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“Several Short Sentences About Writing” by Verlyn Klinkenborg. "My far, the BEST BOOK ON WRITING yet."

ASK/Chicago: I have not penned and posted a book review since July but had to stop and mention this book because it deserves to be read by anybody who is either a Reader or a Writer or an Author.  It’s called:

“Several Short Sentences About Writing”

purchasable online at:

by Mr. Verlyn Klinkenborg – who happens to get very detailed about what makes Writing as special as it is.  I was not familiar with him, I must confess but now am a new Fan.  While at the Evanston Public Library, I saw his book.  I had some time to kill and it just captured my attention.  One of its sentences on Page 8 asks:

“How long is a good idea?”

Have you ever been asked this before?  Have you ever thought of this before?  I’m now 60 and have been writing for the last 55 years and that never occurred to me.   I’m sitting here wondering why that was so. This book should be a standard in any writing class for any person who is in love with words and creative expression and how they got that way and how they can be improved. 

Dedicated as he is:  Mr. Klinkenborg’s  Acknowledgement Page states:  “My greatest debt is to my students over the past 30 years.  They’ve taught me far more than I’ve ever managed to teach them, and they’ve made teaching writing one of the great joys in my life.” 

So glad I was meandering around.  So glad I was on the 2ND floor.  So glad I spotted:  “Several short sentences about writing.” Some things just take time.  Writing is one of those.  Reading about it and why that’s so is now much easier due to:  “Several Short Sentences About Writing” ©2012 (as published by Alfred A. Knopf).

You’ll be, too!

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