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RON RON in Japan: Day 57. The Hope to carry-on.

Chicago, IL USA: As fortunate as I am in finding Interesting People who are always able to get over whatever problem and affliction is handed to them and we don't mean THE RICH who were born with a silver platter on their high chairs and are too busy shopping and/or upstaging themselves with their latest addiction-of-choice, this AM, I received a FB note from:

aka: (Ron Reid, Jr)

who is in Tokyo... and has been reporting about the Brave and Persevering Japanese People who have had their lives 'upset' (to say the least) since the Tsunami & Earthquake hit on March 11. RON RON is one of those rare and interestig People you enjoy hearing from...even if he is experiencing and sharing something with us that seems to brutal and hard to understand and take-in and take-on.

As you may remember
RON RON has been filming the Japanese Event (with much of the Distribution going to CNN). His documentation is something none of us would have access to if it was not for him.

However, now well into its 6th week as the air clears and the sediment settles, most of all in the following FB Note, RON reveals what this Catastophe means to not only his Fellow Countrymen, but to himself as a 'Creative Soul & Spirit' in a world that is totally caught up in its own whirlwinds.

As I have been doing, I am posting his Statement so others can see. Film Clippage of RON RON's endeavors are available - as well as interviews by FB-ing him at RON RON. I think U'll be totally awed @ what he has to say. Yes, We all know it's your MINDSET that makes you the person you are or which you become, but this time, hopefully more folks will 'take note' and notice what's best for them and all of us, who swirl and twirl around the sun on this granite planet of ours that we SHARE.

RON RON's posting follows:


hi adrienne,

You seem to hit the big dilemma that is on a few people minds. With this consumer-orientated and ADD media hungry how long would it be for people to forget the people there?

The area is ravaged in a different way then the tornadoes in the mid-west the same results; devastation on the lives of those affected.

That is why there has been a consorted effort to plan out the long-term help and look at where the gov't won't be available and start planning in those directions.

So, in meetings of groups heading toward the northeast of japan. most leaders are thinking, "how can we help these people in the long run?"

Well, enter lecturer Pavel from the Russian nuclear accident that is celebrating it's anniversary and he brings with him ideas from farming, what they have learned. and also experience of social planning. Things like youth organized to look after elderly people who are not related to them. this was modeled off the Ukraine model that worked with NGO's to work where the gov't can't reach.

But the situation is one without a blue print. so, a lot of hope and a lot of cooperation are needed.

Meanwhile, there is a consciousness that things will never be the same but with a hopeful attitude things don't need to be. New jobs are opening and where many foreigners left new jobs are available to those who stayed.

It is indeed a brave new world for those in the mid-west to rebuild their lives. some will start again and some others will move to new areas with new challenges. but the excitement of building something is exciting.

Take myself for example, I am in the midst of that right now. I am re-examining my job prospects. What skills do i have? I have
Can I contact old contacts again? How about old jobs? Even jobs
I haven't tried, do I dare try in fields I was shy about? The answer now is a resounding yes!!

If I stick to my new hopes of embracing my old fears; recontacted my network, checked in with Linkedin and generated buzz for my scripts and started using my situation to generate new story ideas.
And financially, started living long-term with curbing my spending
and cutting back until I have a solid paycheck coming in.

Fear has turned into hope!! This hope is getting a boost with volunteer efforts with a mission team up North with no job prospects back home. This hope has me perform back on stage for five shows that ended last Sunday. And this new hope has a created a writer and director who is determined to get his films and ideas on TV and back at the movie theaters yet again! I am not done yet from the Earthquake or Tsunami!!

ron reid jr in Tokyo


ASK's POSTSCRIPT: To be gentler, I suppose I used the word "UPSET" in my opening paragraph as I did not want to use the word: DESTROYED - it just seemed too brutal and was not reflective of a Strong People who will rebuild and go on with Life, a changed Life (at that), but then, that's what Life is all about.

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