Saturday, June 25, 2011

Koopersmith on: RECONTESTS for the Movie Industry

Topic: Koopersmith on RECONTESTS: June 25, 2011


Many (if not most) Screenplay Competitions do NOT advance the Careers of the Scriptwriters located across the World who submit their Spec Scripts 2 them.

Altho they may ‘make’ Quarterfinalist; they do not release the NAME of who picked that Script from 1000s of other contenders. W/in the year since winning, many of these Scripts R diligently re-written & vastly improved upon.

There4, I would like 2 suggest that a RECONTEST B created where Screenwriters (who have placed – those that have shown a Modicum of Talent & Acceptance & those who have beat-out sevl 1000 others) have a(nother) chance to resubmit.

Rehashed Movies & Sequels R trés très boring. Let’s get some FRESH Talent on the Screen!

Cheers, ASK: Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist
Chicago, IL USA

6-25-2011 – 4:19 PM CST

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