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Chicago, IL USA:

Dear Oprah & Staff: As a Baby Boomer & Renaissance Woman, I find it very important to keep in shape. In order to do this, I have been biking (non-stop, and yes even in Chicago Winter's) throgh the streets of Chicagoland, USA) in order to keep fit.

I AM HAPPY TO REPORT: Since Feb. 25, 1997, I have taken off 4 inches of 'baby fat' from my hips - this is great news as I am a writer/creatif - known as 'America's Premier Eventologist' and could sit for 15 hours per day, content, doing my writing, correspondence, research, etc.

My carbon footprint is 0.56 which I am very proud of.

PURPOSE OF THIS NOTE: My connection to your Campaign is that I physically & literally SEE IT ALL, Oprah while on The BIKE (which has 3 speeds: Slow - Slower & Slowest - depending on how energized I am. I don't need a fancy bike to get me around -- one that serves its purpose.

By career and nature, I am (as a rider/writer) @ THE POINT of stopping for any given situation or occurrence that looks slightly, remotely 'bizarre' and out of the ordinary.

After all, the statistics state how 'dangerous' it is on the streets across America and the industrialized world (I would assume). And, we are not even taking crime and handguns into account here.

A few moments of 'stopping' and letting the vehicle go past is 'nothing' - altho all time is precious (esp. at my age!) when it comes to being hurt, injured or incapacitated.

My usual daily bike ride is 14 miles round trip.

I keep a blog called Koopersmithin' (a take off of my last name as they say 'you've made it if they make a verb out of your name)where I record my biking experiences and mileage.

On this bike which was purchased on May 29, 2008, I have gone over 4400 miles - and haven't even left the county. There's tons of wonderful places to visit in Chicago -- and to get there safely -- without text messaging, phoning or applying make-up or eating your yogurt (yes, I saw a woman with her spoon in her right hand & her cup of yogurt in her left, propped up on her steering wheel) pull into the Jewel on Green Bay Rd. in Wilmette a few weeks ago.

INSERT: As of Today, he last day of April 2010, I've biked 4430 miles...since May 29 of 2008...

Stopping and letting these 'unconscious-able' people become distracted from their goal (of going from Point A to Point B) is a safety measure that everyone should take up.

As a matter of fact, MORE people should bike...getting a cardiovascular workout and keeping our world green are only 2 of its benefits! I have not driven since I was 26 so I've been doing your campaign for decades now.

Thank you for taking a stand on this critical issue. It direly needs to be spotlighted. No person should have to worry about getting safely back and forth.

There's a place for everything - even electronics. I kiddingly tell people "I had a life before email, but I can't remember what it was." Alexander G. Bell would roll over in his grave if he knew his Phone was killing 'us' off!

You go, GIRL!

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