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Hollywood Producers: An Introduction to MARTIN EDEN by Screen Winner Jim Farina.

The International Screenplay Competition known as Scriptapalooza based in Hollywood, California yielded a plethora of diverse talent when they announced their 12TH Year Quarterfinalists on July 23, 2010. Here, below is one of those Personalities,


a resident of Palatine, IL whose Script, MARTIN EDEN has won 2 worthy cinematic awards in 2010. He is currently seeking representation for this and other projects.

Jim's Logline to MARTIN EDEN reads as:

Martin Eden is a working class sailor who pursues self-education and fame as a writer in order to gain the affection of a woman far above his class. Martin soon discovers that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be and is compelled to embark on one final voyage.

Script: Martin Eden
Author: Jim Farina (Adapted from Jack London's novel)

For more info, his synopsis or to interview Jim at length regarding plot and circumstance, email him:

Email: jimfarina(at)att(dot)net


Mr. Farina was also awarded second place in The Inkwell Opportunity competition that posted earlier this year:

2011 UPDATE: Kicking off the New Year in the Spirit of Creativity, Jim reports that:

Martin Eden was a finalist in
Sundance's Table Read My Script competition.

From Eden to Ebert, Jim definitely is the Personality behind 'The Story' that Roger Ebert may, wish and should interview for his new weekly half-hour film review program series kicking off in January of 2011 called:

"Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies,"

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