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NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1995 & THE FLASH MOB: Advancements in Pop Culture.


Theories for the greatest Upcoming Smith Event History ever experienced.

In ‘NAME’ and Theory only, what’s the most effective Way to get Exposure & Attention for a worthwhile Group, Club, People, Society and/or Product?  What immediately comes to mind is Flash Mobs that are the most popular (circa June, 2012) – yet a Guerrilla Style of Meeting & Greeting (that sets chills up and down the Spines of Ordinary Citizens) in 2012, but the Question to ask is:

Will Flash Mobs be that popular in…well, say…2.5 years from now when ASK: ADRiENNE SiOUX KOOPERSMiTH’s NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1995 hits and marks and celebrates and commemorates and heralds-on-in its 20TH Year Anniversary / Birthday / Celebration – signaling the ABC’s of:

The ART of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990?

Now officially a Mainstream Staple in Modern Literature, this Art Form is a unique Genre that KOOPERSMiTH introduced to Global Literature as her BRAND (of Writing) on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST.  

So what are the Plans for one of the very most popular HOLIDATES embedded under the Sanctions of EVENTOLOGY?  

In Theory, there’s about 3.3 million Plans in the Making @ SMITH Central where ASK formulates her Eventological Adventures with the Main One being the Invasion and Immersion of every Smith in the USA for starters – and those visiting from elsewhere are invited also – to take New York City by storm.  However, due to the Fact that she originated, created & produced the HOLIDATE in Edgewater, an ARTsy Community @ the North End of Chicago, it only seems FAIR & APPROPRIATE that her Hometown (of 38 years now) should be the Hub of the Excitement & HOLIDATED Celebration.  


Renting Jacob Javitts Center is ‘on the Books’ for every Smith who wants to show-off what they do via Booths & Lectures & ASK’s Keynote; 

Blocking-up the Plaza at NBC for their early AM Today Show is another which would be the very first of its kind. Plus, that way, the Staging would get immediate KNOW-toriety for the Efforts every Smith has made to the Furtherment of Americana.  Imagine 3.3 million SMITHS in NYC for one Day.  Talk about a Boo$ in City Revenues, all because of ASK’s HOLIDATE here;

A Parade might be in the Offering, but do bear in mind that this Date (is NOT a Floating HOLIDATE as several other KOOPERSMiTHiAN HOLIDATES are – of which there are 1,900 Events that fall into 34 precise Categories here that she has created since July of 1990) is for ONE DAY ONLY & is scheduled in early January when  it’s cold outside, Baby and freezing and possibly snowy out…and Adrienne (for one), the Creator of NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1995 is not too keen on having any of her Creature Comforts messed with.

“Catching a Cold is not my Idea of FUN,” she explains. “It messes with all the HOLIDATES that need to be celebrated, regularly around the Clock 24/7.”
ABOUT THOSE PRE-PLANS: However, if you are an Investor with a Vision as great as ASK’s, feel free to contact Ms Koopersmith in order to make this One-Day Historical Event the best it can be at:


or here via: Book of Smith where everything dealing with NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1995 begins and launches the Dreams of what it means to be a Smith.

Mark your Calendar for this 'tailor-made' Name(d) HOLIDATE (i.e.: Event) that will surely set the Genealogical Community on the Edge of its Chair(s) and put ‘The Pop into Pop Culture.’  

Check back here regularly for more Updates on this HOLIDATE and more EVENTOLOGICAL News.   

POSTED:  Sunday, June 24, 2012 – 2:45 PM CST


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