Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pizza like non-other. Chef Grant's Have Pizza Will Travel...without the Guilt but all of the Taste. Order yours today.


LONG BEACH, CA (4/05/10) – When you think about pizza, it's easy to imagine picking up the phone and waiting for the delivery guy to drop it off in a box. But one Southern California caterer is cooking up tasty wood-oven pizzas the traditional Italian way, and the delivery isn’t in a box. Pettola’s pizzas are cooked fresh right in your backyard.

When Chef Grant Matthews first started dreaming about owning his own business, he never imagined he’d be one of the only guys in town traveling with his wood-fired oven. Originally from Canada, Chef Matthews was looking for a way to stay in the restaurant business without the traditional hours that can affect a marriage. “When I first came here I was working the opposite hours of my wife Leanna, who worked days. We literally would not see each other for a week, but now she and I work together at parties. It’s great, I make them and she bakes them.”

In the summer of 2008, Matthews built a wood oven on his patio from scratch on top of an industrial cart using 800 lbs. of lava rock, sand, brick and cement. The oven worked as a stationary unit, but the axle bent and the wheels sagged and it couldn’t move. “I was disappointed that my idea was almost crushed along with the wheels of the cart – but I was determined to not give up” said Matthews. He researched on the internet and found an oven on wheels from Portugal that would do the trick. It was delivered and he was ready to pursue his dream.

Chef Matthews prides himself on using as many California ingredients as possible. “Right now the only ingredient I’m using which is not from California is the 00 flour from Italy. I think it is nice to support my home state by focusing on local products”.

He dishes up incredibly tasty pizzas like the Pizza Leanna (named after his wife’s favorites of sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and artichoke hearts) and the Marga-Meata (a traditional Margherita pizza with the added benefit of pepperoni). He offers these pre-designed specialty pizzas but is also open to his client’s ideas of the perfect pizza combination. Pettola Pizza has three types of parties to fit everyone’s budgets.

“This is definitely a niche market I’ve tapped into.” says Matthews, “Clients who hire Pettola are looking for something different and unique for their entertaining”.

“It's not just the flavor and aroma of our pizzas that make Pettola parties a hit”, Matthews said. "Pizzas from a wood-fired oven have a much more natural taste, and the smell of fruit woods is unbelievable. But there is definitely an entertainment factor from witnessing the whole process, created and cooked right before your eyes.”


About Pettola Pizza

In business since 2008, Pettola Pizza specializes in artisanal hand-crafted pizzas cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven at your parties and events. Pettola is currently one of the only mobile wood-fired pizza companies in Southern California. The company, led by chef Grant Matthews, caters small events (or larger parties in conjunction with other vendors). Every pizza is hand-crafted and cooked on-site using California’s best ingredients. For further information, please contact Pettola at 562-256-6179.

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