Friday, November 5, 2010

ASK's Faux Fur Fridays begins Today!

Chicago, IL USA:

Dressing up in your best Faux Fur is the gist of this Haute Couture Holidate that I began in October of 2008 when I placed as one of the top 20 winners of the Chicago Portion of She's Got The Look. Stylist Robert Verdi went gaga over my Leopard Street Coat and even tried it on, on-air. Getting that kind of a reaction was indeed hilarious. That helped spur the creation of this Event plus the fact that Faux Fur saves a creature's precious life; makes a person look especially sexy and makes a fashionable, pop-style statement about who you are.

ThereFUR, with all that in mind, won't you join me for the FUR-st offical FAUX FUR FRIDAY of NovemBURR for 2010. Get dressed up and on the count of 3:


Posted by: ASK: Founder of Faux Fur Friday (C)2008
Chicago, IL USA
11-5-2010 - 11:15 AM CST

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