Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mort Crim 's Take on my August Holidates circa 1996. An Eventological Blast from The Past!

I found a terrific Interview Mort Crim had written about my HOLIDATES so long ago, that I felt compelled to share it with you all today.  What follows is his brief bio and the article with its Code # starting out the piece.  Circa 1996 when I was formulating

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns for Humanity (C)1990

by only 6 years.

BIO:  Mort Crim is an author and former broadcast journalist. Crim was born July 31, 1935. Crim retired from anchoring TV newscasts at WDIV-TV Detroit in 1996. He also anchored at WHAS-TV in Louisville, KYW-TV in Philadelphia and WBBM-TV in Chicago.
SOURCE:  Wikipedia


K69-AC38 -  365 Day Holiday

This is Mort Crim with Second Thoughts…brought to you by Big Kmart.

How did you spend your Intl Ping Pong Day?

It was August 2ND, in case you missed it.

How about August 9TH?

Do anything special for National Handholding Day?

There are lots of Holidays in august, you’ve probably never heard of.

On Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s calendar, there are 36 of them.

And the self-proclaimed ‘Eventologist’ created them all.

Like National Coward’s Day on August 13.

And my personal favorite:  Stale Food Day on August 31.

Now, when I first read about Koopersmith and her holiday declarations, I was skeptical to say the least.

Here was a woman trying to get us to celebrate anything, no matter how trivial or silly.

It seemed like she was just making up reasons to proclaim a holiday.

It thought the greeting card companies had a monopoly on that. 

But then I thought about it again.

Making each day a cause for celebration.

And on second thought, it seemed like a pretty good project.

Finding something new to celebrate every single day of the year.

We don’t need greeting cards for that.

we don’t even need to celebrate the same things.

But just give it a try.

I’ll be back with today’s final thought…after this…

Today’s Thought: 

Every day is a holiday for those who know how to celebrate the joyful, painful, quirky diversity of life itself.

For Big Kmart…I’m Mort Crim. 

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