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Tues., July 9, 2013- 11:13 AM CST

TO:  Ms. Mary A. Mitchell
Award-Winning Columnist
350 N. Orleans - 10th Floor
Chicago - IL 60654 USA

RE:  To save Kids, Residents must...

Dear Mary:  There is nothing MORE nerve-wracking and heartless than turning UR back on Children.  Innocent Kids @ that.  That's what happened when I read earlier this morning in Howard Tullman's (CEO/President of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy) blog called Hindsight where his school teamed up with Second City & the City of Chicago's 'Aide' organization to deal with PESTS.  Who are they 'picking on?' you may ask.  Squirrels, MARY.  I happen to be a squirrel lover.  My Papa fed them.  I was steaming mad so I wrote the following to set them 'write.' It starts out 'light' and then really GETS into it. IE:  Who the real pests are.  I think you'll see where I'm headed with this as time is growing short and I'm wondering how us 'private citizens' - those without guns to protect ourselves can help the Parents as they plan on how to get their kids back to school safely this fall.  Misdirection in government is just the nature of the game, but this is totally out-of-bounds.  It all depends on what we VALUE...

Here's that essay:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith on: IDoS: IN DEFENSE of SQUIRRELS:

As a devout and lifelong Squirrel Lover (make that: SquirreLover©2013) who feeds them daily and has fed them since age 6 and that's nearly 55 years ago, I do not consider Squirrels Pests, but lively, intelligent and fun Creatures who make me happy. Very happy when I see their Antics and how they relate to people. Take your common Hare - Rabbit - Bunny on the lawn. Rabbits, per se, have no interaction with Humans. Squirrels do for reasons that even trained Animal Behaviorists do not understand.

As a matter of fact, nearly 3 years ago on my Birthday I had the JOY OF MY LIFE. I was sitting on my back step of my home, feeding 3 of them whole cashews when a new one decided to join the group by leaping up the steps, where he crawled onto my lap where I happened to have his stash of a treat waiting for him. What a wonderful experience that was to COMMUNE with a Wild Member of Nature in the middle of a cemented and concreted city, on a special day that I will always remember.  Some folks that I told this story to thought he (The Squirrel) may bite me, but I knew differently.

Think about it: After all: Who else plants ACORNS so those big TREES can grow? Johnny Appleseed is gone. I can’t think of any one in particular. That's the Job of The Squirrel, whose family name in Latin is:


Remember that. There may be a Pop Quiz later on that Term.

If UR talking about PESTS, I suggest U address The Crime/Violence Issues that Chicago has and is now facing. In some hoods on the West & South Sides of Chicago (which comprises lots of miles and a huge demographic) you cannot even sit in your FRONT ROOM with the Family, enjoying some time together without having a stray bullet go thru your forehead.

I suggest you leave the Squirrels (as well as other Creatures: Pigeons – Rats – Opossum & Raccoons) alone and concentrate on making this city great. Between 50,000-75,000 PEOPLE leave Chicago annually because of its Reputation.

Historically, Chicago has always been known or nicknamed as “SECOND” City (as well as this business – comedy center known as SECOND CITY that produces some great shows) – actually THIRD f you do the math next to Los Angeles & New York, but since our Vital Stats are now THE HIGHEST for Crime & Death Tolls, I see (as a resident since 1974 and visitor since late August of 1952) that there are WAY MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES to deal with than SQUIRRELS who have been on our Granite Planet for 77 million years as a species.

Let’s not forget that we put NATURE into this sore (not soar) and cumbersome predicament. Had MAN not come along and built buildings; polluted the air; tore down forests and made a MESS of the Planet while killing each other in wars against each other, the Creatures (wild and domesticated) would be in their Element.

TO ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS not only in Chicago but in the State of Illinois: Concentrate on the really important Dilemmas we now have – like that huge population of Kids living on The South  & West Sides who have to cross over thru other gang-infested neighborhoods to get to school once the Fall Season is in session in approx.. 6 weeks, because their schools (housed in their hoods by their homes) were closed.  Fifty - Five - Zero of them were shut down. This does not even take into consideration the jobs that were lost.  I'm trying to stay-on-track here. 


THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS IS  TO ASK & TO PREVENT IS:  How many of these Children will die and make the 5:30 news – not only national, but international.  This is not a story of Bigotry & Hate. This is down and out Gang Warfaree - as harsh as it is in any war-faring country.  We don't have to go to Afghanistan, Iraq or Viet Nam to see how lives have been shattered.  It's happening right here in our own backyards - front yards and down the block.  How many of these Children – once they are dead – will have parents that say in retrospect: “In July, he/she was alive…this was his/her last 6 weeks here with us.”

If we can put a man on the moon, we certainly can use some of those creative Efforts, Logic, Dignity & the Milk of Human Kindness to help those reform – that are responsible for the scariness, violence and terror of being in the leading Crime Center of the Western World, Chicago, IL USA. All you have to do is readjust your thinking and put your Money where the Issues should be. This really is NOT ‘rocket science.’ It’s dealing with PEOPLE like me and you.

OK, now it’s time for me to feed SAM which is my Acronym for: Squirrels Are Magnificent, named after my Maternal Grandfather, PAPA who also had a special relationship with them. That’s another LONG Story. BTW: Squirrels are featured in my 7 Part Book/Movie Series called:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

whose themes are:

Eliminating Racism;

Dispelling the Mixed Signals & Ironies we encounter every Day; and

Getting to the Heart of what really matters.

They are in Part 2 called PLANTASIA® and, of course, take ‘center-stage’ as they should. And, if U R going after ANTS, I also have 2 Books/2 Movie Scripts called: iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 that beat out 3164 other scripts in the Hollywood Intl Screenplay Competition called: Scriptapalooza. Evidently, those Hollywood Types know how advantageous ANTS can be, are and will continue to be. After all, these Creatures are survivors – having outlived the Mighty Dinosaur.

PESTS: Please Eliminate Stupid, Trivial Subjects:

There's enough to plow thru  here on the Internet & all these  fast-paced and exciting Social Media Networks that can be sued FOR THE BETTER OF A TOPIC --  than to mess with WHO & WHAT Mother Nature develops for our Fascination & Co-Habitation.

With the way MAN is misbehaving (and that's putting it 'mildly' as many of us active peace-loving Hipsters would attest), I doubt if we have much longer. If you don’t agree with me, just ask the Parents on the South Side and on the West Side ...of Chicago.

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