop' into Popular Culture and the 'Dare' into DareDevil). A Live Performance by David Archuleta is also slated. The evening's proceeds will benefit two significant charities, namely: Save the Children and Virgin Unite.

Yes, attending BRIT WEEK – Film & TV Summit would be my Second Wish. Besides the fact that Dick Wolf of Wolf Films is going to be 1 of the keynote speakers, one of 6 pictured on Page 7 of Variety, a publication that should be read just to ‘keep up with it all.’ I believe Dick is from LAW & ORDER fame, one of my very favorite TV programs.

There’s no time to delay!

My Third & Final Wish? Besides wishing for 3 more? Well, that’s a Secret – that may appear in a Script for the 13TH Annual Scriptapalooza Contest!

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UPDATE: April 23, 2010: For all the Events about BRIT WEEK, visit:

and don't forget, there's always next year...


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