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ASK's 60 Day Read-A-Thon: June 1 – August 9, 2012

ASK’s LITERARY RECO: As I embark on Day #1 of my 60 Day Read-A-Thon: June 1 – August 9, 2012

ASK ON READING:  It's getting darn close to my 60TH Birthday -- in about 69 more Days so I decided I got to rev-it-up. I made a very important Decision:  I'm reading 1 Book-a-Day till then -- so I can say I read a Book-a-Day B-4 I hit the BIG Six-Oh-My-Gosh. Not hard Books or thick Books -  my favorite 4 my Summer Readings. 

and; I started off with:  HOMER: The Library Cat

by Reeve Lindbergh and; Illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf. 
And this is a Celebrity Book as Reeve is the Daughter of Charles Lindbergh & Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  And, Ms. Wilsdorf lives in Switzerland. 
Just check out the Book's Cover & U'll C how darling Homer is:

Yet another Reason Y I like reading Book's For Kids.  It helps me get in touch with my Inner Child...not that she ever left and the Message always comes clear cut thru with no cliff-hangers!  Like they say:  Home is where The Homer is...


ASK’s LITERARY RECO:  As I enter Day #2 of my 60 Day Read-A-Thon:  June 1 – August 9, 2012

Today for Saturday, June 2, 2012, I picked up

Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Splishy –Sploshy

by Joy Cowley  & Elizabeth Fuller. 
The first thing that attracted me to the rhyming Board Book is its Cover – of Mrs. SS – a svelte cleaning lady – which is just so comically delightful it would stop anyone.

Take a look @ the Cover at:

and I’m sure you will agree with me.  Once you begin reading ‘her’ you’ll see she could quite easily be cast as SUSAN BOYLE of America’s Got Talent as she has that ‘Natural Sweetness’ to her as she cleans up THE MEANIES.  But I won’t give away the entire Story.  That’s all I’ll say on that. 

Flipping over to the Back Cover, I was soon to find that:

“Over 40,000,000 Kids began their Reading Careers by ‘reading’ Mrs.  Wishy-Washy that THE WRIGHT GROUP created.  Considering I had never heard of her before, it made me think that I may have been born too early as the Copyright here is 1997.  Either that or there are other READING CIRCLES that I have yet to explore.  Darn good thing I began this:

ASK’s 60 Day Read-A-Thon:  June 1 – August 9, 2012

I just might be able to catch up on all the Reading I haven’t done yet in my First 59 Years.  Hey, it’s a (s)heroic Effort on my Part!

According to Modern Math, I was born 45 years previously and the Town I grew up in only had 7,000 People AND not all of them were Children. That means for all the Kids who read this Book, that would comprise some 5417.28 Mendota Illinois’ – nearly its very Population or 77.38%.  These are good Trivial Facts to throw around especially if you’re at a Kid’s Cupcake Party. 

All that aside,  that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Mrs. Mrs. Wishy-Washy now which I am and which I did, as a matter of fact.

No matter how you view, preview and/or preview FORTY MILLION  - ie:  40 Million or 40,000,000 –  that’s quite a Mass of People to impress.  Let’s us not forget that  young Minds are always the most impressionable.  Back in ‘My Day’ we had Captain Kangaroo – Bob Keeshan – who was my Hero. 

NOW, after reading this Book, I just wonder if there’s a Mr. Wishy-Washy & what kind of Antics do they get into or out of together!  When I find out, I’ll let you know.  I bet the Answer’s on Google ®. 
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ASK's LITERARY RECO FOR JUNE 3, 2012 - Day #3 of My Read-A-Thon for June 1 - August 9, 2012  features the Child's book called:
Because of You 

by B.G. Hennessy and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata that is my favored Entry for Day #3 of my ASK's Summer Read-A-Thon. Copyrighted in 2005 the topic, of course, is very timely and is quintessential as they say. Even if you big words in kids' books, that indeed is to be taken as a compliment.

Most folks could imagine what the story line is about but via the front flat cover, the entire plot is given away. It's one of those Moments when we should realize that the world really is a better place BECAUSE OF YOU. Of coure, it's most like me to list reasons and people that make the world not a nice place - with those being People like Charlie Manson and dreaded Diseases, but this book commemorates every day samples about how those Random Acts of Kindness & Generosity can and do make that difference.

What grabs my eye first and foremost is the cover of the book and Hiroe who was born and raised in Japan was encouraged by her Grandpa to pursue her dream in the Arts. Today she lives here in NYC and graduated from 1 of the top Schools, Parson School of Design.

B.G. Hennessy lives in the Great SW feels that if Kids understand that the choices they make does make a difference, that is what is at the heart of each of our Days.

So you take a great Story and a great Artst and there U have it:


ASK’s LITERARY READ-A-THON – DAY #4 as of Monday, June 4, 2012 taking place from June 1 – August 9, 2012 is ….
Revealing Today’s Tasty Selection:  Having no specific Timetable for Lunch that usually happens 365/366 days a year for me, I often put Lunch (rhymes with Munch) off till Supper time and Today was almost one of those Days.  Instead, I took it between Lunch & Dinner, which is what some Folks call:  LunDin.  This is certainly not to be misconstrued with anyone by that Name.  As a matter of fact I think I knew a Steve Lundin back in the 1900s.  He’s got to be out here on Facebook somewhere.  So much for that. Steve, if you’re reading this – continue with the Story, it’s a great Expose.  Good enuf 2 eat for that matter – or at least ‘nibble and nosh’ on. 
And so much for the Book, LUNCH that happened to catch my Eyes WRITE then and there as I moseyed up to eat.  Another darling Kid’s Book, LUNCH is by Denise Fleming who is both the Writer & Illustrator.  Now this illustrates TALENT to me.  LUNCH was even created with  handmade paper!  Now, if that’s not inspiring. 
THE PLOT THICKENS:  Lunch is about a darling Mouse who eats a healthy Lunch – with Foods that are awfully colorful.  As a matter of fact, LUNCH may be the very Book to get Kids interested in eating so much healthier than they do.   If Corn, Peas, Turnips, Carrots, Apples, Grapes, Seeds, Watermelon & Berries can look as good as Denise draws them  – then, they’ve got to taste as scrumptious. 
I remember quite well when ‘Growing Up Koopersmith,’ my Mother always ate a well-colored Meal on her Plate as you were supposed to.  Me, I preferred the red meat soaked in brown gravy with starchy white bread.  But, that was OK – I outgrew that as I matured & became the Woman that I am today.
This Book (published in 1992) is now twenty (20) years old this Year and is just as delightful as ever! Some Authors have that Knack & Talent – Denise is ‘write-on’ up there.  Somebody over @ the Publishing House of Henry Holt and Company, LLC Publishers (since 1866) should send a Copy over to Mrs. Obama in the White House as she is dead serious on getting Kids and Americans to slim down.  If a Little Mouse can keep her weight under control -- Humans should get the Incentive to do the same!
A must-see at: must-see at: must-see at:
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ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1 – August 9, 2012.  Today’s Selection for Day #5:  June 5, 2012 is the Book by David McKee called Elmer’s Colors – about the calico’d Elephant.  First published in the UK in 1994, the Publishers  say Elmer, the main Character is Patchwork – but he looks calico’d to me.  This book has been around The Writer’s Block since 1994 and is still fun to look at.  Most Authors would not name an Elephant Elmer, but I guess Dave was trying for the EL Alliteration from the Word: Elephant and Elsie, the Cow was already taken.  Other Famous Elmers are:  Elmer Fudd, Elmer’s Glue and Elmer Gantry…all Characters for an older crowd, but the Colors make for a great Vehicle to keep a very young Child entertained.  And since you will love the arrangement of color here, there are 4 other Books by Mr. McKee that will catch your eye with this elephant, who politics aside makes a statement on his very own.  Checkout this timeless Selection at:    
You’ll want to start coloring all over again…

Today for Thursday, June 7, 2012Day #7 (or the first Full Week of this Read-Along I’ve read  BRIGHT BABY FIRST WORDS which is a hand-sized book  of tangible Photos and the Word that describes it on each Page.
When I spotted the Book, I was inquisitive as to what Kids learn when they are first coming up in The World as I don’t remember the First Word I learned – although I would guess it was ‘Mama’.  I do remember the first Word, I ‘readjusted’ in Miss Watson’s 2nd Grade Class at Blackstone School and that gave me enough Incentive to go on and create a few hundred words in my own Write as the Decade passed.
Amazingly, this is the first Book I ever saw that never had an Author or Illustrator listed.  A Website exists at:
and that should do it.  However, when you do visit their Website, you’ll see that ROGER PRIDDY states:  “Our books are designed to play an essential role in helping your children develop key early learning skills. Priddy’s books for babies include first cloth books which use bold colours, soft fabrics and touch-and-feel elements to stimulate babies’ senses. For toddlers, there are sturdy board books, which as well as developing vocabulary through the introduction of first words and pictures, also help to develop their awareness both of their environment and everyday experiences.”
And he must be British as he spells his words with a ‘u’ which is customary in JOE: Jolly Old England. 
Which is good to know.  Since I thought Priddy was an Archaic Form of the word “PRETTY” to describe their Books.  Oh, to be a Youth again, priddicized as THEY now are.   I guess we all have to start somewhere and the alphabet and our colors (colours to the Priddy’s or Priddies) start that Creative Journey through Life for us. 

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Today for Friday, June 8, 2012 – Day #8 is: Chocolate Ants, Maggot Cheese, & More:  The Yucky Food Book, published by:

Enslow Publishers, Inc.
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

This Text is penned by the dynamic duo of Dr. Alvin Silverstein, a retired Biology Professor &  Virginia Silverstein, a scientific Russian Translator.  Daughter, Laura Silverstein Nunn lends a hand and  assists her 2 parents her – having penned more than 30 books. Mr. & Mrs. Silverstein have a roster of more than 150 Books to their credit.  Sounds like they should be opening up their own Library next!

Let’s not forget:    The Illustrator is Gerald Kelley –who captures the Sentiment of the Book  in the most animated Way.    Photos also adorn the Book, which add to its uniqueness and layout. 

AT FIRST, SECOND & THIRD GLANCE:  This is the kind of book little boys would savor.  But altho it appears juvenile in nature – there are some real insights here as to why we eat the foods we do.  The bottom line, of course (and there is a course for everything here on our Granite Planet), is that in whatever region you reside, certain Foods may appear YUCKY to others distances away, but these  are considered your favorite and/or necessary  to eat. 

If I were a Grade School Teacher, this would be a must-read for my Class.  I’m not, but it’s still a must-read and is actually timeless…

Check it out and/or buy it online at:

After all, the Family that WRITES together, stays together!  We could certainly say:  They know how to SERVE IT UP!

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ASK's 60-DAY-READ-A-THON. "From cover-to-cover, you will discover..." Yes, that's the opening of my latest
Book Review now in its 9TH day, which coincides with the Fact that I am 59 years & 10 months young today. Therefore, as we are PUT TO THE TEST, I'm asking you to GUESS what I'm reading. And, if you guess the RIGHT book, you will receive a year's supply of FREE PR that includes 1/2 million FB blasts a Day. Entries (and you can enter up to 10 to decrease your Odds & Events) closes at June 9 - 11:59 PM tonite...Oh yes, the CLUES are hidden in the 'above' Text.

And in the meantime, excitement is building as 100s of people are beginning to pack the HAROLD WASHINGTON LIBRARY in anticipation of DAN RATHER's kickoff to the Printer's Row Lit Fest. Oh, how I wish they were calling us in - in alfa order. Then, I'd be at the front of that List - the A-List, of course. Why is it that we can NEVER get away from Books...or should!

And, U may quote/unquote me on that one! For more info before you dash down to The Fest, MASH it up at:
You'll be glad U did...Weekends are times when we shouldn't need a schedule but sometimes it's good to know where to go (to).

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Today for Sunday, June 10, 2012 – Day #10 is: MY DOG, MY CAT  at

by Ashlee Fletcher for Tanglewood 

Since so many of my Friends are CAT & DOG Lovers here on Facebook, this Book is a must-read for them, especially if they are a Kid at heart; have Kids or have Pets.  Those are the top 3 Reasons to read this book. 

As this is Ms. Fletcher’s First Book, the Topic is one we all love, especially since CATS & DOGS are the top Pets in any Household.  First books should be a  howling and Purr-fect Success in many Ways.  Although her Graphics are not as great as some much better Artists, it’s cute enough for Kids who can relate to the mere difference of Cats & Dogs.  The Symbolism also lies in the fact that Dogs can represent Boys or Men and Cats can symbolize Women or Girls.  But, actually that is NOT what the book is about.  It’s simply about Cats & Dogs whose Story is a fast read.

There’s only 1  Line on each Page where the differences between a Cat from a Canine is relayed with a simple Line drawing.  These Differences are something We (as Pet Owners) don’t often think about yet they are all true and significant.  To find out what that Significance is:  Read the Book – it will take you only about 90 seconds but is a darling little story that you’ll wish to share with others…

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1 – August 9, 2012.  For my 11TH Book Selection of the Month, that Lucky  Book is called:  WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Martine Perrin, an Albert Whitman & Co. Book, Publishers of Kids’ Books since 1919…who will soon be celebrating their Century Mark in 7 more years. 

What grabbed my Eye initially about this Book is the Question asked on its Cover. So many of us go through our Days, and not really seeing what’s about us. When I do stop to think about this, I will make the concerted Effort to look around moreso and try to see what else I am missing.  This Book – is full of color and dye-cuts so Boys & Girls can use their Imaginations to see things that they may have missed that is hidden in colors, corners or words that are strategically placed on the Pages.  As a Book with a Mission, WHAT DO YOU SEE? completes its Goal quite nicely. 


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1 – August 9, 2012.  For my 12TH Book Selection of the Month, THE BEST PICNIC EVER by Clare Jarrett a Candlewick Book is the Selectee for Tuesday, June 12, 2012. 

I now find that as I set this Pattern of reading a Child’s Book a Day through my 60TH Birthday (on August 9, 2012) that I tend to find those Books that have something to do with Food as my preference.  This is probably due to the fact because I will read during my Lunch Break.  I didn’t say Hour; these are more like 5 Minutes devoted to pulling myself away and a Ways from the PC. 

With the Weather tending to be more Summerlike the last few Days, I’m thinking ‘Picnic’ when I spotted Clare’s Book with an enticing Cover of a huge orange Tiger dancing with a Little Boy.  The perfect Topic and Pick of the Day. 

THE PLOT OPENS AS:  Jack and his Mom go to the Park for a Picnic where he is joined by Giraffe, an Elephant, a Leopard & a Tiger.  They play till they get hungry and then enjoy the Meal his Mom had set out.   Since I wrote the Screenplay & Book, iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 I’m more prone to think that Picnics need a Colony Invasion, but that was not necessarily the Case here with Jack’s Encounter. I’m glad it wasn’t…  


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1 – August 9, 2012.  My 13TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Wednesday, June 13, 2012 is GINGER BEAR by Mini Grey of Oxford, England. 

Immediately, if not sooner, once you start reading, you will learn that Ms. Cooper got her Name because she was born in a Mini-Cooper.  Oh, when you have those Hippies as Parents, you’ll always receive a Name that’s…that’s…different to say the least. 

Immediately, if not sooner, once you start checking out the pages, you will fall in love with the Pictures – the Illustrations that are acrylic, painted, collaged, some photos & wood glue.

Immediately, if not sooner, once you start reading, you will see that the Star is a Cookie in the shape of a Ginger Bear (comparable to Gingerbread Men here in the States) that comes to life, after dark…which is what lots of Species do – I need not tell you, Intelligent Readers as you most certainly are.  Why should Gingerbread Cookies be any different? 
The Story Line (that I won’t give away) combined with the Layout on each Page and the Fonts and Colors places it indeed in my Top 10 Kids’ Books that I’ve ever read.  Add in the Humor, as: 

“No Cookies were harmed in the making of the Pictures” which was a quote on the last Page which is  strange place for a Dedication to be placed, but undoubtedly this Book presents a timeless Story, a tasty Story & a snapping good Moral by someone who was born at the ‘Write Time – Our Time’ so we can enjoy each move, Mini makes. 
Find your 2004 Smarties Prize Gold Award Winner at:
ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1 – August 9, 2012.  My 15TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Friday, June 15, 2012 is: RRRALPH by Lois Ehlert – a big red book that has a collaged dog on its cover who is evident RRRALPH. Being artistically inclined as I am and so many others – it’s easy enough to make a likeness of RRRALPH – that’s with 3 R’s of course,  because he’s made from a zipper, various papers, buttons, corrugated boxes and pinking shears.  But the FUN doesn’t stop there.  The inside cover the asks you:  Would U like to meet a Dog that talks?  With a question like that, who can say: No?
The book then breaks into an assortment of pages that are all collaged and out of parts of things you (yourself) have laying around your house.  Definitely, although no one has ever said this:  This book is a great tool to get kids into RECYCLING as every object can be re-directed into something useful – and into its very own story, even if your Name is NOT RRRalph – with 1, 2, 3 or more R’s.
See what I mean by clicking on: 
For a rrreal impression of RRRALPH!


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1 – August 9, 2012.  My 16TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Saturday, June 16, 2012 is:

The Burger & The Hot Dog
by Jim Aylesworth & illustrated by Stephen Gammell. 

I was immediately drawn to the Title.
I was immediately drawn to the Drawing.

Those are 2 of the better Reasons I can think of to read a Book on a Saturday afternoon when I should be out and about…even in the backyard grilling up some hotdogs and hamburgers, as this Book might inspire you to do.

BUT:  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a Cook Book nor does it contain downhome cookin’ Recipes.  It’s so much better than any of that.

The Burger & The Hot Dog  is just the most clever Presentation I’ve yet to see about how FOOD is personified (given People Characteristics) as the various Foods ‘process’ Life.  As we know, some Foods are processed.  But the Collaboration of Jim & Stephen is a Process that clicks, while you lick your Lamb Chops.  Now, there’s a food group that needs to be ‘illustrated & rhymed up.’ 

Each Story – and there are 23 of them with a Closing that lets you explore your own Food Groups and possible Encounters – contains a Rhyme that (even) Dr. Seuss would admire.  If you’re like me, you’ll laugh out-loud because of the Poetic Phrases while you’re in awe of Stephen’s Artwork.  Both immediately complement each other.  I truly think this Book should be animated as it’s got that much going for it. 

I won’t give any more of the Book away except by saying that Jim (like me) is a Chicagoan.  He taught First Grade for 25 years and has composed Jim Aylesworth Book of Bedtime Stories, Through the Night & The Full Belly Bowl.  I bet his Students are proud of him.  Sometimes, it’s better if Kids don’t grow up!

Stephen is a multi award-winning book illustrator which is plain to see and resides in St. Paul, another Artsy Midwestern Center.  Between the 2 of them, they’ll have you falling out of your Seat…and coming back for more.

And when I finished this Book at 2:28 PM Today, I said to myself:  “You can’t get enough of a Good Book.”  I guess there’s no better compliment. 

All found online at:

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 17THBook Selection of the Month for Today, Sunday, June 17, 2012 is:

Usborne Very First Words:  Animals

visually online at:

whose Models are crafted by Jo Litchfield and the Designs are by Marc Maynard & Reuben Barrance with Photography by MMStudio & Howard Allman.

This is strictly a Book for very young Children to peruse as it’s a Collection of how we view Animals – whether they are Pets; Farm Animals; Bugs; Wild Animals; Jungle Animals or Sea Animals.  The Colors; the Shapes and the Texture in these ‘models’ (evidently made of Fimo ® Clay) gives the Pages its appeal. 

Moreover, if the Team mentioned above that produced this Book wanted to take the concept further, an entire Animated Story could ensue whereby the different Creatures (already molded) here (60 in number – and my upcoming favorite # since I’ll be 60 on August 9TH) could quite easily star in their own Story Lines, Plots and Circumstances. 

Usborne Publishing, Ltd. is located in London and for those of you who can’t get there (quite yet), they are online at:

in order to check-out more of the vast collections they’ve published. 

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 18TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Monday, June 18, 2012 is:


visually online at:
which is a unique Book because it’s a Compendium of Stories by the Nick Jr. Family Magazine that they’ve collected.  The Premise of the Book is for Parents to sit and read to their Kids and to fall in love with these Stories and you know something you do  and will. 

My 3 favorite Selections that I’ll be reading over and over again are:

Here Comes Snow by Jack Prelutsky
Illustrated by Olivier Dunrea


Where’s My Shoe?
By Jean Marzollo
Illustrated by Martin Marje


Hello, My Little Friend
By Andrea Perry
Illustrated by Ward Schumaker

Several of the Stories are wordless so that the Child can make up his/her own Story – which indeed is one way to get Kids interested in Writing and the Act and Art of Creating.  A most enjoyable Book and one you’ll not only spend hours with, but will return to for many, many years to come.

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 19TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 is:

WOW!! CITY by Robert Neubecker ©2004

visually online at:
Little Izzy who lived far away from the hustle and bustle of BIG CITY Life goes on Vay-K-shun with her Dad taking a jumbo Jet into big huge metro Area.  Each Page is Part of what their Adventures  & what they encountered.  Only 1 word is preceded by WOW! on each page that is 2 hands tall.  “WOW!” definitely is the Expression that We all use – when We take our First Steps into a Cosmo-Metropolitan area.  You don’t know where to look first – the Experiences are quite overwhelming.

Little Izzy is very fortunate for her DAD is an Illustrator and captures their Time together.  In real Life, Rob has worked at the New York Times, Business Week and now contributes to as well as winning Awards (of which this Book so deserves) from American Illustration, Print, Communication Arts and the Society of Illustrators.
Fun to look at, as I perused this book, two grown men (1 in his 50s and 1 in his 70s) looked over my Shoulder – captivated by the Drawings.  Now, that about states it all.    A hodge-podge geometric colors will grab everyone’s attention as it will yours.   

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 20TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Wednesday, June 20, 2012 is:
by Robert Kalan and Cartooned Drawings by Byron Barton
visually online at:

and is (so far in this Summer Reading Series) the oldest Book read to date – being copyrighted back in 1981 even before most of us  had Personal Computers at our fingertips.  But that didn’t matter because FROGS have always been popular  being Residents here on Planet Earth for some 217 million years. 
Because the Story is in a strong Sing-Song Rhyme,  it is now being sold (and marketed) with its own Audio-Cassette in order for young Audiences to also accompany the Reader. 

Needless to say, you can ‘read into’ this Story some true to life Realities and Symbolisms.  Because  a Slew of Creatures encounter the FROG with its ‘Story’ as a Fly, Turtle, Snake & Fish, the Moral may just rest with those of us who JUMP & take that LEAP…not only in a Forest but for the Remainder of us who aren’t Webbed or Amphibious.   

Back in the Day (circa 1981) as the back jacket reads, Robert & Byron were both involved in Literature, Teaching and Drawing.  Rob lived in Bellevue, Washington and Byron lived in Sarasota, Florida where an Abundance of Nature exists in both, allowing their Imagination to flow and float as it has. 

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 21ST  Book Selection of the Month for Today, Thursday, June 21, 2012 is:

A Promise is a Promise

by Florence Parry Heide with Tony Auth as Illustrator

visually online at:

will crack the Reader up as the Rudeness and Vulgarity of raising a Kid is explored Today – via what Kids always want when they reach a certain age – and – that is a PET. Whether they can care for an Animal or not, a Pet and a Bike are the main two items on Jr.’s or Little Sister’s List when growing up.

To add to the condescending note of the Author’s take on this familial situation, the Kid (whose name is George) is pestered by George’s Father and George’s Mother.  Their real names are not used, nor are they endearingly called “Mom” or “Dad.’  As secondary in the Story, the Angle in which George finally gets a Pet – after bringing home an Assortment that just are not ‘do-able’  - shows how Families in the 21ST Century are abruptly different than they were while growing up in an easier, simpler and less frustrating time.

Tony Auth’s ‘authentic’ drawings add to the liveliness of Young George’s Quest to keep his Parents to their word of keeping their promise to him.  If anything, no Parent will promise his/her Child a thing henceforth after reading  A Promise is a Promise ©2007. 


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 22ST Book Selection of the Month for Today, Friday, June 22, 2012 is:
 The Teddy Bear’s Picnic
by Jimmy Kennedy  with Michael Hughes as Illustrator
visually online at:
Since Wednesday I’ve had big Golden Bears in the Back of my Mind when I initially saw a Print Ad for the Movie, TED with Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane & a Toy Bear guzzling Beer in REDEYE, my Daily Must-Read.  This Book – as beautifully illustrated as it is - stuck out from all the others when  I was deciding Today’s Selection.
 And We’re overjoyed it did because…
 Mel, a Friend of mine saw the Book and immediately googled the Song, thinking the Book was a Tune from the Turn of the Century and indeed, she was correct.  We listened to the Verses over the Internet which comprises the Story of the Book.  If she had not told me of its colorful History, this Book Review would have turned out much differently.  No inside or back flap explains any of the Book’s History.
With a History spanning over 100 years, more about this ever-lasting Children’s Book is found online at:'_Picnic
A Song with a long recording History, rooted in Pop Culture that appeals to Kids throughout the Decades….consisting of  Games, Treats & Picnics.  Well it doesn’t get much better than that, Folks.


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 23RD  Book Selection of the Month for Today, Saturday, June 23, 2012 is:

ABC: I LIKE ME by Nancy Carlson ©1997, published by the Penguin Group

visually online at:

It’s a given that I’ll instantly pick up any Book that has a Red Eye Green Tree Frog on the Cover and so I did (again) and was happy for my Selection.  Here from that other Century & Millennium,  we have an Alphabet Book for Kids ages 2-5 or in my case:  2-59 that takes the pressure off Kids in order so they can feel good about themselves – via the 26 Alphabet Letters.  Lending my experience to kids’ books now as an Adult, I automatically look for some hidden symbolism in which the Author is trying to get across.

#1, the Pictures are colorful, fun and definitely not computer-generated as so many publications are now – 12 years into the New Century & Millennium. 

The StoryLine is also original, considering Nancy does more with the Alphabet than show the Letter with a word affixed to it.  She presents 3 Friends as the Characters who move thru the pages:  They include Red Eyed Tree Frog,  a Pig and a Mouse.  Then, she utilizes the Full Day – until its End of the Day when the Characters are all tucked in…to tell their Story one that kids (of all ages) can relate  to and elate in. 

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 24TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Sunday, June 24, 2012 is:

Aesop’s Fables by Beverley Naidoo and illustrated by Piet Grobler

visually online at:

indeed is one of the most well-illustrated of any of AESOPian Books ever published since our Famed & Famous Fablist (living between 620-560 BC) recounted these incredible ‘Takes’ on Life. Of particular interest is Beverley’s angle emphasizing that AESOP may have been an Ethiopian Storyteller who was kidnapped and enslaved by Greek Armies and then began spinning his Stories while held captive in Greece. Later, of course, he becomes a Countryman – an Ambassador and is ‘freed’ to tell his Stories across the Motherland of Greece.  Therefore, the Animals depicted in Piet’s Renditions are African Creatures.  The Stories, too, are updated and possess a bit more humor – definitely taken from Ms. Naidoo’s Sense of Humor than formerly found in any other AESOPian Compendium.  An inspiration for other Artists, each Story’s Title is hand-crafted Fonts in a pronounced graphic Motif that makes the Reader want to spend more time on the Page, where each page is framed in a colorful design along with the Animal Illustration of which the Fable is about.    

This is a most-lovely Book that you will spend hours and hours with - not only reading and realizing the truth in these 1-3 page Tales, but in the Mastery of the Art that Piet has undertaken.     


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 25TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Monday, June 25, 2012 is:

SQUIRRELLY GRAY by James Kochalka, a Full-Time Cartoonist & Rock Star  

visually online at:

who evidently has quite an Imagination.  This Story has 4 leading Characters that include the Starring Role of the Squirrel, the Tooth Fairy, a hungry Fox (who doesn’t know anyone who wears a Hood) and a Magical Acorn. 

Being an avid Squirrel Lover since a Babe when my Grandfather would feed the Chicago Squirrels, capture them and return them to ‘the Park’ so they would not eat his Fruit Trees, I’ve always been intrigued by their Antics. Antics that date back some 66,000,000 years as our one of our first Tree Planters.

So much so, one Chapter of my 7-Part Book & Movie Script is devoted to them.  Therefore, I was amply pleased when I spotted this Hardcopy to see what else could be stated about them. 

James’ Story is page after page after page of funny Rhymes that keep the Plot building.   However, upon reading the first few pages, the Story almost sounds like an Anti-TV Advertisement but it later gathers momentum and the Gray Squirrel finds he’s not that ‘squirrelly’ anymore after several Encounters that he had hardly expected.   

Since James is in to the Cartooning World as I was via my Foundation of Cartoonists Against Crime in 1991, he should definitely have an Animation created from this; market them together and see what happens next…


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 26TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Tuesday, June 26, 2012 is:

ME HUNGRY! ©2009  by Jeremy Tankard

visually online at:

Being 3 PM before I was able to break for lunch today, the Title was exactly the Sentiments and Signals my Stomach was relaying to me as I grabbed the Book and decided this would be a gr-EAT Accompaniment for my Lunch.  And, it was.

Always partial to Cave Life, CaveMen and Saber Tooth Lions since I was about 6 years old with its Culmination being my ever popular Comic called CAVE MAN NEVER ©1990, this Book not only displayed Jeremy’s stylized and gripping Drawings but also ‘The Sentiment’ of what it would be like if you were growing up in Neanderthal Times and was a Kid, a Human, without grocery stores, knives, refrigeration and a local butcher shop.  Also portrayed in the StoryLine was this CaveBoy’s Parents, who were too busy to ‘deal’ with him so Family Life & Strife can be trailed and traced all the way back through the Hallways of FleetingTime.  Boys & Girls, your Family History is not that dys-FUN-ctional.

When adventuring into the Real World – whether it’s of Today, Tomorrow or Yesteryear(s ago), the Plot always thickens by Endangerments that many of us could not have lived through, being as pampered and spoiled as We are by 21ST Century Conveniences.  But luckily, there are Books like: ME HUNGRY! that tell us how it could have been much worse, had We been born any earlier in our Evolutionary, Revolutionary Chain of homo sapien sapien Events.

ME HUNGRY! is a Candlewick Press Book – they’re all so darling and exquisitely published, whether you live in a Cave or Condo.


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 27TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Wednesday, June 27, 2012 is:

You’re Not My Best Friend Anymore ©1998  by Charlotte Pomerantz & David Soman, Illustrator

with the Publishers being Dial Books for Young Readers

visually online at:

is a Book whose Story is timeless.  Ben & Molly are best friends – they may be 9 years old at the most and live in the same house. One Family lives on the First Floor; then other lives on the 2ND floor.  They do everything together, until they get into a bitter Fight. For a picture book, this is probably 1 of the best written as each Sequence is captured in Charlotte’s Writing and the Portrayals are exquisite.  Kids always fight as that’s part of their maturing process.

It’s highly interesting to note that Ben is Black and Molly is White. If these Lead Characters were 2 Guys; 2 Gals; a Catholic or a Jewish Child, the Plot might be different.  As a matter of fact, a Patron passing me while I had this book on my desk stopped to look, as I think he was ‘surprised’ to see the 2 Characters on the Cover with its title in huge red letters stating:  You’re Not My Best Friend Anymore.  Yet, he made ‘no remark’ because what could he really say? 

The Storyline is focused more on Friendship and Conflict Resolution than on Racism of which there is ‘none’ to be found these Pages and is the Way Life should play out.

A definitely Summer Read that teaches us some very important Life Lessons.
ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 28TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Thursday, June 28, 2012 is:

Like Butter on Pancakes ©1995   by Jonathan London and illustrated by G. Brian Karas with the Publisher being Viking (The Penguin Group)

visually online at:
According to me, the Drawings in this Book were much stronger than the Text. It was not till I read the IBC:  Inside Back Cover did I find that Jonathan is a FIRST a Poet and then an Author, which may account for his particular Style (of phrasing and wording) in the Layout of how each Page ‘read’  and with the way he fragments his Thoughts.  Too each his own. I felt a few of the chosen Words were not reflective of what he was really trying to say and therefore through me off; however, this is a published Book so someone had to have liked it.  The Book’s been on the Scene for 18 years now.  Criticism aside…
However, G. Brian’s Illustrations were as delightful as ever. His Cover was what ‘drew’ me to  pick it up and decide to review.  If I were to do a Redo of this Book, I’d immediately take out The Words and let the Pictures speak for themselves.  This might be a FUN Endeavor to do – as everyone would see something ‘else’ in those Illustrations which are soft, fun and ‘angelic’ – yes, that’s a word that will ‘do’ nicely in this Book Review. 
In case you may be wondering what the Prevailing Theme is:  It is based around a Child’s Day; getting up and eating breakfast and taking off and playing from morning till night.  Life on the Farm is different from Inner City Life and Strife for most Kids growing up today.  If Reality is does not enter your Readings, you may be ‘better off. ’ Maybe this registers as a Poeticized Fairy Tale and nothing less.  Pick it up and see for yourself…

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 29TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Friday, June 29, 2012 is:

Fandango Stew ©2011 by David Davis of Fort Worth, Texas & illustrated by Ben Galbraith of New Zealand via Sterling Publishing House in NYC & London

visually online at:

Fandango Stew is the Epitome of what a Children’s Book is to be and is to be like.  There’s nothing that a Reader or Reviewer could not like.  Ben’s eye-grabbing Graphics and David’s Story Line is so witty  will have you turning the pages in sheer curiosity, but not too quickly now as the Drawings immediately draw you in to each move that the 2 Characters are ‘up to.’ The Detail ON the Detail is incredulous.  I could certainly see it made into a Steven Spielberg DreamWorks Studio Animation Film.  All it takes is one phone call. 

OK, back to The Book:  And what are these Characters doing?  In a nutshell – or bean-shell, we should say:  These 2 Men are making Stew.  It’s coming up on Supper Time.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a Cookbook, although the Recipe is secretly unveiled through the Illustrations and the Plot unfolds in its own savory way. 

TO REITERATE:  This being the 1850s (or thereabouts), Two Cowhands or Cowpokes ride into a sleepy little Western Town and need some Grub (presently known as ‘Dinner’), but they are not only  penniless, they are broke. This won’t due on an empty Stomach.  And the closest Fast Food Chain is still about 100 years off into the future.

But they know exactly what to do!   With what we now term ‘Modern Day Psychology’ or The Huck Finn  Technique, in which he made  painting that Fence look like FUN, Luis & Slim teach the Townsfolk of Skinflint some mighty important Lessons with every Ingredient they add.  However, the Main Addition (of course) is that Doses of Kindness, Hospitality & Generosity really do go a long, long ways to seal Friendships and ‘Hungry’ Souls. 

So Boys & Girls (of all ages and stages), get your Fandangos out!  There has got to be a Line Dance that really shakes up the Dance World at every Summer Camp from Texas to New Zealand and back again taken from  Dave’s & Ben’s FANDANGO STEW. 

I’m waving and raving Red Bandanas as  Ben’s Inner Covers (front & back) of the Book are ‘Red Bandanas’ exactly like the ones We wear and spread out for a Summer Picnic.  This added Touch  adds such a thematic Conveyance to the Book.  Both of the Creators are Legendary and can be found online at:


if you wish (and I know you will) to learn more and judging by the Exploits and FUN you’ve had with FANDANGO STEW, you’ll crave more of their Texts & Art from Today on. 

Posted by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

ABC: Adrienne’s Book Critiques ©2009

Studio 1437

Chicago – IL USA


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A-THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 30TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Saturday, June 30, 2012 is:
COOL CAT ©2009 is illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian as a Neal Porter Book with the Publisher being: Roaring Book Press.
Visually online at:
Coincidentally, I had mentioned a few days previously about a Book that should be republished as wordless allowing the Reader to fill-in in his/her own Captions. This is basically what Nonny does here.  She provides the lucid drawings and we find that the CAT, our Main Character & those he befriends on his way, does paint his world into something spectacular.  Perception is what this is all about.  Definitely would make for a great Mural at a PreSchool.  Painting your World as delightfully as you can is the underlying Theme.  
Closing out June (for the First Half of this Book-A-Day-A-Thon and first Half of 2012), that Theme is indeed leaves us with a fond Departing Note.  Stay tuned for more next Month when we turn our Calendar over to July…

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012. My 31ST Book Selection of the New Month of July for Today, Sunday, July 1, 2012 is:
Rockheads by Harriet Zierfert with Todd McKie as the Illustrator is aHoughton Mifflin Co. Book
visually online at:
Any Kid can identify with the Rockheads as they are all Stones that Kids collect, except these are personified (made into People with some Magic Marker & Glue) via Todd’s creative slant while Harriet takes her Readers through their Numbers, from 1-12 in rhyming sing-song stance. 

You automatically want to create your own Rockheads and play with them.  And, that’s what Books are really all about – taking them on as your own and seeing what else you can derive from those pre-set Writings.  

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 33RD  Book Selection of the Month for Today, Tuesday, July 3, 2012 is:

WHAT IS YOUR DOG DOING?  ©2011 by Marilyn Singer as the Author  and; Kathleen Habbley as the Illustrator.  Part of the Atheneum Books for Young Reader’ Collection

visually online at:
and between the Book’s Catchy Title and the Boston Terrier on the Cover I grabbed this book as I really wanted to know what a DOG does.  I have observed DOGS and had 3 DOGS as Pets while growing up. As an Adult, I’ve even DOG sat.  But my curiosity was peaking. 
AND: I can honestly say that there isn’t one thing that Marilyn left out when it comes to what DOGS do since they were domesticated thousands of years ago.  That’s quite a history to encapsulate But this is a child’s book – it has nothing to do with Domestication – or DOG-estication® as I call it, but is a pictorially delightful Rhyme Book merely telling us what Man’s Best Friend does in the coolest of Shapes and Comic Appeal. 
Marilyn is a profession writer, having written 80 Books for Kids and Young Adults (so far).  I’d like to see her top 100 (at least). 
What always pleases me is when I find a Creatif living ‘near-by.’   Kathleen is a Resident of Wheaton, Illinois – within a stone’s throw of Chicago – part of our glorious Writing and Literary Community. Not only does she help out at a Shelter ‘doing DOG Research’ as the Back Cover  Bio states, but she’s an editorial and commercial artist as well.
More about these 2 Creatifs may be found on their websites at:
And once you realize all the THINGS that your DOG does ‘do’ maybe you’ll treat him/her to some more Biscuits.  It’s not exactly easy being in a Dog’s Paws, you know. 
Because of America’s 236TH Birthday, this Review is appearing one Day early…

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 34TH  Book Selection of the Month for Today, Wednesday, July 4, 2012 is:

NO GO SLEEP! By Kate Feiffer and Illustrated by Jules Feiffer (the Illustrator of the world renown:  THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH ©1961.   A Paula Wiseman Book /Simon & Schuster

visually online at:
When a Baby wants to stay awake all Night long and boogey when his Parents want him (or her) to get a Good Night’s Rest, an Array of Elements (like the Sun – a Horse – Mama & Papa – his Pets and Wild Animals) reassure him that Tomorrow is a new Day. 
This is a fanciful Combo of Art + Words + Perceptions that fit this ‘Time of Day’ that heralds in our Nights, one thing We can all remember – either as Kids or now as Parents with Kids of their own.  From what I can piece together Kate is Jules’ Daughter – and the Talent continues throughout the Generations.  Now, that’s what they call ‘Sweet’ Dreams.' 
ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 35TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Thursday, July 5, 2012 is:

THE CHEESE by Margie Palatini.  Paintings are by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher ©2007  and is

visually online at:

for your reading and viewing Pleasures!

Using ‘The Farmer in the Dell’ – the Childhood Verse Margie creates an entirely new Storyline for an Assortment of Characters that include a Rat – Cat – Dog and Farmland Family as they pursue…what culminates in a glorious Picnic…surrounding a Chunk & Hunk of Cheese, one of my and your favorite Food Groups.  By far, the Paintings in this Book carry the entire Story’s rhythmic Verse and is just a Treasure that unfolds before your very Eyes. 

Margie, the Author, has created over 24 humorous Books for Kids.  Check out her Website at:

while Steve and Lou team up on many projects that could put any Hollywood Studio out of biz,  as their Characters are the liveliest.  Each page lends itself to being a Mural in a Child’s Museum – and any ART Museum, as well.  Together, Steve & Lou have  published 30+ Books – a great Number securing them fans world-wide – and adding a real Spin to Literature that sets them far apart from other Illustrators.

Aren’t we glad the 3 of them collaborated?  You will definitely agree with me when you read THE CHEESE, each and every time, time and time again. 


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 36TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Friday, July 6, 2012 is:

Oliver’s Milk Shake ©2000 by Vivian French & illustrated by Alison Bartlett.  An Orchard Books Book

visually online at:
Every Mother who has ever tried to get her Child to eat healthy will appreciate where Vivian & Alison are coming.  Yes, Oliver is the Star and the Milk Shake is the Savings’ Grace.  How he learns to really like a Milk Shake is the Story.  In today’s world, where childhood obesity is headline news, it’s interesting to note that 1 food:  A Milkshake can lure a kid into a different world so that, at the end, he appreciates what is put into all the work the farmer, the dairy, the planters and all others concerned do to make that product come to the table, delicious as it is. 

Both Alison & Vivian live in Bristol, England which may be as idyllic as the paintings Alison has drawn of Oliver and his Milk Shake.  Why do I think I should write a book called:  Lactose Intolerant like Me?  Could it be because I’m hankering for one of those Milk Shakes?  Possibly so.  A Book and Food Group good enough to eat up! 


ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.My 37TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Saturday, July 7, 2012 is:

ME WANT PET! by Tammi Sauer & illustrated by Bob Shea.   A Paula Wiseman Book %: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.  

visually online at:

is one of those Cave Books that I find myself to be intrigued with and by.  So what was it like living in Prehistoric Times and you were a kid and wanted a pet?  It’s not that cat and dog domestication had actually kicked in yet.  Join  in  the fun a this little cave-kid goes on in pursuit of the perfect pet – and see what and who he brings home.  The subject of materialism is also touched upon here as Tammi states that Cave Boy had a club – he had sticks and rocks.  Life without a Bike – oh, how dreadful.  This is a fun book – and it takes us back – even past nostalgia, which is quite an incredible concept in and of itself!
ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM June 1– August 9, 2012.  My 38TH Book Selection of the Month for Today, Sunday, July 8, 2012 is:

A HAND BOOK ©2011  by Jeff Newman.  Simon & Schuster Book for Young Readers
visually online at:  

In early 1991, I started Project:  Helping Hand ©1991 and when I saw this book, I instantly wanted to see what Jeff had to say about HANDS that should be known.  This would make for an idea Poem – on only 1 piece of paper.  The darling and loosely done Art gets the Reader through the book and you realize just how amazing the Human Body is – that we have to hand him!

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