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IWOC (INDEPENDENT WRITERS OF CHICAGO): Every Event U ever dared 2 attend & was then thrilled U did!

ASK's EXPLANATION:  This Blog URL has a long-term Goal.  It will contain the latest Events that IWOC creates.  A creative writing/business organization for 31 years strong (as of the Calendrical Year of 2013), I highly recommend that you visit their Website at:

to see HOW they fulfill your NEEDS as a Writer and/or if you NEED a Writer. It's a 2-way street when it comes to the WRiTE-of Way regarding Literature/News/Reporting & Preservation of 'The Written Word.'

WITHOUT DELAY:  Here's a Sampling of that Info (exciting & encapsulating as it is) derived directly from:

"IWOC is a non-profit professional association of freelance writers who are located primarily in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our members represent a broad range of writing specialties and serve large corporations, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations not only throughout Chicagoland but around the world.

To support our members and help them succeed in their businesses, IWOC provides information and tools in the form of regular meetings and online resources, fosters fellowship among our members with social events, and promotes exposure and employment opportunities via our Find a Writer member directory, list of member websites, and Writers’ Line job board. We also publish a monthly newsletter (Stet) to help our members stay informed of upcoming events and maintain a press room to help disseminate information about IWOC to the general public."

For further Information, please contact them directly @: 

Independent Writers of Chicago

Mailing Address: 332 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032 #W686, Chicago, IL 60604-4434 USA

800-804-IWOC (4962)

I have personally been in contact with Laura Stigler of IWOC (as I compose this Opening/Intro the last 2 days) and she is most accommodating, helpful and quick-in-response, a consummate Professional by all accounts. And, let's not forget:  It's the Weekend - it's Summer in the City and she is 'there' answering my questions and filling in the Gaps.  "Someone You Should Know," as Harry Porterfield of CBS would tell us.


I hope to see you on July 9th. After all, the Name U C in-print could very well be yours.  Now, that's definitely something ELSE to write home about...and for!

CLOSING THOUGHTS:  Please return here and often for Updates.  I will be letting you know via my: Account Sioux Koopersmith Page
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all about the Events that IWOC (INDEPENDENT WRITERS OF CHICAGO) produces for us, Writers, Readers and those In-The-Know.

Sincerely, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
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Subject: IWOC July 9th Meeting: Finding & Keeping Clients
From: mail(at)iwoc(dot)org
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 12:06:07 -0400                      


Clients come. Clients go. And even if you think some of those ol’ faithfuls are yours 4-ever, stuff happens. Economy goes south. Head honcho leaves, new honcho wants his/her “own people.” Suddenly, you’re caught client-less. So how do you keep the clients you have – and equally important, get new ones knocking on your door? Find out at the next IWOC meeting on Tuesday, July 9th, when Lynn Hazan, Sally Chapralis and Jeff Steele will be giving a talk on “How to Find and Retain Clients.” Their successful track record proves they know what they’re talking about.
President of Lynn Hazan & Associates, Hazan is in her 29th year as a dynamo executive recruiter specializing in marketing communications. She’ll be reviewing ways freelance writers can re-brand themselves towards greater success. Some topics on her docket:

  • Defining yourself as a business owner or as a freelancer. And why it makes a difference.
  • The importance of being an expert on a subject.
  • The importance of having a grasp of what makes you unique. Special.

IWOC member (and former IWOC President) Sally Chapralis is of the eponymous Sally Chapralis & Assoc., Business Communications and Public Relations. A Jill-of-All-Trades, her company name pretty much says it all: she writes articles, web content, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations and lots more. A few of the subjects Chapralis will be covering:
  • How suggesting new projects to a client can land you the next assignment
  • The importance of staying in touch with a client. During and after the assignment.
  • How developing a proposal/letter of agreement establishes a good client/writer relationship

IWOC member whose talents are perpetually in demand, Jeff Steele is a lean, mean writing machine, having written, oh, only some four thousand bylined articles over the last 1/4th century. Most relevant to his presentation, however, is the fact that 6 of his current clients have been calling on his writing services as far back as 2004 and beyond – one even since 1993! These include the Chicago Tribune, a trade magazine and a west suburban PR and ad agency, to name a few. His words of wisdom will cover:

  • The ability to “read” your clients’ unique personalities and needs
  • Taking a Big Picture view when it comes to retaining clients
  • Keeping clients when you’ve made a mistake and the client is a bit disappointed in you

This is a meeting not to be missed. Unless of course, you like being client-less. See you there!
The IWOC meeting will take place Tuesday, July 9th in the Page Smith Room, off the lobby of the Gratz Center at 126 E. Chestnut St., Chicago / 115 E. Delaware. We’re just west of Michigan Ave., adjacent to Fourth Presbyterian Church. Discounted parking (after 5 pm, with validation) is located at the 900 N. Michigan Avenue garage. Networking begins at 5 p.m. Main program, 6 p.m. Free admission to IWOC members. Nonmembers, $15.
($10 if pre-registered at Click on “July 9th IWOC Meeting.”) Following the meeting, attendees are invited to go to a nearby restaurant for a buy-your-own dinner to further discuss writing-related topics or to continue networking. For more information, call 800-804-IWOC (800-804-4962) or visit
IWOC is a nonprofit professional association of freelance writers living in the Chicago metropolitan area whose clients range from local to global. Together, IWOC members represent a broad spectrum of writing talents, consultation services, and specialties serving large corporations, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations.

Laura Stigler
Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC)
800-804-IWOC (4962)

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