Monday, January 24, 2011

Networking so easy...The S. Klein Way. Mark Jan. 27 as a Networking Event.

Chicago, IL USA:

Today Networking is the most important way to get yourself, your product, your brand - your company -- even your adorable little, overly-talented child discovered. Discovery is easy to do these days. After all, we need not stand in line at the post office anymore and wait for the 'next available clerk.' We can just post a YouTube Video online and wait a few hours. Voila. Instant Stardom occurs.

Resumes, letters of introduction and even bills can be easily paid ON-LINE. Gone are the days of mis-managing time, when each day arrives, there's larger-than-usual banks available to us all who are determined to fill each day with meaningful business endeavors; opportunities and events that will take you further along on your Path, whatever it may be.

One such event will be occurring this Thursday, January 27TH entitled:

January Networking Meeting
Sponsored & presented by: The Jewish B2B Networking Group
(of greater Chicagoland)

Founded by Shalom Klein, this is an ideal opportunity for both businesses and job seekers. Stock up on the business cards or CDs and regardless of the weather, bundle up and COD: Come On Down.

A special presentation called FINDING THE NETWORKING CONTACTS TO ADVANCE YOU/YOUR BUSINESS will highlight the get-together. This is a terrific way and method to reach others, especially in an economy that is still on the sluggish side of the almighty dollar.

Correlating with meeting potential employers and matching them up with industrious employees, The Jewish Business News/Chicago is an indepth look at how Business operates, totally refreshing and informative. Found at:

its stories and links may be able to set you ahead and apart from other job seekers.

Conveniently located at the sprawling Sam's Club at 2450 Main Street in Evanston, IL: Make your reservation today by visiting their website at:

If for some reason, you cannot make this event, others are now in the planning stage, do ask to be placed on their Notification Listing.

To interview, Shalom Klein, Chairman & Publisher of Jewish B2B Networking / Jewish Business News about future endeavors, you may email him directly at:


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