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Campbell Appoints Kim Fortunato Director of Childhood Obesity + Hunger Program

Editor's Note: This is the best news on the International Food Front. More companies should follow Campbell's plan here:

Chicago, IL USA:

V8 – Campbell Appoints Kim Fortunato Director of Childhood Obesity and Hunger Program

I am so glad to hear that Campbell's is leading the way/weigh once again in helping people out - not only with nutritious food since 1869, but now with the hiring of Kim Fremont Fortunato as Director of its Childhood Obesity +Hunger program. Obesity has become a terrible social disaster for people to fall into and with all the Temptations we have 'out there,' I can easily see why this is so. Besides stuffing one's emotions with food, people find it satisfies them to stuff their 'mouths' - thus causing alarming medical problems to begin.

THE IRONY OF IT ALL: In a country so rich, so many people cannot get a grip of or handle on their eating habits, while other people across the world are living on $1 a day or less and are starving. These ironies and dichotomies surround us daily. I scratch my head and wonder why. Hopefully, Campbell's will be able to influence others who are caught up in this Eating & Food Frenzy, as I call it in my Eat-ventological writings.

I read Kim's Bio (as posted above) and wanted to comment further as to her 'Coat Drive' as I am the Creator of: The Great American Warm-up (C)1994 happening the 2nd full Weekend of November (Nov 12-14) whereby: Schools, Families, Religious Groups gather coats and distribute them to the Poor - Needy and Destitute. GAW falls under my Writings known as Eventology and was listed by McGraw-Hill Publishers in their Chase's Book of Events. It's a Holidate that anyone can 'buy' into -- as it's designed to be goodwill, humanitarian and altruistic in nature.

My general feeling is - being brought up this way by my wonderful Mother, Betty F. Koopersmith is this:

Being warm, well-fed and healthy are tantamount in being the most productive a person can be. Then, a person(ality) thrives.

There's no reason why everyone should not feel this way.

In closing now: I am very happy to see that Campbell's has instrumented a plan in which to get us (Americans) and hopefully those around the globe (via other corporations) to proceed on a healthier note.

My last comment is that I started:

ASK's V8 Before 58 Challenge

in May of 2010. It ran for 100 days -- through August 8 -- in time for my 58TH Birthday & 40th year class reunion from high school. Because I enjoyed 3 10-ounce glasses of V8 every day; biked and eliminated breads/pastas & sweets from my diet, I lost 2.5 belt notches & 12 pounds. I keep looking for those 12 pounds (wherever I go), but just can't find them. If I can do it, so can others and refreshingly so with V8 Vegetable Juice! This is wonderful news for 2011! If you need a satellite in Chicago - home of big shoulders & bellies, too, just give me a call! You go, KIM! I know you will do well and do US well!

Cheers, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
America's Premier Eventologist & EAT-Ventologist
Chicago, IL USA


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