Sunday, September 23, 2012

ASK on Productivity. Take it from THE ANT, they have SWAG!

ASK ON PRODUCTIVITY:   Productivity is only a moment away.  That’s all it takes to write, compose, pen or pencil in an idea that can launch a project, something breath-taking and suitable for what you are feeling at this particular point in your life-to-date.  How often we fall off track and don’t allow ourselves to do this every  single day, especially so if we happen to label ourselves as an Artist or a Creatif (creative personality) that is launching a Passion that comes straight from our heart and gut.  Sometimes, it’s just hard or difficult to do this, but once into the Groove and ‘The Zone of Productivity,’ that special something pops forth like Spring eternal.  That’s why it’s commonplace and necessary to now blow your own horn.  Via all the social networks that we have at our disposal and fingertips, it’s quite easy to do.  The effectiveness of Productivity increases on its own accord.  Sometimes, it just does not seem to happen fast enough. It’s been that way for a time. It’s stagnating, NOT SWAGnating (we could say).  What can be done to shore it up? 

After all, we’re all living in a get quick fast society and social system. It’s been that way for a spell, but if that Artistic Slant of yours is given enough time to incubate and cultivate, then there is no telling what can start as a grassroots movement and then move up the ranks and files of what generally is defined as Popular Culture. 

And for those who are extremely original in nature – and strut to the beat of a different drummer, that’s quite  do-able, too, as there are audiences spell-bound for every style and SWAG there is.  One of my newest Buddies, BSON has SWAG – it’s his very own:  Style With AG-enda (ie: SWAG) which is what I call it as he definitely has a plan and plans his days very well in his Production Work(outs) in order to get his Project to fruition.  It takes guts as well as charisma to launch something new; besides the time, space and drive to make sure it is properly set into motion.

And where do these Ideas that are driven by Productivity come from?  For me, it’s Nature.  That’s how I started the 7-part SKiN™ Series (7 books and 7 movie scripts of which 4 are completed as of Sept., 2012) by looking out back into my backyard; trampling around the great Out-of-Doors, bicycling through piles of leaves and realizing there’s life beneath my feet. One of the coolest Creatures by far is THE ANT.  Inspired back in 2009, iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 became one of my leading Markers to Productivity as the Spec Movie Script beat out 3,164 others in the Hollywood contest known as Scriptapalooza.

Hopefully, after the right amount of Production has been filtered into the Storyline, ‘iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 will seize the attention (that’s ANT-ention) of an ANTimation Company because after all, we are all iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS. 

Symbolic of whatever your Art is, producing every Day sets that Dream into Motion, hopefully with a happily ever after on your horizon, soon.   

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