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Pets Know Best: Saluting The World's Top >^..^<.

ASK’s READ-A-BOOK-A-DAY-A THON FROM JUNE 1 – AUGUST 9, 2012.  Today for Wednesday, June 6, 2012 – Day #6 of this Read-Along, I am going to salute the World’s Best Cat, THA HIN koo-PURR-smith who is 50 years old today. Mom decided that since my Birthday was in August and I was to be 10 years old back in 1962, I was old enough to be responsible for my First Pet -- a >^..^< -- but let’s put it this way, THA HIN – a Siamese Name for a small Fishing Village in Thailand (as I always preferred FANCY NAMES) – was more responsible  for and furr me. 

One of my all-time favorite Weeklong HOLIDATES begins today in his Honor beginning and I was able to venture to Siam in August of 1979 (when I was a World Traveler) to see how THE KING & I – where there was a Siamese Cat – lived.  These Felines, as you know, are stunning and quite independent.  Therefore, in Thy’s Honor – the Family & I called him “THY” instead of Tha Hin which was his full name, my Selection is not only 1 Book on Siamese Cats, but 2, namely:

Skippyjon Jones by Judy Sachachner of Philadephia


The Chinese Siamese Cat by Amy Tan & illustrated by Gretchen Schields (both of San Francisco).

Just thinking of where these Creatifs live show the Remarkability of what a Little Cat and does DO to its Owner – even 50 years later! CATS >^..^< have spread their Influence clear across the World as many of do remember that Cats were also revered in Ancient Egypt, but that’s yet another Posting’s worth.

FOR THOSE SO WONDERING:   There’s no ‘Review’ of these Books needed here.  None is needed.  After all, it’s a BIRTHDAY Event to now celebrate.  These Stories and Pictures will melt your Heart and maybe even get you to adopt a Siamese…well, let me amend that: That Siamese will adopt you – IF he/she wants to!

And, for others who celebrate their Pets’ Birthdays (even in their AfterLife as I do since THA HIN passed away on Sunday, July 5, 1970) what’s an appropriate Treat?

TO THAT QUESTION I HAVE THIS ANSWER:  THA HIN loved Twinkies, the Hostess Treat with the crème filled center placed in a hot-dog length of yellow cake; green olives – with red pimentos and corn on the cob (which he ate while it was still on the cob).   He had exquisite Taste Buds that some would call finicky.  This must account for his Noble Background of being Watch Cats in those Thai Palaces so many centuries earlier.  50 Candles is a lot of Wax for only 1 Twinkie – I may have to splurge to make sure there’s more Twinkie than Wax!  And yes, my NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1996 comes up on the 18TH…but for the meantime:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THY. 

2nd ADD ON: 

What follows next is the 2nd Book Cover of: The Chinese Siamese Cat

by Amy Tan & illustrated by Gretchen Schields for your delight:

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