Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's NOT forget Japan: April 26, 2011 Update.

Chicago, IL USA:

There's never a time when we modern type folks do not get bombarded with emails. I found this one - very important FB note from Photographer/Humanitarian RON RON who is documenting the disaster that took place in Japan earlier this season. It has very important points you should know about- beside sthe fact that, we should NOT forget the people there.

It follows:

it is a great time that i see in japan. can a country be revitalized from this? my answer is yes.
the human heart and spirit can do amazing things.
It is up to people to step in and help.
my friends have told me i cant go up to those areas. they know i would like to move debris or help find people but i cant get access and there are over 100,000 people doing this with training.
i am already trying to think in the future.
what is needed for spiritual recovery?
what and who will help the japanese help each other.

i learned from an expert, i filmed in a doc called 614-goeff ryan a spiritual rescue expert.
and he gave me advice that people have to help themselves and others shouldn't always tell them how to recover and fly in. he believed in trying to help people by living in the area. and he has been a great model for me.
the japanese are survivors.

the idea here is to keep people working and keep their minds off any panicky ideas.

lots of people are leaving because of what the media has shown: Tsunami water destroying homes but the chance of radioactivity coming from the Fukushima plant was risking people's health.

BRITISH report
a relief that this independent probe by specialist in reactors asked what the chances of radiation. they concluded it was minimal. but not harmful. this is great news.

It is coming in from the UK in bulk shipments to the Iwate
area (an area damaged in the Tsunami). and yesterday and today those from pakistan were serving hot food to people. truly, a story of cooperation.

as i am writing, i am planning to go out and get a pulse of what is going on. i am not an CNN correspondent but I will do what i can, my way.

thanks adrienne,

please ask people to pray for japan.
i found comfort in this verse and have been sending it to people.

isaiah 40:29

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 11:10 AM CST

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