Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Today's Topic: How to look your best in the SKiN you are in:

Within the SKiN you are in - whether you are White, Black, Brown, Yellow or Red toned, it's important to have healthy skin. One of those ways is to eat healthily. For that reason, I have launched - via using myself as the role model, what is known as:


where the individual challenges himself to only 31 days - a month's worth of drinking 3 10-ounce glasses of the delicious tomato-red refreshing drink - owned by Campbell's - and a handful of reduced fat crackers for:

either 1 meal
as a snack substitute.

Many years ago, in order for my Mom's boyfriend to slim down, she encouraged him to drink V-8. Within a short period of time (of which she did not state), he had lost his POUCH -- a big fat belly that many men over 50 seem to attain and obtain. Not only did he look healthier, but he was healthier. For that reason and the fact that most of us want to look NICER for June and Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I challenge you to drink up on the V-8 and enjoy some savory crackers.

Personally, I am going an extra step and am not eating desserts or bread for the month as well. Because I bike 14 miles a day -- my round trip has seen 4455 miles peddled since May 29, 2008 when I bought my latest bike.

Tomoro I will be weighing in to see what I way and see what the total monthly loss will be. It's bound to be an adventurous month here, of which I am looking forward.

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Chicago, IL USA

May 2, 2010 - 12:33 PM CST

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