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Chicago's Very Own Shalom Klein & Andrea Storz discussing Today’s Employment Market in Illinois for the Older Employee.


Dateline:  Sunday, July 21, 2013 – 9 AM HOUR
Location: The WiFi Building / Skokie, IL

My Time  spent  with Shalom Klein and Andrea Storz:

Discussing Today’s Employment Market in Illinois for the Older Employee

Thank U William and Nasser. No, this Photo is not an Endorsement for Andrea's Dunkin Donuts Cup of Joe, although it most likely could be. We were in a heated discussion (Shalom was seated across from me and taking the Picture) about the Senior Job Market and how to best work it. And, Senior in this case is anyone over 40.

My Tweet that I wrote after our Meeting at the really cool WiFi Bldg located on McCormick in #Skokie follows:

@syklein On B-1/2 of 1000s, SK, thx 4 producg #Events makg ‘R Job Hunts’ better by utilizg the 3 Rs of: Reinventg, Re-Evaluatg & Reflecting.

For those who are looking for meaningful employment &/or ‘just a job’ to make ends meet which is what tens of thousands (if not more) across the world are currently doing, Andrea stated that it is necessary to stay organized; schedule your day; network; focus on your computer work; make those phone calls whereby your time-management skills are called into play. She also suggested that looking at the Smaller Companies is a wise idea, as well as approaching companies YOU want to work (at). Develop a plan after you’ve spent some time reflecting about your prior accomplishments.

Thinking creatively and asserting yourself with a firm and professional Identity of WHO YOU ARE will open those doors that will take you on to your next journey in life. And, it may be in a profession that you previously did not do, but one that can be developed once a resume is rewritten.

If you remain focused, by developing conversations with other (especially via the Social Media Network of LinkedIn), your approach will be much more fruitful. Remain flexible as the Competition to find, get and retain “WORK” is extreme, but let ‘the/your Potential Employer’ know that you bring a comprehensive package to ‘the table.’ Once you know what the Culture of the Company is, then a beneficial match may be made. Every day should be one in which you keep a Written List of Contacts that can be recontacted after a 2-3 month period.

And, what I like to do is a Year-End in Review, where I cite what I did; what my Accomplishments is/are/were and then post it on my Blog as well as send to Digest, Newspapers/Magazines that would/could appreciate the Topics (my Specialties). This way with CONTENT BEING KING, I then present myself as an expert/authority in the Field and can later be called upon for a comment, quote or v.o.: valued opinion.

A very interesting Point Andrea made concerned Networking with ‘The Unemployed. ‘ The example being this: You go to a Job Fair, armed in new business attire, hair cut or ‘do,’ business cards and a resume. Over 5,000 people alone attended Shalom Klein’s June, 2013 Annual Job Fair that was held at Evanston Township High School. That number alone boggles one’s mind. And, this is a Microcosm of THE PEOPLE across the USA alone who are looking for a job; a new job; an additional job or their first job. Keeping positive against these odds take a ‘Man or Woman of Steel Mentality.’

Everyone there is decked out hoping to impress that one employer who will MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE. “Are you not in contention with everyone there in that room for that ever-fleeting job?” I asked Andrea.

To which Andrea Storz, the Employment Director at Ark/Chicago stated: “There’s no one more sympathetic than another unemployed person. He or she may have just had an interview that was not exactly right for them, but it MIGHT be the best fit for you.”

Funny (but then it’s not funny in the comical sense, of course), I never thought of that mindset, ever.

IN CLOSING: Summing up this wonderful opportunity that Shalom Klein & Andrea Storz presented for me today as I was able to attain their counsel for an entire hour is this: Your ‘Qualification Brief’ that lists your Core Strengths combined with the Social Media Network of LinkedIn along with a Realistic View of where you stand in today’s Job Market, will land that job for you.

Shalom Klein is someone to familiarize yourself with. He is the Founder of: Jewish B-2-B Networking and you do not have to be a ‘Member of the Tribe’ to participate in his Employment Workshops and Seminars that he hosts in Chicago/Skokie, neighboring Suburbs as well as in Milwaukee, St. Louis & Detroit.

Two upcoming Events include:

An Engaging Evening of Speed Networking

Where: The Metropolitan Club - Willis Tower

233 S. Wacker, Chicago

When: Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 5:30pm

Shalom Klein Networking - JB2B HOP 2 Networkers
The inaugural meeting will be Thursday August 1, 2013 from 7:30 – 9:00am. The meeting will be held is Skokie.

Hour of Power Networkers - August Meeting
Where: Details on joining are available by invitation only
When: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 7:30am

Visit Mr. Klein at: where the LATEST JOB POSTS are found (lower right hand corner in Turquoise Ink).

As an Employment Professional for many years, Andrea Storz of Ark/Chicago also blogs about the ever-changing Job Scene, thus providing a current and perpetually updated Resource of Knowledge that you may wish to sign up for by merely emailing her at:


I cannot thank these two people enough for taking time out of their day to share ‘The(ir) Knowledge.’ Thank you, Andrea – Thank you Shalom. And, if Dunkin Donuts wants to sponsor their next event, I think something can be ‘worked ‘out.

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