Friday, November 12, 2010

Koopersmith creates Logline 24/7 on Scriptube via ScripTV for all Movie Semi & Quarterfinalist Screenwriters world-wide.

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Ask me about my Story. Theres no sweeter Words ever said or spoken when it comes 2 having a Stranger want 2 know about UR recent Production

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If everyone has a Story & there R only 24 hours in a Day, who sez UR Script will be advanced? @ Scriptubescrptv We respect & promote UR Work

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Calling all Qtr & SemiFinalists in global Screenwriting Contests: In 140 Characters list UR Winning Script here 4 FREE thru Dec 31, 2011.

scriptubescrptv via Adrienne Koopersmith now up & running, designed 2 aid Qtr & SemiFinalists who won Intl Screenplay Contests in their quest 2 break in.

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