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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Resume: 2012



I am looking for a Position where I can provide editorial/creative services (inclusive of ghostwriting, research support, proofreading and/or administrative/secretarial) to enhance the resident, customer and/or client relationships for companies devoted to excellence.  This position will also allow me to assist in the promotions (interfacing and interacting) via my PRAM: Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing expertise cultivated from decades of conceptualizing, writing and authoring one-of-a-kind artistic crusades, human interest and popular culture entities that have highly benefited the general population across the world.  I would also relish the opportunity to share my limitless expertise by participating in what is known as a ‘Think Tank Leader’ whereby I would lend my honed and polished Creative Insights and Input into advancing your company’s Goals and ‘Brand’ on a continual Bases (from local to international Levels) via the Social Networks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, my Specialties as well as eMail and Snail Mail.  Customization of any/all of the above can be performed.   


Approaching four (4) decades in May of 2014 of successful experience providing a broad range of support services to both small and large companies. I experience a personal sense of ownership and pride upon providing the background support that makes a good business even better.


Hofstadter & Associates 2002-Present

(Evanston, IL)

I provided a wide range of secretarial/administrative assistant/promotional services ranging from data entry, filing and typing proposals to arranging and setting up workshops and mini-seminars. I researched and created a data base of prospective clients including all contact information. I also added creative input regarding printed materials and new business development opportunities.


Ancient Echoes Gallery 1992-2002

(Chicago, IL)

As Assistant Store Manager I was responsible for inventory management, data entry, records maintenance and floor sales. I helped organize “Gallery Artist Openings” including all logistics: promotion, advertising, food vendor selection etc.


Prior to 1992 I worked and provided promotional, editorial/administrative support, branding and back-up for:  American Medical Association, Ark/Chicago, Ark Group, Inc., Artropolis, 2007, Chicago Intl Toy & Game Fair, Chicago Music Coalition, Draper Daniels Advertising, Great Expectations, Herbert vanStephens Haute Couture, Hotels by, Lazaro Fashions/NYC, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Live Earth (via former vice President Al Gore), Maloney Appraisal Co., Margie Korshak Public Relations, Material Service Corp., MOCCA/New York City, Myers and Associates, Needham, Harper & Steers, Northwestern University, Ogilvie & Mather, Porteus Group (The), Sears Bank, The Baby Cindy Foundation, The Oak Trust & Savings Bank, The Paul Michaels Group, Trailmobile, Upshot Marketing, Via Max (NYC), WFYR Radio, Yellow Pages of Rock (Los Angeles, CA) and Zeba Cosmetics.



 Washington University

(St. Louis, MO)

Bachelor’s Degree, May, 1974


Throughout my post graduate career I have pursued on my own time my passion for writing. I have competed several books and screenplays and had my articles published in several magazines and my material used in a multistate million dollar advertising campaign for a major Chicago based retailer. Most recently I placed as a semi-finalist in a national writing competition “beating out” over 3,164 other writers from across the world. I have been twice honored by the Southern Poverty Law Center for my writings advocating race relation improvements.  As an avid Bicyclist, it’s not uncommon for me to bike 14 miles a day which makes for terrific 3F: Food For Fodder for one of my writing platforms called:  AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment, where the emphasis is on Aging as well as possible.




More Media Opportunities for your Company via my Media Strides: 
  1990 - Present


As a Creative Writer since July 25, 1990, Interviews about me as a noted Writer, Trendsetter and ‘Someone to Watch’ appeared in: 

USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, ESPN: The Magazine, Time Magazine (online), Fast Company, Redbook, More Magazine, Woman’s World, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Village Voice, Nickelodeon, The Times Picayune, The Gainesville Sun, The Springfield News-Leader, Dave Egger’s Might Magazine, The Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Daily Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Advocate/Greenwich Time, The San Antonio Express, The Dallas Morning News, Skyline, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Daily Northwestern, Popular Photography and Imaging, Shutterbug, Kennedy’s Confection (London, England), Eric Cohen Books (Israel) and an Estonian Newspaper as well as an endless Assortment of Websites, Blogs, Facebook Postings, ‘Tweets’ on  Twitter and employing other popular Social Networks. ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC Television Networks have also featured me for my Creation of these effective and entertaining Works that have featured AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality and Enrichment ©2002, an insightful Series of Articles for any newspaper, magazine and/or newsletter addressing all Matters of Aging in the 21ST Century.

ASK’s NOTE:  Today (more than ever before), Social Networking is a very important and a fundamental part of introducing yourself to people and to reach out letting others know what your Group/Organization/Company is doing.  For that reason, I am utilizing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn daily.  Subsequently, I also offer my Services (per hour, week, monthly or quarterly basis) to those Groups/Organizations/Companies who need to charge-up their databases.  Please feel free to visit those locales at:



Li: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith



For those needing a Review on a Project or Testimonial, I can also be hired to post your News on my Forbes’ approved Blog called KOOPERSMITHIN’ at:




A Year-End-In-Review (telling of your annual accomplishments) is one of my more popular entries that you may wish to consider for yourself, company, brand or product/project. 

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The Creative Biography & Profile of Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

I’m also quite happy to tell you that I have been deemed as:

‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine (Washington, DC) in August of 1997; and

‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’ by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) in January of 2001

meaning I have a particular fixation towards Event-making and how to set them apart from the run-of-the-mill daily occurrences that happen in our lives, something your clients would be most interested in (I’m sure).

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